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AGORACOM Welcomes Everlert (EVLI: PINK) with Assets Diversified Amongst Real Estate and Entertainment $

Posted by AGORACOM-JC at 2:27 PM on Monday, March 6th, 2017

Everlert large

  • Rights to intellectual properties with well known celebrities from music, and other entertainment sectors.
  • Current projects under development include documentary films, biographies, TV programming, music and digital media.
  • In addition, will focus on partnering with a number of digital media companies that are experts and innovators in mobile gaming and proximity marketing for the development of mobile applications for Everlert intellectual properties.

Joint Venture with Blue Cadillac Music, LLC.

  • Emerging record label and publishing company created by Country Music Icon Billy Ray Cyrus and award winning producer and label executive Brandon Friesen.
  • Blue Cadillac Music premiered its first single in 2012 by Cyrus called “That’s What Daddy’s Do” followed by Billy Ray’s highly acclaimed full length release “Change My Mind”.
  • Cyrus has numerous new projects in the works including the premiere of a new television series on CMT, “Still The King,” in which he shares writing and executive-production credits. Cyrus stars as the center role of “Burnin’” Vernon Brown, a one-hit wonder who becomes an Elvis impersonator after a wreck into an old country church outside of Nashville during a drunken bender, he is sentenced to return and perform community service.

The Company expects that this Joint Venture will be profitable in 2016 and generate income that may be allocated to Everlert.

Everlert Properties Inc.

  • In the process of evaluating residential real estate and senior living properties through joint ventures with landowners with properties located in Southern California.

As part of the Everlert Inc.’s decision to diversify operations and as part of the Board of Director’s initiative to focus on higher margin businesses with more long term growth and to reduce company liabilities, Totalpost Services was sold to its original owners on February 20, 2015 and is presented as a discontinued operation in the footnotes to the financial statements as of December 31, 2016. The Board believes that by streamlining operations the Company is able to reduce administrative expenses and improve longterm shareholder value.

JV with JH Media Group and Estate of Jerry Heller 

  • Everlert acquired a Joint-Venture interest in JH Media Group, which is a Limited Liability Company that was owned by the late Gerald “Jerry” Heller, Jennifer Harper and Denny Diante.
  • Jerry Heller was the famous long-time music producer and manager that helped launch the career of N.W.A and the gangsta-rap movement.
  • JH Media Group entity holds intellectual property rights with a potential value of up to $1 Billion, as well as of rights arising from the pending administration of the estate of Jerry Heller.
  • Company intends to actively work with Heller’s estate to develop some of its entertainment assets through its network and expertise in the industry and through the insight and expertise of Jennifer Harper.  Jennifer Harper has joined the Board of Directors of Everlert and is the new President of Everlert, Inc.

Gryphon Media Holdings Everlert affiliated with Gryphon Media Holdings, LLC in December 2016 along with Kevin Harrington (“Shark Tank” judge and pioneer of the infomercial industry) and Jennifer Harper and Mark Blankenship. Gryphon Media distributes products and music worldwide through the platform and distrcailacibution channels that Kevin Harrington has developed in partnership with Jimmy Jongebloed and Brian Harrington. Everlert has an equity interest in Gryphon Media Holdings LLC. Among other projects, it is the intention of both JV partners to develop some of the assets in the Jerry Heller estate, including films. Mr. Harrington has agreed to join the Board of Directors of Everlert in 2017 as has Jennifer Harper.

Peter’s Landing JV In May of 2016

  • Company entered into a Joint Venture to acquire a 50% equity and the option to purchase Peter’s Landing, which is a landmark commercial development and marina located in Huntington Harbor, California.
  • Everlert was responsible for restructuring all of Peter’s Landing’s existing financing, which will allow the Company to acquire the other 50% interest by paying $25,000,000 to Peter’s Landing LLC.
  • Peter’s Landing is valued at approximately $50,000,000 as is without any enhancements, but could be improved to be potentially valued at $250,000,000. For more information on Peter’s Landing, please visit:

Goodlife Recover Center Partnership On May 5, 2016

  • Everlert partnered with Stanton GoodLife Recovery LP by acquiring a thirty percent interest in the Stanton, California based sober living facility and its other ongoing projects.
  • First step in Everlert actualizing its plan to become a developer and operator of a senior assisted living facility in the Inland Empire region of Southern California through Everlert Properties, Inc.

