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VIDEO – St Georges $SX $SXOOF Ramps Up Battery Metals Exploration With 11k Meter Drill Program at Julie Nickel Project $ $ $ $ATAO

Posted by AGORACOM-Eric at 4:23 PM on Thursday, May 13th, 2021
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St Georges is advancing 2 projects in Quebec focused on Batttery Metals ( Nickel, Cobalt, Palladium). SX also owns all the active mineral exploration licenses in Iceland with a focus on Gold & Geothermal power, has 19M in cash & investments ( Iconic, Zeus ThreeD, Altair Int. ) and recently created a subsidiary focused solely on the recycling of EV batteries to recover valuable elements. It’s called EVSX.

It is no wonder insiders own close to 17%

It has everything to do with metals. SX is embarking on a very large program that is going to have them drilling for Battery & Platinum Group Metals as they search Quebec for an economic discovery. The Julie Nickel project is going to be drilled this year and probably into next, supplying the market and investors with steady stream of information as they track down a discovery. The Manicouagan Palladium project, also in Quebec, will see enough drilling to develop a Maiden NI 43-101 resource.

St. George Eco Mining (CSE: SX) (OTC: SXOOF)) Interim President & CEO, Herb Duerr sits down to discusses 2021 exploration and its importance to shareholders.

SX Eco-Mining $ $SXOOF Secures Future EV Batteries Recycling Plant & Engineering $ $ $ $ATAO

Posted by AGORACOM-Eric at 8:17 AM on Monday, April 19th, 2021

St-Georges Eco-Mining Corp. (CNSX:SX.CN)(OTC:SXOOF) (FSE:85G1) is pleased to disclose that it has entered a binding term sheet to secure the site and building for its proposed battery recycling plant in the deep seaport of Baie-Comeau on the Québec North Shore.

The parties will have 30 days to finalize and execute a long-form agreement conditional on the positive outcome of the feasibility study already underway. Part of the binding agreement concerns the access to the engineering expertise that will allow the Company to have trained professionals working in the facilities from day one of operations planned for later this year.

Important milestone reached allowing equipment vendors to share information with the newly secured engineering team to accelerate the design of the Baie-Comeau proposed electric vehicle, or EV, battery recycling plant with a target phase 1 production capability of 10,000 annual metric tonnes.

The agreement, a long-term lease with an option to buy the targeted plant, was executed on April 16, 2021, and calls for a long-form agreement to be signed within 30 days. Additionally, a long-form engineering and technical services agreement, with the option to acquire the engineering firm, Roberge Industries Inc., will be included in the final agreement.

St-Georges will design the battery recycling plant to be modular and preassembled to reduce construction and installation costs, timelines, and other challenges. The approach is to have a universal battery recycling plant that can use the procedures for process, safety, and maintenance anywhere in the world, including maintenance management systems with a technology allowing real-time auditing and the generation of tradeable carbon credits as well as machine learning management systems allowing real-time optimization of the process as well as the output based on market needs.

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Chilean Metals $ $CMETF Arranges $2 Million Financing To Explore Nisk Nickel Project $ $ $

Posted by AGORACOM-Eric at 7:58 AM on Friday, April 16th, 2021

Chilean Metals Inc. (“Chilean Metals,” “CMX” or the “Company”) (TSX.V:CMX) (OTCBB:CMETF) (SSE:CMX) (MILA:CMX) has arranged a non-brokered private placement of $2,000,000 dollars, with $1,000,000 being done via issuance of 4,000,000 common shares at $0.25 and $1,000,000 in Flow-through Shares issued at $0.40 per share comprising of 2,500,000 shares. The proceeds from the flow-through shares will be used to incur Canadian exploration expenditures that qualify as flow-through mining expenditures (as such terms are defined in the Income Tax Act (Canada)).

The Company intends to pay brokers fees and broker warrants in conjunction with the transaction. Any broker warrants issued on the hard dollar financing will be exercisable at $0.25 per share for 18 months from date of close and any broker warrants issued on the flow-through will be exercisable at $0.40 per share for 18 months. The Financing is subscribed for and is expected to close on April 23, 2021. The closing of the Financing is subject to the approval of the TSXV.

“The additional capital will enable us to commence our initial drill program at our recently acquired option on the NISK Nickel project in James Bay Quebec. Our objective would be to provide an updated 43-101 in late Q3 or early Q4. We are excited about NISK potential to provide a high-grade Nickel Copper Cobalt Palladium project that would be well received in a market where Battery Metal pricing looks better and better!” commented Chilean CEO Terry Lynch.

