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Kitco Launches Contest For Resource Investors Called “So You Think You Can Rant”

Posted by AGORACOM at 12:13 PM on Friday, March 27th, 2009


As we all know, AGORACOM is a community of well-informed and knowledgable investors especially when it comes to the topic of Resources & Precious Metals.

Therefore, we thought the following contest might be of interest to some of you would-be market gurus and economic sages-to-be.

Kitco a popular Precious Metals web site, has launched a new contest for commentators called “So You Think You Can Rant.”

Amateur writers are invited to write a commentary about any topic they are passionate about as long as there is a mention of the subject of Precious Metals.  Writers can submit their commentaries at the contest site. 

Kitco judges will study the entered commentaries and select the 10 Best Commentators to take part in the official competition. Every week, the Rant finalists will be given a new topic to write about and their commentaries will be posted on the contest Web Site.

Users will read the entered Rants and vote for their favourite. The contestant with the fewest votes will be eliminated, the remaining competitors will be given a new topic to Rant about. Their commentaries will be posted and the public will vote again.

The elimination rounds will continue for 9 weeks until the Champion ranter is chosen. The “So You Think You Can Rant” prizes will then be awarded. All finalists will receive silver bars from Kitco and silver coins produced by Endeavour Silver. The Winner will receive a gold bar from Kitco, a gold nugget from NovaGold, a silver bar from First Majestic and they will be flown in from anywhere in North America and given a tour of the San Gold Mine in Manitoba.

The Winner will also receive a subscriber list for their own newsletter, an instant audience for their words of wisdom. They will also be interviewed on the Korelin Economics Report radio program.

Entries are accepted until April 10th.  The official contest with the ten finalists begins on April 17th.

Good luck and make us proud!

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