12 Month Stock Chart

AGORACOM Welcomes AIM Exploration (AEXE: OTCQB) Exploring Anthracite Coal, The Highest Quality Metallurgical Coal Available $

Posted by AGORACOM-JC at 11:09 AM on Wednesday, December 21st, 2016

  • Coal is the world’s largest source of energy for the production of electricity.
  • 1 billion tons of coal used in global industrial steel production each year.
  • There are zero alternatives to coal in the industrial steel-making process.

Anthracite Coal

What Is It and Why This Is So Important?

Anthracite is officially classified as coal however it is not just another fuel, anthracite should not be confused with just ordinary bituminous coal. Anthracite is the highest quality metallurgical coal available, clean burning, hard coal with the highest carbon content of any coal, very energy efficient and even burns smoke free. This premium coal represents only 1% of world coal reserves.

The Cleanest Burning Solid Fossil Fuel

Anthracite is an almost pure form of carbon. It has a very high heat value, and very low levels of sulphur and other impurities. This makes it not only the most sought after home heating fuel but also a much sought after, high quality component for a number of industries. The anthracite coal extracted from the AIM coal concessions in Peru have been tested by the world-wide highly regarded SGS labs and the findings indicate a very high fixed carbon, very low ash and sulpher content with a high calorific value. AIM would be pleased to provide the analysis upon request.

Why Does the World Need Anthracite Coal?

As a result of its attributes, anthracite coal trades at prices substantially higher than thermal coal and has a lower environmental impact. High quality anthracite is increasingly sought for by the steel industry, always under pressure to reduce costs and improve margins. Metallurgical coal together with iron ore is the principal raw materials used to make steel. As such, it supports an improved quality of life for all of us through its use in the construction of homes and hospitals, and in the production of everything from mass transportation vehicles to wind turbines. Due to its high carbon content and low volatiles, anthracite is more reactive and efficient with respect to energy released than the lower–ranked coals and consequently has a lower environmental impact due to the lower greenhouse gas emissions.

The industry most commonly associated with anthracite is the steel industry.

Within the steelmaking industry, anthracite is used in three processes

  1. Pulverized coal injection
  2. Basic Oxygen Steel
  3. Electric Arc Furnaces


Present Activities


  • Anthracite Samples from AIM's PropertyAssets encompass 1,000 hectares of mining concession property consisting of three sites of 600, 200 and 200 hectares respectively.
  • Percana SA initially acquired these properties based on indications of the presence of high grade anthracite coal. Illegal artisan miners are currently operating multiple one-entry mines on the property, which further indicates the presence and mine-ability of these deposits.
  • To verify the geology and quality of the coal, Percana SA commissioned local geologists to compile a technical report on the 1,000 hectares. Although the report yielded optimistic estimates of resources, reserves and economics, it does not meet public reporting standards.



  • located in Huaranchal, which is one of ten districts in the province of Otuzco.
  • Two-hour drive from Trujillo (the second largest city in Peru), and an equal distance to the city of Otuzco.
  • Also strategically located 200km from Salaverry, which features a port that can service ships with capacities of up to 35,000 tons. The Port of Salaverry provides direct access to the Pacific Ocean.



Water A river adjacent to the property provides access to water for mining operations. However, most of the coal on the property may be extracted with minimal or no coal washing. Power Power lines cut through the property, although Aim is yet to ascertain the capacity of these lines. The company expects to use diesel powered equipment for most of its mining activities. Roads The first half of the road from the property to Otuzco is along steep mountainsides and can support 25-ton trucks. The next half of the road to Otuzco is better maintained and can also support 25-ton trucks. The road from Otuzco to the Port of Salaverry is well constructed, paved, and has bridges that can support up to 50-ton loads. This will facilitate smooth hauling of coal to the port.   Besides accessibility to water, transportation and electricity, there are also small villages on the property with ample accommodations and restaurants to service exploration crews and other travelers.