Funds will also be used in the Company’s proposed Plan of Arrangement. As previously announced Chilean Metals will be changing its name to Power Nickel Inc. and will focus its efforts on the exploration and development of the Nisk project. On February 1, 2021 Chilean Metals completed the acquisition of its option to acquire up to 80% of the Nisk project from Critical Elements Lithium Corporation (TSX-V:CRE, OTCQX: CRECF, FSE:F12). These estimates at the Nisk project are of a historic resource and the Company’s geologic team has not completed sufficient work to confirm a NI 43-101 compliant resource. Therefore, the estimates cannot, and should not be relied upon.

Table ‑1: Historical Resource Estimate figures for respective confidence categories at the NISK-1 deposit, After RSW Inc 2009: Resource Estimate for the NISK-1 Deposit, Lac Levac Property, Nemiscau, Québec.

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AGORACOM Small Cap 60: Chilean Metals $CMX $CMETF CEO Terry Lynch Discusses Transformation into Power Nickel & Spin-Out of 2 Pubco’s

Posted by AGORACOM-Eric at 1:20 PM on Tuesday, April 13th, 2021

SX Eco-Mining $ $SXOOF Releases Initial Cathode Material EV Battery Test Results $ $ $ $ATAO

Posted by AGORACOM-Eric at 9:22 AM on Monday, April 12th, 2021
  • 100% of the targeted metals were recycled in situ or selectively leached in solution

St-Georges Eco-Mining Corp. (CNSX:SX.CN)(OTC:SXOOF) (FSE:85G1) is pleased to disclose the results of its initial electric vehicle (EV) cathode material battery recycling tests aimed at specific car makers and OEM battery specifications.

As previously disclosed in a press release titled Initial Recovery Battery Test Results” dated February 22, 2021, the Company has set aside a significant portion of its laboratories resources to be able to perform “(…) additional tests to optimize the process of recovery of critical elements (…) using synthetic compounds to move the development along faster.” In a subsequent press release titled EV Batteries Recovery Tests Results: Lithium” dated March 18, 2021, the Company disclosed that it had “(…) completed EV battery characterization for the following car makers: Tesla, General Motors (GM), Ford, Toyota, and Nissan. The batteries were sourced from industry aggregators. The Company’s chemists and metallurgists created synthetic powder clones of the metal’s components allowing the testing’s acceleration (…)” Additionally, leveraging the support of some important stakeholders in the success of Company initiatives, St-Georges’ metallurgists were able to gather data on the composition of certain batteries in development or about-to-be commercially deployed in the coming year that are Lithium-Iron-Phosphate or LFP (LiFePO4) based. These not-yet-on-the-market batteries have been conceptually characterized, synthetically reproduced, and tested with the Company’s processing technology.

Four sets of battery category, covering all current car makers previously mentioned, along with the addition of the LFP batteries, have been processed in St-Georges’ contracted pilot-plant installations:

 |Main Core Powder|Chemical Formula      |
 |LCO             |LiCoO2                |
 |LMO             |LiMn2O4               |
 |NMC             |LiNi0.33Mn0.33Co0.33O2|
 |LFP             |LiFePO4               |

Cathode materials results

This initial test campaign’s objective was to determine which metals were put in solution from cathode materials using St-Georges’ proprietary acid-blend. From those experiments, it can be deduced that Lithium, Iron, Phosphate, Cobalt, Nickel, and Magnesium can be expected to be found in solution when using commercial batteries, on top of other metals such as Aluminium, Manganese, and Copper that can be recuperated in situ.

It is important to note that the LFP batteries might require a slightly different process to recycle 100% of the metals. Iron content generates a small amount of magnetism during the process while everything else remains in line with other battery compounds.

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SX Eco-Mining $SX $SXOOF: Received Latest Shipment of Bulk Test Lithium Material from Iconic $ $ $ $

Posted by AGORACOM-Eric at 8:34 AM on Wednesday, April 7th, 2021

St-Georges Eco-Mining Corp. (CSE:SX)(OTC:SXOOF) (CNSX:SX.CN) (FSE:85G1) is pleased to disclose that it has received the latest shipment of bulk material from Iconic’s (TSXV:ICM) Bonnie Claire Lithium Project in Nevada.

As previously reported, St-Georges’ metallurgists were able to concentrate through mineral processing and selective leaching the original feedstock by 25 folds, down to 4% of its initial mass where 99.99% of the lithium was leached into solution after 5 minutes at low temperature and normal atmospheric pressure.

