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8 Small Cap #Cannabis Companies That Will Lead The Next Growth Cycle For The $97 Billion Market By 2026 $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $

Posted by AGORACOM-JC at 3:39 PM on Thursday, October 8th, 2020

Despite the collapse of marijuana and cannabis related stocks in the last 18 months, there is no denying that Cannabis related products are going to go through a paradigm shifting, parabolic growth stage around the world over this decade for the following reasons:

  1. Cannabis legalization is gaining momentum around the world.
  2. Momentum is primarily driven by the realization that cannabis may have a range of medicinal, therapeutic and wellness applications.
  3. It is the most widely cultivated, consumed and trafficked drug worldwide (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime).

So what is this going to translate into?

The global cannabis market size was valued at $US 10.6 Billion in 2018 and is projected to reach $97.5 Billion by the end of 2026, a CAGR of 32.92% (Fortune Business Insights)


Big promises, big IR budgets, big hype …. Big Letdown.

That pretty much sums up the last cycle of Cannabis related companies that focused on speed, stories and stock prices rather than the one simple but important thing they should have been doing – building a real business.

Investors will remember that the same thing happened during the dot-com era.  As with the cannabis collapse over the last 18 months, what followed back in 2000 was a long period of mourning in which many investors had sworn off tech stocks, just as they have with cannabis stocks today.

But it wasn’t long until tech investors dusted themselves off and realized tech was here to stay – but this time they were only going to focus on real companies with real businesses.  What we got was Amazon, Google, Linkedin, Facebook and then the rest was history.

The same thing is about to happen to the Cannabis sector

Meet the 8 new horsemen of the next leadership group that are firing on all cylinders (in alphabetical order).

Avicanna (AVCN :TSX) (AVCN : OTCQX) ( 0NN: FSE) is a vertically-integrated biopharmaceutical company developing and commercializing various cannabinoid-based products for the global marketplace.

When we say vertically integrated, we mean it. Avicanna has 4 fully operating divisions to address the entire market for Cannabis products as follows:

1.  The company has a full line of high end CBD based skin care products serving the consumer retail segment with Canadian distribution through Medical Cannabis by Shoppers, as well as global distribution later this year.  These are the only known CBD cosmetics backed by clinical trials.

2.  Avicanna’s superior medical cannabis line also features products distributed through Medical Cannabis by Shoppers, the online arm of Canada’s largest drugstore chain. In addition, the company recently received certification and authorization for the sale of pharmaceutical cannabinoid products with medical prescriptions in Colombia.

3.  Avicanna also hosts a full pipeline of Pharmaceuticals in various stages of trials to address Dermatology, Psychiatry, Neurology, Pain and Oncology. Three of the company’s products are already as far as phase 2.

AND… if that is not enough …

4.  Avicanna’s Colombian cultivation division hosts 500,000 Sq ft of low cost and USDA certified organic Cannabis Cultivation. The company recently Made History As The First Ever Export Of Feminized Hemp Seeds From Colombia To The United States. 7,000,000 Seeds For $380,000, with an additional 75,000,000 Seeds Available For Export In Several Pending Transactions.

For more information about the company, please check out the Avicanna HUB on AGORACOM.

Empower (CBDT: CSE) (EPWCF:OTCQB) (8EC:Frankfurt) is a vertically integrated, multi-state operator of medical clinics with a database of over 165,000 patients, a database that almost every medical cannabis and CBD company would kill for … but then these numbers recently came in for the first two quarters to further cement Empower as a leader:


  • Q1 + 377% To 5,717
  • Q2 + 56% To 6,696

Revenues $USD

  • Q1 + 416% To $790,000 (NO COVID)
  • Q2 + 56% To $923.000


  • REVENUE                 $1.7M vs $745K         = + 130%
  • PATIENTS                 12,400 vs 5,500           = + 125%
  • NET LOSS                 $920K vs 1.85M         = – 50% 

Empower has now delivered growth in 4 successive financial reports (Q4, FY 2019, Q1 and Q2), so it is safe to say that superstar CEO Steve McAuley can officially claim victory on the turnaround he inherited in 2019. 