Market Potential

  • Highly desirable resource with a variety of uses. I
  • Primarily used in the manufacturing of steel, the production of cement, and the generation of electricity.
  • 70% of the steel produced globally relies on coal (World Coal Association, 2013); 200kg of coal is required to produce one ton of cement (Van Oss, 2012); and 41% of global electricity production relies on coal (Clemente, 2012).
  • Highest ranking coal because it is older and harder, contains more carbon, has lower moisture content, and burns hotter than any other type of coal. Comprising only 1% of global reserves, anthracite is also the cleanest burning fossil fuel on the planet (Cornerstone, 2013).

Once the joint venture with Prina Energy Aim intends to sell its output to international customers through the joint venture corporation concentrating the marketing efforts in India.

  • Unavailability of Anthracite Coal in India creates a huge potential for coal as a fuel for Indian Steel industry, which is growing on progressive and steady pace.
  • Huge scope for growth is offered by India’s comparatively low per capita steel consumption and the expected rise in consumption due to increased infrastructure construction and the thriving automobile and railways sectors.

Competitive Advantage

Aim has a variety of advantages. The company has a team of technical experts on ground in Peru, and has also recruited advisors and directors who bring complementary skills to the venture. In terms of infrastructure, power lines run through Aim’s property, while a river runs adjacent to the site. The road network from the site to Otuzco can support 25-ton trucks. From Otuzco to Salaverry, the road is paved and well maintained, and can support up to 50-ton trucks. There are also accommodation facilities close to the property that can cater to Aim employees and contractors. Other advantages include competitive labour wages in Peru, and competitive storage and stevedoring costs at the port together with the ability to extract deposits with minimal or no coal washing.

AGORACOM Welcomes Back Pacific North West Capital (PFN: TSX-V) A Leader in Both PGM and Lithium Exploration $

Posted by AGORACOM-JC at 2:54 PM on Friday, September 16th, 2016



Two Divisions: PGM and Lithium

  • PGM Division: focus on Development of the 100% owned River Valley PGM Project. Canada’s Largest Undeveloped Primary PGM Resource, with 2.5 Moz PGM, in Measured plus Indicated mineral resources. New Discovery in 2015. Summer Surface Exploration ongoing and a Fall 2016 drill program to follow-up.
  • Lithium Canada: formed April 2016, with a focus on Exploration of Hard Rock Lithium, in Manitoba, Canada and Lithium Brine in Nevada. The company uses the Prospector Generator Model.

The company recently completed 2/3 of its C$1.5 million placement in June 2016 and is currently placing approximately C$500,000 at C5.5 cents with a full two year warrant at C10 cents for the first year and C20 cents for the second year

River Valley PGM Project

Largest Undeveloped Primary PGM Deposit in Canada

River Valley PGM Project is located 100 km east of Sudbury, Ontario

  • Sudbury hosts 1 of the Top 4 Nickel, Copper & PGM Mining & Processing Facilities , in the World
  • Skilled Workforce, Established Mining Culture; Safe, Stable Pro-Mining Jurisdiction
  • Excellent Road Access to River Valley Property; Rail and Power Nearby
  • $30M Invested in Exploration, Large High-Confidence Resource, Favourable Metallurgy
  • High Grade Drill Hole Discovery March 2015

Mineral Resources – Project has had Five, 43-101 Reports


  • May 2012 Measured Resources: 26 Mt @ 1.4 g/t Palladium equivalent at cut-off grade ≥0.8 g/t Palladium equivalent for 0.7 Moz PGM plus Gold.
  • May 2012 Indicated Resources: 66 Mt @ 1.4 g/t Palladium equivalent at cut-off grade ≥0.8 g/t Palladium equivalent for 1.7 Moz PGM plus Gold.
  • May 2012 Measured + Indicated Resources: 91 Mt @ 1.4 g/t Palladium equivalent at cut-off grade ≥0.8 g/t Palladium equivalent for 2.4 Moz PGM plus Gold
  • May 2012 Inferred Resources: 36 Mt @ 1.1 g/t Palladium equivalent at cut-off grade of 0.8 g/t Palladium equivalent for 0.6 Moz PGM plus Gold
  • (see for Details and Notes on the Resource Estimate)
  • Mineral Resources covered by Mining Leases (21-year Renewable Term)
  • Concentrate Grades: 16% Cu, 189 gpt PGM; Recoveries: 84% Cu, 69% PGM;
  • No Deleterious Metals or Minerals

August 2016 PFN Announces Acquisition of the River Valley PGM Extension Project from Mustang MineralsCorp.