Work on the Bonnie Claire Lithium Project material will now resume along side the on-going work being conducted on other hard rock lithium resources. Current efforts of flow sheet optimisation will focus on front-end challenges, like concentration, and also on the later purification stage, where testing of a newly designed bounding solution should reduce the number of steps required to achieve a 99%+ lithium purity.

Current hypothesis developed using an array of lithium feedstocks from different sources indicate the whole closed-loop initial cycle allows a recovery rate of 90% or better.  Reprocessing of the lithium bearing proprietary acid-blend solution eventually achieves higher total recuperation and achieves battery grade purity.


“Enrico Di Cesare”

President & CEO of St-Georges Metallurgy & Director & VP R&D St-Georges Eco-Mining

About St-Georges

St-Georges is developing new technologies to solve some of the most common environmental problems in the mining industry. The Company controls all the active mineral tenures in Iceland. It also explores for nickel & PGEs on the Julie Nickel Project and the Manicougan Palladium Project on the Québec’s North Shore

St-Georges $SX $SXOOF: Iceland – The Floor is Hot Lava $ $ $ $

Posted by AGORACOM-Eric at 10:39 AM on Wednesday, March 31st, 2021

St-Georges Eco-Mining Corp. (CSE:SX) (CNSX:SX.CN) (OTC:SXOOF) (FSE: 85G1) would like to provide an update on the volcanic activities from the Geldingadalir volcano located on its Reykjanes provisional mineral exploration license in Iceland.

The volcano has been the site of a minor eruption for approximately 11 days at the time of this release.  St-Georges’ geologists, working under the Company’s subsidiary, Iceland Resources EHF, have taken a few kilos of rocks to obtain additional mineral and metallurgic information about what is now some of the youngest rocks on earth. The material coming out of the volcano has been rich in Magnesium, Iron, and Titanium. This appears to be preliminarily corroborated by observing the samples collected by St-Georges submitted to a Portable X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) reading.

According to the Icelandic government volcanologists, this is about to change with an influx of copper and potentially precious metals with lava originating from a different depth of the mantle.

The Icelandic Meteorological Office (IMO) published a summary of the activities, commenting that: “(…) t he lava is basaltic and highly fluid with little explosive activity. It is a very small eruption, and the lava flow has been steady at 5-7 m3/s since its onset. Currently the extent of the lava field is within Geldingadalur but if the eruption keeps ongoing at a similar rate, it is modeled that the lava will flow east towards Merardalur valley. If the volcano continues to erupt it could eventually end up being categorized as a shield volcano. Shield volcanoes are generally formed over long time periods with lava fields extending from a few to several kilometers around its source. There is no way to tell how long the eruption will last.

The current magma is rich in MgO (8.5%) which indicates that it is from depths of around 17-20 km. There has been constant gas pollution close to the eruption site, spatially determined by local wind conditions. Gases can accumulate to life-threatening levels in certain weather conditions. There have been no indications of significant tectonic movements since the eruption started. There is currently no indication of new openings at other locations along the magma injection path.(…)”.

St-Georges and Iceland Resources would like to invite visiting geologists, volcanologists, journalists, and avid volcano tourists to get in touch with us. We can help organize visits to the site and provide geological support for scientific initiatives relating to the recent volcanic eruptions. We are also planning small group visits to the Thor Gold Project for people interested. Please send us a quick note via our website at

About the Reykjanes exploration license

The Reykjanes provisional license is part of the license application for active exploration work that is being processed by the Icelandic authorities. It covers the area of the active volcano. It is located in the Reykjanes Peninsula near the towns of Keflavik and Grindavik and the International Airport.  Readers can see the prospect area in the map provided by ISOR in Figure 1 below.

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VIDEO – Chilean Metals $CMX $CMETF Transforms into Power Nickel and Spins-Out 2 New Pubco’s for Shareholders $ $ $

Posted by AGORACOM-JC at 6:45 PM on Tuesday, March 30th, 2021

Very few Junior Mining company achieve the level of success Terry Lynch, CEO is creating at Chilean Metals, and he is just getting started.

Having recently acquired a transformative asset in the NIsk Battery Metals property that includes a resource, Chilean suddenly found themselves with a company making asset taking the attention away from their other high quality exploration properties.

Management astutely identified and rapidly created a solution that supports not only Chilean assets, but its shareholders as well. By creating individual companies for each asset, this allows them to represent themselves in their respective markets, and unlock value for shareholders.

Have a seat and listen to this great interview with terry Lynch, CEO of Chilean Metals and soon to be Power Nickel, and Consolidated Gold and Silver.