BONUS – The Company’s physician staffed clinics have are also generating significant revenue and growth from the COVID-19 pandemic as follows: 

  • Increased CBD treatments from patients suffering increased anxiety;
  • Testing for individuals and families
  • Testing for local businesses and employees 
  • Testing for enterprise level organizations across the country 
  • Acquisition of an 8,000 sq ft lab in Dallas that can process 4,000 COVID-19 tests per day
    • At the lowest price of $USD 80 per test and operating on just 1,000 tests per day, the clinic would deliver $USD 80,000 in revenue PER DAY

Oh, and did we mention that CEO Steven McAuley is Six Sigma certified under the quality initiative of legendary GE (General Electric) Chairman Jack Welch? We’ve never seen a Six Sigma certified CEO in the Canadian small cap markets. Never.  Which explains how McAuley has been able to guide Empower Clinics through the most disruptive retail environment in recent history and turn it into significant growth.

For more information about the company, please check out the Empower HUB on AGORACOM.

Harborside (HBOR: CSE), (HSDEF: OTCQX) has generated over $400,000,000 (NOT a typo) since its inception in 2006.  We thought that would get your attention.

What Do They Do?

HBOR is a California-focused, vertically integrated, fully licensed cannabis company with its business consisting of three primary segments:

1. Retail Dispensaries

2. Wholesale

3. Cultivation and Processing


  • Founded in 2006. One of the oldest and most respected cannabis retailers in California
  • Awarded one of the first six medical cannabis licenses in the USA
  • Operations have generated over $400M in cumulative sales since inception
  • Retail operations command 3% of California’s entire retail market
  • 2020 Financials (Q1 +  Q2)

○       Revenues         $30,800,000

○       Gross Profit     $14,000,000

○       EBITDA            $1,100,000

  • Expected to generate approximately $62M – $65M in sales in 2020
  • Operate California’s only drive-through dispensary 
  • Over 1,300 customers per day in Q2
  • Oakland dispensary is one of the largest retail cannabis locations in the world
  • 2020E Guidance
    • ~$44M Retail Revenue
    •   ~$21M Wholesale Revenue
    • ~$62M – ~65M Total Revenue

For more information about the company, please check out the Harborside Inc  hub on AGORACOM.

Hollister Biosciences Inc. (HOLL:CSE) (HSTRF:OTC) (HOB: FRANKFURT) is a multi-state cannabis company with products in 230 dispensaries throughout California and over 80 dispensaries throughout Arizona, translating into the following great success:

  • Revenues $USD
    • Q1 +317%  YoY to $862,000
    • Q2 +3685% YoY to  $8,500,000
    • REVENUE                 $9.4M vs $428K     = + 2096%
    • GROSS PROFIT        $1.2M vs ($133K)   = + 1002%

In addition to organic sales, Hollister has several high-level partnerships that demonstrate how trusted the Company is within the industry, including:

Hollister is also the creator of California’s most hash-infused pre-roll HashBone

For more information about the company, please check out the Hollister Biosciences Inc. hub on AGORACOM.

Innocan Pharma Corporation (INNO: CSE) (IP4:FSE) is developing the pharmaceutical guided missile to defeat coronavirus lung infections. The company specializes in the development of new drug platforms which combine unique properties of Cannabinoids.

3 Fully Operating Divisions For Investor Diversification

Innocan has 3 fully operating divisions to address the market for Cannabis products.  As a Cannabis investor, why limit yourself to a Company with just one specialty, when Innocan offers you exposure to both the exploding world of cannabis pharma, as well as, a portfolio of patent-pending and launch ready consumer health products.

  1.  PHARMACEUTICAL – THE GUIDED MISSILE – Revolutionary technology targeting lungs infected with coronavirus or other viral infections.
  2. CONSUMER RETAIL – DERMA COSMETICS – A premium derma cosmetics brand, manufacturing has commenced with distribution agreements in place.
  3. OVER THE COUNTER (OTC) PRODUCTS FOR PAIN RELIEF – patent-pending CBD pain relief brand received FDA technical validation.