  • Strike Length of PFN’s River Valley Deposit Increased from 12 km to 16 km
  • Mustang’s surface grab samples returned Assays of up to 10 g/t PGM
  • Drilling Highlights Include:
  • 1.4 g/t PGM/9.0m in MR02-59 from 35m downhole
  • 4.0 g/t PGM/2.1m in MR02-62 from 153.7m downhole
  • 2.2 g/t PGM/4.5m in MR02-64 from 60.5m downhole
  • PGM mineralization is Open at Depth and footwall potential remains untested
  • T2-like Targets identified from Favourable Geological and Geophysical Surveys
  • Targets under evaluation for drill testing

  • The Tanco Mine was one of North America’s only
  • producers of Tantalum, Cesium and Lithium minerals (Spodumene), with the mine opening in 1969. Owned by the Cabot Corporation as of 1993
  • Presently the Tanco Mine produces Cesium Formate, a completion fluid for the petroleum industry.
  • At the end of 1992 (last published historic mineral inventory) was 1.075 Mt of 0.12% Ta2O5, 3.5 Mt of 2.7% LiO2 and 315,000 t of 23.3% Cs2O

Clayton Valley Forks Lithium Brine Project, Clayton Valley, Nevada
Silver Peak

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AGORACOM Welcomes Marijuana Company of America (MCOA:OTC) At The Forefront Of Hemp Marketing And Distribution $

Posted by AGORACOM-JC at 8:41 AM on Tuesday, September 6th, 2016




  • Recently launched Club Harmoneous to provide product distribution services to its members
  • Services provided include product sourcing, processing, product development, marketing, branding, distribution, delivery and customer loyalty through direct sales
  • Recently launched the BudzPlus brand, focused on the medical and recreational marijuana markets
  • In process of launching the HempSmart product line to distribute its hemp-derived products


  • Cannabis and hemp marketing and distribution company that offers premium quality seed-to-solution products for the cannabis and hemp industry and consumers.
  • Delivering all the benefits of cannabis by focusing on ailment-specific, leisure-specific, and health & beauty-specific cannabis product applications.
  • Product sourcing, branding, payment, distribution, and knowledge through a revolutionary architecture to maintain customer loyalty and capture market share.


MCOA procures and distributes cannabis and hemp products through a direct sales platform and its Club Harmoneous brand. In legal medical marijuana states, MCOA affiliates will refer consumers to a collective/dispensary. The Company will offer a wide selection of cannabis and hemp derived products. The Company will deliver top quality cannabis products at competitive prices, which will be on the lower end of current market prices.

The Company is also preparing to launch its first proprietary hemp-derived CBD product in Q3 2016. MCOA plans to expand the HempSmart brand and continue to develop and launch new proprietary cannabinoid products on a quarterly basis thereafter.

HempSmart will launch proprietary blended formulations of cannabinoid nutraceutical products for Energy, Sleep, Relaxation, Immunity, Pain, Hair Growth, body care and cosmetic products, food, clothing and more.


  • Growth in the cannabis industry has been building momentum for more than 5 years. Overwhelming public support is helping fuel exponential growth.
  • Consumers are able to access factual information regarding cannabis, they are less likely to believe the baseless propaganda that is spewed by the opponents of legalization.
  • Dr. Gupta, CNN’s Chief Correspondent, said that he now believes that cannabis does in fact help people.
  • Comments generated significant media coverage around the world. He has since doubled down with a second and third follow up documentaries on cannabis.