SX Eco Mining: EV Batteries Recovery Tests Results – Lithium $ $ $ $

Posted by AGORACOM-Eric at 4:38 PM on Thursday, March 18th, 2021
  • 99.99% of the lithium leached in solution after 5 minutes at low temperature and without applying pressure.
  • completed EV battery characterization for 5 car makers
  • Pilot Testing Next

St-Georges Eco-Mining Corp. (CSE:SX)(OTC:SXOOF) (FSE:85G1) (CNSX:SX.CN)is pleased to provide an update on the initial testing phase of an array of electric vehicles batteries it received at its testing installations in Québec.

The Company has completed EV battery characterization for the following car makers: Tesla, General Motors (GM), Ford, Toyota, and Nissan. The batteries were sourced from industry aggregators. The Company’s chemists and metallurgists created synthetic powder clones of the metal’s components allowing the testing’s acceleration.

This is in line with the results obtained previously by the Company’s metallurgical team that was able to leach more than 99% of the cobalt and the nickel contained in the batteries. Furthermore, the aluminium foil used to hold the different metals in the batteries’ core remains intact and can be recycled.  

The Company expects to confirm these results via a series of pilot tests as it now is in possession of car makers’ specific testing protocols. Testing will be documented and independently confirmed.  The Company expects to initiate the next phase, metals purification, in April.  The Company hopes to be able to reduce processing time and increase acid re-usage.

EVSX and St-Georges have also identified some of the key equipment required from industrial equipment manufacturers. They expect to be able to receive the electrolysis equipment during the month of May, allowing the manufacture of lithium hydroxide.

The Company had already disclosed on February 22, 2021, that additional tests to optimize the process of recovery of critical elements were to be conducted using synthetic compounds to move the development along faster. Work is ongoing at multiple locations, speeding up delivery and further protecting intellectual property.

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Chilean Metals $ $CMETF to Change Name and Spin Out Two Pubcos Through Proposed Plan of Arrangement $ $ $

Posted by AGORACOM-Eric at 8:43 AM on Tuesday, March 16th, 2021
  • Chilean Metals Inc. to change its name to “Power Nickel Inc.” to reflect its focus on development of its James Bay High-Grade Nickel Copper Cobalt Palladium “Nisk” Project.
  • Chilean Metals’ subsidiaries currently holding the Company’s Chilean assets will be separated and spun out as a new public company with all of its existing Chilean assets and sufficient capital for one-year of operations
  • Chilean Metals will create a new subsidiary Consolidation Gold and Silver Inc. to be spun out as a separate public company where it will hold the option agreement on the Golden Ivan project and sufficient capital for one-year of operations
  • Shareholders of Chilean Metals will participate in both new public companies and retain their current ownership interest in each Company

Chilean Metals Inc. (the “Company” or “Chilean Metals”) (TSXV:CMX)(OTC PINK:CMETF)(Frankfurt:IVVI) is pleased to announce that the board of directors has approved the Company’s plans to change its name to Power Nickel Inc. and to spin-off two independent public companies to carry forward with its existing Chilean and British Colombia mining assets.

Proposed Transaction Highlights

Chilean Metals to be renamed Power Nickel Inc. and will focus its efforts on the exploration and development of the Nisk project. On February 1, 2021 Chilean Metals completed the acquisition of its option to acquire up to 80% of the Nisk project from Critical Elements Lithium Corporation (CRE)(CRECF)(F12). These estimates at the Nisk project are of a historic resource and the Company’s geologic team has not completed sufficient work to confirm a NI 43-101 compliant resource. Therefore, the estimates cannot, and should not be relied upon.

Table ‑1: Historical Resource Estimate figures for respective confidence categories at the NISK-1 deposit, After RSW Inc 2009: Resource Estimate for the NISK-1 Deposit, Lac Levac Property, Nemiscau, Québec.

The information regarding the NISK-1 deposit was derived from the technical report titled “Resource Estimate for the NISK-1 Deposit, Lac Levac Property, Nemiscau, Québec” dated December 2009. The key assumptions, parameters and methods used to prepare the mineral resource estimates described above are set out in the technical report.

The NISK property comprises a large land position (20 kilometres of strike length) with numerous high-grade intercepts outside the current resource area. Chilean is focused on expanding its current high-grade nickel-copper PGE mineralization historical resource prepared in accordance with NI 43-101, identifying additional high-grade mineralization, and developing a process to potentially produce nickel sulphates responsibly for batteries for the electric vehicles industry.