Global Manufacturing / Distribution Agreements

  • Endless Sky Inc. a Canadian large scale Cannabis extractor (Manufacturing and Distribution – Canada)
  • Swiss CBD provider Cloud 9 Switzerland LLC (Distribution – Italy and Switzerland)
  • Active Therapeutics Ltd of Lancashire, United Kingdom (Distribution – UK and Ireland markets)

Superior Management Team

In the small cap world, the jockey(s) that drive the horse are just as important as the horse itself.  The InnoCan Leadership Group Is Incomparable In The Small Cap World, Comprised Of Leading Israeli Pharmaceutical Executives including:

  • Executive Chairman (Ron Mayron) was the CEO Of Teva Israel, one of the largest generic pharmaceutical companies in the world
  • Co-Founder & VP Business Development (Yoram Drucker) was the Founder of 2 NASDAQ Companies (Pluristem & Brainstorm)
  • Chief Technology Officer (Nir Avram) is a former member of the pharma innovation team at Perrigo, producer of OTC consumer goods and specialty pharma.
  • Chief Executive Officer (Iris Bincovich) has a proven track record in opening global markets, having managed hundreds of successful transactions in OTC, cosmetics and dermatology.

Together they have built one of the most formidable teams in the small cap cannabis world

For more information about the company, please check out the Innocan Pharma Corporation hub on AGORACOM.

Spyder Cannabis Inc. (SPDR :TSXV) is a Cannabis, Vape and CBD retailer with three retail business units.

  1. SALE OF CANNABIS PRODUCTS – The Company has TWO cannabis dispensaries currently in operation. The first being a location in Calgary, Alberta and the second in Niagara Falls. Both dispensaries are located in busy commercial hubs. The management team is currently evaluating several additional locations in both Alberta and Ontario where it intends to expand the Spyder Cannabis brand’s footprint.
  2. SALE OF HEMP CBD (US) Company is also pursuing the sale of Hemp based CBD products from locations in the USA.
  3. SMOKING CESSATION PRODUCTS IN ONTARIO The company sells electronic cigarettes, E-juice and accessories for the “vape” business from five Canadian retail locations; Woodbridge, Scarborough, Pickering, Niagara Falls and Burlington, Ontario. Spyder has established itself as a savvy retailer.

For more information about the company, please check out the Spyder Cannabis  hub on AGORACOM.

Thoughtful Brands, Inc. (TBI: CSE)( 1WZ1: FWB)( PEMTF: OTCQB) is a global natural health products and eCommerce technology company that is operating at full throttle. 

  • Acquired eCommerce retailers with combined total sales of approximately $29,000,000 with an EBITDA of approximately 12.5%.
  • Current customer base of over 200,000 customers with additional leads of over 600,000 potential new customers
  • Enhanced eCommernce solution through Unified Funding’s software which facilitated over $350 million in consumer transactions (CAD $93.8 million) in 2019 from more than one million paying customers.
  •  Low-cost production will be vertically integrated into retail brands to achieve up to 20x margin increase.

We’ll let these revenue numbers speak for themselves.

  • August 2020 CAD $3,809,000
  • July 2020 CAD $2,340,000
  • June 2020 CAD $2,712,000

The above represents an increase of 19%, over the same period in 2019.


  • Q1 $7,600,000 Growth
  • Q2  $12,800,000 Growth 


  • REVENUE  $20,400,000
  •  GROSS PROFIT  $2,154,357

The company has its sights set on European expansion through a joint venture with Franchise Cannabis Corp. The company will now sell and market Franchise-manufactured CBD, hemp and cosmetic products in the European Union, Switzerland, Norway and the UK, utilizing its eCommerce platform.

The company also completed acquisition of Verrian, which owns and operates a 110,000-square foot pharmaceutical manufacturing facility in Radebuel, Germany. This acquisition will assist the company in tapping into the burgeoning market for psychedelics as Verrian specializes in developing psychedelic derived medicines for treatments for addictions, including opioids and alcohol.

For more information about the company, please check out the Thoughtful Brands hub on AGORACOM. 

TransCanna (TCAN:CSE) (TH8:FSE) owns a 196,000 square foot cannabis Facility, the largest known fully licensed cannabis facility in California.

  • CAD $24.9M  Revenue Run Rate from 10,000 sq.ft  test facility
  • CAD $90M Annual Revenue expected from first full year of production at Fully Licensed Daly Street Facility.
  • Acquired two California companies,
  • High-end award winning edible producer Soldaze
    • Premium indoor cultivator and distributer Lyfted Farms
  • Lyfted Farms products sold in select Cookies Locations – The most recognizable name in high-end Cannabis.
  • 2019 California Cannabis sales over $3B, industry currently fragmented 
  • Direct to dispensary model, cutting out the middleman


  • Q1  $906,000
  • Q2  $4,300,000


  • REVENUE     $5,206,000    
  • GROSS MARGIN $1,920,000

For more information about the company, please check out the TransCanna hub on AGORACOM.