Gupta: ‘I am doubling down’ on medical marijuana

Medical marijuana and ‘the entourage effect’

  • Recreational marijuana sales in Colorado and Washington State could top half a billion dollars;
  • The recreational market is expected to continue growing rapidly as more states legalize cannabis, reaching approximately $4.2 billion in 2018;
  • Florida and other unexpected states like Texas could legalize cannabis in 12-18 months, creating scores of new business and investment opportunities;
  • Ancillary industries and companies (those that do not touch the plant) generate hundreds of millions of dollars annually, in additional revenues and will continue to expand alongside cannabis sales;
  • Combined recreational cannabis sales could total an estimated $40-$45 billion, if cannabis is legalized across the United States.

Chart Image

CLIENT FEATURE: Namaste (N: CSE) #1 Vaporizer Distributor in Europe, $4.8 Million of Sales in Initial Year $

Posted by AGORACOM-JC at 1:31 PM on Friday, July 15th, 2016


  • #1 vaporizer distributor in Europe
  • $4.8 million of sales in initial year
  • Proprietary product launched
  • Perfect market timing for expansion

  • On-line Retail Distribution
  • 30+ International Websites
  • 10 Languages
  • Proprietary Vaporizer Products
  • Strategic M&A


  • Decriminalization of marijuana for medical and recreational use in US, Canada and Europe
  • Vaporizers have lower regulatory burden than growers

Health Advantages

Technical Advances

  • Improved mobility from reduced size of vaporizers
  • Ability to handle liquids, resins and plant matters

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AGORACOM Welcomes Namaste Technologies (N: CSE) With $4.8M of Sales In Initial Year $

Posted by AGORACOM-JC at 10:38 AM on Monday, June 6th, 2016



  • #1 vaporizer distributor in Europe
  • $4.8 million of sales in initial year
  • Proprietary products ready for launch
  • Perfect market timing for expansion

  • On-line Retail Distribution
  • 30+ International Websites
  • 10 Languages
  • Proprietary Vaporizer Products
  • Strategic M&A


  • Decriminalization of marijuana for medical and recreational use in US, Canada and Europe
  • Vaporizers have lower regulatory burden than growers

Health Advantages

  • Vaporizers proven to be healthier alternative to paper combustibles
  • Ability to vaporize key compounds

Technical Advances

  • Improved mobility from reduced size of vaporizers
  • Ability to handle liquids, resins and plant matters

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AGORACOM Welcomes VGambling (GMBL:OTCQB) Preparing To Launch eSports Online Wagering Platform In 2017 $GMBL

Posted by AGORACOM-JC at 9:10 AM on Friday, May 27th, 2016


Online Wagering Platform for the Future of Competitive Gaming

Why VGambling Inc?

  • 51% of the world’s population take part in some form of gambling every year
  • Since 2003, the market has grown by an annual average of 23%
  • Online gambling is becoming more popular and its growth is driven by factors such as Internet penetration, new markets opening due to regulation and new player groups.
  • Online gaming used to attract mainly younger men, but these days it is becoming increasingly popular amongst women and older age groups.

Forbes Magazine states “Fans of eSports competition will wager more than $250 million on the outcome of eSports events in 2015. That amount is expected to exceed $23 billion by 2020.”

Who is VGambling Inc.?

  • Company intends to offer users from around the world the ability to wager on professional e-Sports events for real money in licensed and secure environment.
  • Makes it possible to play in multi-player video game amateur tournaments and win cash prizes.
  • Issued an Internet gambling License by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission in Canada
  • Applied for a License in Antigua and Barbuda.
  • Company intends to conduct real money interactive gaming activities on a global basis from our base in St. John’s, Antigua.
  • Bringing users from these two huge industries together by offering our users from around the world the opportunity to play, and bet on online single and multi-player, video game tournaments for real money in our secure and licensed environment.
  • Utilizing VGambling Inc.’s peer-to-peer wagering system, video game fans and enthusiasts everywhere will be able to place all manner of bets on eSports professional players’ performance. Wagering will be available on a wide range of professional eSports events from around the world.
  • Company also intends to offer the widest selection of video games of skill, designed to be compatible for all applications including mobile and in multiple languages, to be played online for real money in small groups, tournaments and major events

The Opportunity


Online gambling, also known as Internet gambling and iGambling, is a general term for gambling using
the Internet.

