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The AGORACOM Client Intelligence Report – February 2009

Posted by AGORACOM at 2:34 PM on Sunday, February 1st, 2009

We’re pleased to provide you with the February 2009 edition of The AGORACOM Client Intelligence Report. For those of you who didn’t receive our last report or are new clients of AGORACOM, you can now find an archive of these reports on our blog here.  For confidentiality reasons, all “Off The Blog” items mentioned in these reports are not mentioned in the blog posts.


For the benefit of our new clients, we call this an “Intelligence Report” because it provides you with important information, data and trends that impact your business – information that you normally don’t have time to find. We often write about these in The AGORACOM Blog, so we call these “On The Blog” Stories.

In addition, this newsletter gives you a chance to look into our crystal ball and know what AGORACOM is working on months before the general public. You can’t find these tidbits on our blog, so we call them “Off The Blog” and ask that you keep them confidential.

As you know, we move faster than any IR firm on the planet, so knowing what we’re doing in advance helps both of us coordinate our activities. This is especially true for what we expect to be an extremely fast moving and exciting year in 2009.

In short, greater market intelligence that puts you ahead of all of your peers.

I can’t stress enough my recommendation that you review our monthly newsletter carefully for the purposes of incorporating some of our market intelligence into both your IR and business initiatives.

AGORACOM is now the largest small-cap IR firm and site on the continent thanks to our effective use of web technology. As such, following us will help you achieve your goals.


**For confidentiality reasons, the “Off The Blog” items are not mentioned in the blog posts as they are only available to AGORACOM clients**


The AGORACOM 100 Marketplace Is Now Live (are you in it?)

We’re proud to announce that the AGORACOM 100 Marketplace″ went live in January 2009. This elite group of small-cap companies will become an incredible research tool for investors and an outreach program for small-cap public companies this year and beyond.

Small-Cap CEO Lesson: Online Video Time Jumps 40% In 1 Year

According to this report, the amount of time U.S. Internet users spend watching video is up 40% year over year. So how does this impact your investor relations? Read more to find out…

AGORACOM Is 1 of Only 13 Finance Content Providers To Every BlackBerry® Device On The Planet

Look for AGORACOM to significantly advance its mobile efforts in 2009. I say “advance” rather than “launch” because for the past few years AGORACOM has already been the exclusive provider of small-cap content to every BlackBerry® device on the planet.

Small-Cap CEO Lesson: Chinese Internet Users To Surpass Entire US Population In 2009

If you’re a small-cap CEO and thinking about ways to broaden your shareholder base you can continue knocking/calling/e-mailing the same people from the same tired lists, or you can take your message to the entire world via an online investor relations program.

Happy Members Bode Well For Future Of AGORACOM Small-Cap Community

While at the Vancouver Cambridge Conference, we were reminded of the fact that our community is primarily powered by individual investors who have taken the time and effort to breathe life into it…

AGORACOM Interview: Electronic Shareholder Forums and Online Investor Relations

Last month, AGORACOM was interviewed by Zack Miller (former Seeking Alpha guy), which led to a great discussion concerning the future of online investor relations and electronic shareholder forums.

“AGORACOM Small-Cap 100″ TV Commercials Launches in January 2009

Last month, AGORACOM officially launched their “Meet The AGORACOM 100″ television and search marketing campaign. Look for this 30-second spot on CNBC and Bloomberg in the United States (Dish Network), as well as, BNN in Canada. Naturally, look for a major push online via search engines and our content partners.

Small-Cap CEO Lesson: Web 2.0 Coverage Of Plane Crash Beats CNN and Major Media

This photo came from a passenger on a ferry that was sent to pick up passengers from the US Airways plane that landed in the Hudson River. The passenger used his mobile phone to take the picture, then post it via Twitter, where it was then sent around the web like wildfire. In the meantime, all CNN could do was provide aerial footage from helicopters…


We hope you found this edition of the AGORACOM Client Intelligence Report to be helpful. If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us or your AGORACOM representative for further assistance.

Thank-you and have a great day.

Yours truly,
George Tsiolis, LL.B

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