  • Shareholders of Chilean Metals will receive shares in the two public companies proposed to be separated out by the plan of arrangement, at ratios to be determined by tax and valuation considerations
  • One public company is proposed to hold all the historic assets in Chile as follows:
    • The 5600-hectare Tierra de Oro (TDO) property located about 70 Kms south of Copiapo. Historically about $6,000,000 has been spent exploring TDO with the most recent drill program completed and reported in January 2021 which highlighted a 2-metre section that returned 716 grams of silver and .45% copper.
    • The 4300-hectare Zulema property located about 50 Kms southwest from Copiapo and adjoining the Candelaria Mine1 property (Over 950 Million Tonnes Copper, Gold & Silver according to NI- 43101 2018 report on Lundin Mining site)) An exploration program at the property in 2018 highlighted a garnet magnetite skarn with multiple lenses of Copper- Magnetite mineralization. Within the skarn, copper ranged from 0.12- 1.19% Cu and between 0.05 – 0.99g/t Au.
    • The 9,000-hectare Palo Negro and Hornitos properties located in Region 3 about 30 Kms west of the Candelaria mine. The properties are currently the focus of a number of geophysical programs including magnetics and IP over portions of the property which have previously been highlighted to be of interest.
    • Assets also include a 3% NSR royalty interest on any future production from the Copaquire Cu-Mo deposit, previously sold to a subsidiary of Teck Resources Inc. (“Teck”). Under the terms of the sale agreement, Teck has the right to acquire one third of the 3% NSR for $3 million dollars at any time. The Copaquire property borders Teck’s producing Quebrada Blanca copper mine2 in Chile’s First Region.
  • Consolidation Gold & Silver Inc. will hold the previously purchased option to acquire the Golden Ivan project in the Golden Triangle. The Golden Triangle is host to numerous past and current mining operations and the region has reported mineral resources that total up to 67 million oz of gold, 569 million oz of silver, and 27 billion pounds of copper. Recent mineral development activity within the local area includes Ascot Resources recently funded Premier Gold mine3 (2.3 Million oz gold), which has received $105 million in project construction financing for the development of renewed operations at the historic exploited Premier Gold deposit. Other notable active projects in the local area include the neighbouring Silverado project, and Red Mountain, and Homestake projects amongst many others.4 Further to the north Pretivm’s Bruce Jack mine5 (4.2 million oz gold), and the neighboring KSM and Eskay deposits also have significant gold, silver, and copper resources that are yet to be realized.
    • The property hosts two known mineral showings (Gold Ore, and Magee), and a portion of the past-producing Silverado Mine, which was reportedly exploited between 1921 and 1939. These mineral showings are described to be Polymetallic veins that contain quantities of Silver, Lead, Zinc +/- Gold +/- Copper. Numerous additional mineral occurrences, showings and past-producing mines are located in the immediate areas surrounding the property, further supporting the presence of widespread mineralization in the areas.
    • The property is relatively underexplored. In 2018 Precision Geophysics completed an 88-line kilometre combined magnetic and gamma-ray spectrometry survey on behalf of the vendor (who optioned to Chilean Metals) Granby Gold Inc. Standard magnetic and radiometric data products were prepared and additional interpolate structural analyses were performed on the collected data. A number of areas of coincident magnetic and radiometric anomalism have been identified, additionally ‘structurally prepared’ zones are identified from the structural analysis interpolates. Such characteristics are widely regarded as favorable indicators of widespread hydrothermal alteration aka Porphyries and may aid in vectoring toward any causative source intrusions that may be located on the property. Three preliminary target areas of merit are established as a result of the survey and will be the focus of initial explorations at the site.
  • Shareholders of the three entities should benefit from increased focus on core opportunities that appeal to each different investor base. As Chilean Metals grew through the acquisition of Nisk and Golden Ivan, it is anticipated that the two new public companies could similarly benefit on a go-forward basis.

Company CEO and Director Mr. Terry Lynch stated, “The result of this proposed transaction will be three stand-alone companies with attractive assets focused on specific opportunities to grow and create value for their shareholders. The driving force behind the change is to communicate in a very clear way our focus on the NISK Battery Metals project. It is rare to find a project with a historical resource that we believe has a credible chance to become a mine. The electrification movement in Automobiles and Industry is growing more and more every day and this growth will be very supportive to the price curves in Nickel, Copper, Cobalt, and Palladium. We look forward to concentrating our efforts on NISK and moving it from Historical resource through the mine development process as quickly as possible.

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