  • $40B industry with +20% annual growth
  • Sports betting estimated to be 41% of total online market.
  • Internet gambling represents +10% of global gambling market


Electronic sports (also known as eSports, e-sports,
competitive gaming, or progaming in Korea) is a term for organized multiplayer video game competitions.
Last year Riot Games’ “League of Legends” world championship had 27 million streaming views. To provide some correlation, it was more than
the average viewership of the World Series of baseball, which is the second most viewed sport in the USA. The number of professional eSports tournaments worldwide more than tripled from 430 in 2013 to 1,485 in 2014.

  • eSports organizations hosting major tournaments include the Electronic Sports League in Europe, Major League Gaming in North America, and the Korean eSports Association founded by the Korean government and affliated to the Korean Olympic Committee
  • China and Korea continue to dominate the global eSports market
  • eSports are currently being seriously considered by the IOC as an Olympic sport

AGORACOM Welcomes (FMR: TSX-V) With Newly Optioned Lithium Project Adjacent to RB Energy’s Quebec Lithium Mine $

Posted by AGORACOM-JC at 1:13 PM on Thursday, May 26th, 2016


  • Property is located approximately 60 km north of Val d’Or Quebec.
  • Contiguous to the north and south of RB Energy’s Quebec Lithium Mine with a published measured and indicated resources (at a 0.60% Li2O cutoff) of 41,556,000 tonnes at 1.09% Li2O, and an inferred resource of (at a 0.60% Li20 cutoff) of 17,766,000 million tonnes at 1.10% Li2O
  • Also contiguous to Jourdan Resources Vallee Lithium property that drilled more than 4000m of core in 2011 and intersected more 100 pegmatite and aplite dikes.
  • Jourdan Resources intersected values of up to 1.187% Li2O over 5.50m
Recently Announced Industrial Minerals business in Spain
Fully operational processing and finishing facility with 250,000 square metres of annual production capacity
  • Demand has been increasing in recent years and is currently strong in Europe, Asia, and North America for Granite and industrial minerals.

  • Modernized Granite processing facility worth millions of Euros
  • FMR receiving strong interest from finance parties in Europe, U.S., and Canada to fund up to 8m euros ($12m CDN) in senior secured debt to complete the acquisition and provide the company with a large operating cash cushion.


  • Fully operational processing and finishing facility, the former assets of Granitos de Badajoz S.A.
  • 250,000 square metres of annual production capacity
  • Total acquisition cost of EUR4.275 million
  • Mine licenses and processing facility will make Fairmont one of the largest granite producers in Europe

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AGORACOM Welcomes VirtualArmor (VAI: CSE) With 2015 Revenues of $USD 7.36M, Up 53% Over Previous $

Posted by AGORACOM-JC at 8:44 AM on Thursday, May 19th, 2016

  • 2015 Revenues $USD 7.36M, Up 53% Over Previous
  • Q4 2015 Revenue $USD 2.49M, Up 101% Over Previous
  • Real Customers


The Opportunity

  • 44% of security leaders expect a major cloud provider to suffer a significant security breach
  • 83% Of enterprises have difficulty finding the security skills they need
  • 3.8 Million Average cost of a data breach in 2015(Ponemon Institute May 2015)
  • #1 CIO priority in 2015 is security (Piper Jaffray CIO Survey)
  • $75 Billion Projected global spend on data security in 2015 (Gartner)
  • 75% of Of IT leaders planned to increase security budgets in 2015(Piper Jaffray CIO Survey)

A pre-built, pre-validated path to private cloud infrastructure powered by NFV.

  • Network function virtualization (NFV) has emerged as the key to bringing automation and greater agility to service provider and enterprise clouds.
  • VirtualArmor has created a proven, accelerated path to turnkey private cloud infrastructure through a pre-built, pre-validated solution.

What’s the Advantage?

  • A pre-validated, pre-built private cloud stack
  • Based on recommended architecture
  • Built on top of networking, storage, computer and security brands.
  • Ready to demo, sell and deploy—customized to enterprise needs


Datacenter Solutions

  • VirtualArmor works with Juniper Networks to provide high-performance datacenter networks and architectures that work

Cloud Security Solutions

  • How many cloud applications are in use in your environment? Is sensitive data being moved into non-sanctioned cloud applications?