Thanks for reading and discovering these great small cap cannabis companies.  Please be sure to visit the AGORACOM Small Cap Cannabis Gateway often to stay up to date with new companies at:

6 Small Cap Companies That Will Benefit from Canadian Liberal Government’s New Focus on Electric Vehicle #EV #Batteries and Vehicles $ $ $ $ $ $

Posted by AGORACOM-JC at 2:11 PM on Friday, September 25th, 2020

The Liberal Government announced new measures towards climate, clean energy and transport in yesterday’s throne speech. This will no doubt help accelerate the transition toward electric mobility while ensuring a cleaner, healthier economy.  Here are 6 small cap companies that stand to benefit from these initiatives (in alphabetical order).

Gratomic Inc. (GRAT :TSXV) is gearing up to bring its high grade, environmentally sustainable graphite to the North American EV market. In a race that started in 2012, Gratomic is the only one of several graphite companies that has successfully brought its asset through to the final construction phase.

The Company is now ready to introduce its graphite to battery producers for use in advanced anode technology. Being of such naturally high purity, Gratomic’s vein graphite is ideal for use in this application, requiring simpler, less expensive and more efficient processing methods, resulting in a final product with naturally lower contents of deleterious elements.

In addition to its high purity levels, the Company’s Aukam graphite is a much cleaner alternative to this market’s current supply options as a sustainably sourced resource as per the Company’s September 3rd Press Release. The Company intends to establish a new benchmark for recording and guaranteeing the product’s carbon footprint, based on latest generation blockchain technology.

Gratomic is preparing the high grade Aukam Graphite mine for commercial production. The company anticipates commencement of production in Q4 of 2020 while producing 20,000 tonnes of high purity vein graphite annually to support a burgeoning market.



HPQ Silicon Resources (HPQ:TSXV) is a Canadian producer of Silicon Solutions that is building a line of specialty silicon products needed for electric batteries. More than just lip service, HPQ has already announced NDA’s with 2 undisclosed companies in the space and has hinted at other NDA’s that are so tight they could not even be announced.

Over the past 5 years, HPQ has teamed up with 2 world renowned technology partners, including PyroGenesis Canada (PYR:TSXV)  to manufacture high purity silicon cleaner, cheaper and better than anyone in the world – because you can’t dig it out of the ground like other battery metals such as graphite, cobalt and nickel. Now HPQ is on the verge of sending samples of its industry leading silicon to NDA and other potential partners as early as December. 

However, despite providing shareholders with a great return during this period, HPQ’s silicon plan was still met by skepticism amongst investors who found it easier to understand traditional battery metal stories ….  This all changed on September 23rd 2020, when this headline emerged from Tesla’s “Battery Day” 

“Tesla To Revolutionize Use Of Silicon In Batteries: Slash Costs, Increases Range” 

HPQ-Silicon Resources –  Hub On AGORACOM  

PyroGenesis Canada – Hub On AGORACOM


Lomiko Metals (LMR: TSXV) discovered high-grade graphite at La Loutre property in Quebec and is working toward a Pre Economic Assessment to increase current resource to 10m/t of 10% Cg.

“Initial indications are that La Loutre Graphite Property is high-quality and high-grade and thus worthy of development.” stated A. Paul Gill, CEO. “The only operating graphite mine in North America which is the Imerys Graphite & Carbon at Lac-des-Îles, is 30 miles northwest of La Loutre and has operated for 30 years.

Lomiko is in an ideal position to participate in the Electrical Vehicle market with the potential to become a North American supplier of graphite materials.



New Age Metals Inc. (NAM: TSXV) is a green metals company focused on PGM and Lithium. The company’s Lithium division is the largest mineral claim holder in the Winnipeg River Pegmatite Field, where the Company is exploring for hard rock lithium and various rare elements such as tantalum and rubidium.  Manitoba is THE untapped frontier for ‘Hard Rock’ Lithium.