Routing and Switching

  • General connectivity and networking services have become critical in today’s business world, with information and resources required to


  • Security products and practices are only the first part of overall, comprehensive security. Network- and security-related devices can produce

Security Intelligence Solutions

  • One key to effective information security is visibility—who is accessing what, when and where; knowing what is normal behavior and identifying

Virtualization Solutions

  • Network function virtualization (NFV) technologies are enabling service providers and enterprises to deliver new services faster on a simpler…


  • Secure access to enterprise resources from anywhere, anytime is a requirement for organizations of all sizes. This leads to the challenge of


  • As enterprises continue to expand their information footprint, the traditional security “perimeter” has dissolved. Information needs to be


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AGORACOM Welcomes Tartisan Resources (TTC: CSE) – Situated in the Andes which hosts 12 operating mines, 3 of which are world class producers $

Posted by AGORACOM-JC at 8:43 AM on Tuesday, May 3rd, 2016


  • US $250,000 recommended work program
  • Grab samples of note:
    • 2.273 g Au/t
    • 1,814 g Ag/t
  • Gold and silver in Perú’s prolific North- Central Mineralized Belt
  • “La Victoria” lies within this 300 km belt along the Andes which hosts 12 operating mines, 3 of which are world class producers.
  • La Arena owned by Tahoe Resources, Lagunas Norte (Alto Chicama) owned by Barrick Gold Corporation (TSX:ABX) and Santa Rosa owned by Compañia Minera Aurífera Santa Rosa (COMARSA).
  • La Victoria has excellent potential to host high-grade oxide and sulphide epithermal Au, Ag vein systems as well as potential for a large, low-grade, disseminated Cu, Au and Ag (porphyry-type) deposit.

  • Situated in the District of Huandoval, Province of Pallasca, Department of Ancash in the Republic of Peru on the continent of South America; approximately 425 kilometers (km) north-northwest of Lima. It is located within the Instituto Geografico Nacional (IGN) map sheet 17-h Pallasca.
  • Claims are centered on Universal Transverse Mercator (“UTM”) coordinate system, Provisional South American Datum 1956 (“PSAD56″), zone 18L, 174202 meters (m) East and 9081240 meters North; or geographic coordinate system 77º 57′ 15″ of west Longitude and 8º 18′ 10″ of south Latitude.

  • Located in a remote area of Ancash on the western slopes of the Peruvian Andes at elevations that vary from 3000 m to 4200 m above sea level.
  • Landscape includes rocky mountaintops emerging from wide grassy valleys carved by glacial activity (Figure 7.1a and 7.1b).
  • Fertile land is abundant at lower altitudes. The vegetation at lower altitudes includes eucalyptus and pine trees, pasture and garden vegetables whereas the vegetation above 4000 m is restricted to grasses such as the ichu, cactus and some flower species.
  • Temperature on the Property varies between -3 and 20 degrees celsius (“ºC”) with an annual average of approximately 13 ºC. There are only two seasons: the rainy season from November to March along with snowfall during this period, and the dry season from April to October which is also cold.

The Property is located about 10 hours away from Lima by truck with a travel distance of approximately 600 km. Exploration and mining activity can function year-round; however, it is expected that there will be down time during the rainy season because of the poor road conditions. Extreme caution is advised during this period. Figure 6.2 illustrates the route to the Property whereas the travel times, distances and road conditions are listed in Table 7.1.

Route Distance (km) Time (hours) Condition
Lima – Chimbote 440 5.75 Paved road
Chimbote – Santa 11 0.25 Paved road
Santa – Estacion Chuquicara 66 1 Paved road
Estación Chuquicara – La Galgada 30 0.5 Paved road
La Galgada – Pallasca 40 2 Maintained gravel road
Pallasca Property 6 0.5 Maintained gravel road

The nearest road to the San Markito and Victoria anomalies is approximately 3 km away, therefore, the Phase I exploration was performed using horses and donkeys as the main transport method. Water is not abundant within these areas but is available at higher elevations. Infrastructure improvements such as road, water reserve and electrical lines (if feasible) should be implemented before the Phase II exploration operations.

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