The Company’s philosophy is to be a project generator with the objective of optioning its Lithium projects with major and junior mining companies through to production.



St-Georges Eco-Mining (SX:CSE) is developing new technologies to solve some of the most common environmental problems in the mining industry.  The company is focused on value-adding the recovery of battery-grade nickel, ferronickel for alloying in the stainless steel industry and recovery of valuable elements such as cobalt. St-Georges is working on processing nickel and minimizing tailings with solutions to energy challenges.

The company is also working on lithium extraction technologies with non-conventional resources, such as clays, and working on ways to concentrate and reduce the environmental impact while unlocking the valuable content of the material.

More than just lip service, the Company’s lithium extraction technology has already delivered its first License agreement with Iconic Minerals in exchange for:

  •  $100,000 cash
  • 5,000,000 shares in 3 stages
  • A perpetual net revenue interest royalty (NRI) of 5% on all minerals produced on sites licensed with SX technologies in the state of Nevada



Tartisan Nickel (TN:CSE) – 95 Million Pounds Of Contained Nickel

Nickel is the new gold, a critical element for the growing electric vehicle market, Tartisan just announced a re-estimation of the Mineral Resource Estimate at the Kenbridge Nickel-Copper-Cobalt Project. Kenbridge holds mineral resources of 7.5 Mt of 0.58% Ni and 0.32% Cu for a total of 95 Mlb of contained nickel.  Class 1 nickel sulphide deposits are emerging as a key supplier of Nickel to the growing electric vehicle market.

CEO Mr. Mark Appleby stated, “The Updated Mineral Resource Estimate was necessary to determine if Kenbridge mineralization is potentially extractable under current metal prices and exchange rates. This is a major milestone achieved by the Company as the market conditions for Class 1 nickel sulphide deposits improve. The differences between the previous P&E Mineral Resource Estimate (2008) and the current P&E Updated Mineral Resource Estimate are attributed to changes in metal prices and recalculation of NSR values.


DraftKings $DKNG surges 12% after Michael Jordan takes equity stake and special adviser role – SPONSOR: Esports Entertainment Group $GMBL $PENN $GAN $ESPO $AESE $ $ $

Posted by AGORACOM-JC at 11:11 AM on Wednesday, September 2nd, 2020

SPONSOR: Esports Entertainment Group (GMBL:NASDAQ) Millions of people from around the world tune in to watch teams of video game players compete with each other. In first quarter 2020, YouTube reported 1.1 billion hours watched, an increase of 13% when compared to fourth quarter 2019. Wagering on Esports is projected to hit $23 BILLION this year although that number will likely be eclipsed due to the recent pandemic. Esports Entertainment Group is designed for the purpose of facilitating as much of this wagering as possible.  LEARN MORE.

DraftKings surges 12% after Michael Jordan takes equity stake and special adviser role

  • DraftKings surged as much as 12% on Wednesday after basketball legend Michael Jordan took an equity interest in the firm.
  • Jordan’s stake comes in exchange for “providing guidance and strategic advice” to the sports betting company, according to a press release.
  • The six-time NBA champion will advise DraftKings on a variety of topics including company strategy, development, diversity, equity, and marketing.

DraftKings shares rocketed as much as 12% on Wednesday after announcing basketball superstar Michael Jordan took an equity stake in the company. 

The six-time National Basketball Association champion took an equity interest in exchange for “providing guidance and strategic advice” to DraftKings’ board of directors, according to a Wednesday press release. The sports betting company plans to tap Jordan for input on company strategy, development, diversity, equity, and marketing activities.

“The strategic counsel and business acumen Michael brings to our board is invaluable, and I am excited to have him join our team,” CEO and co-founder Jason Robins said in the release.

Jordan’s role as a special advisor to DraftKing’s board of directors is effective immediately, the company said.  

DraftKings began trading publicly in April after merging with special-purpose acquisition company Diamond Eagle. Shares have since rallied as investors position for sports gambling to pick up as major leagues resume activity. 

The exposure to major sports in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic cuts both ways. While the start of the NBA and Major League Baseball seasons boosted shares, the stock tumbled as much as 13% on July 27 when a COVID outbreak halted several MLB games.

DraftKings closed at $36.93 per share on Tuesday, up 247% year-to-date.