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AGORACOM Client Intelligence Report – April 2009

Posted by AGORACOM at 11:00 AM on Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

We’re pleased to provide you with the April 2009 edition of the AGORACOM Client Intelligence Report. For confidentiality reasons, all “Off The Blog” items mentioned in these reports are not mentioned in the blog posts.


For the benefit of our new clients, we call this an “Intelligence Report” because it provides you with important information, data and trends that impact your business – information that you normally don’t have time to find.  We often write about these in The AGORACOM Blog, so we call these “On The Blog” Stories.  In addition, this newsletter gives you a chance to look into our crystal ball and know what AGORACOM is working on months before the general public.  You can’t find these tidbits on our blog, so we call them “Off The Blog” and ask that you keep them confidential.  As you know, we move faster than any IR firm on the planet, so knowing what we’re doing in advance helps both of us coordinate our activities.  This is especially true for what we expect to be an extremely fast moving and exciting year.

In short, greater market intelligence that puts you ahead of all of your peers.

I can’t stress enough my recommendation that you review our monthly newsletter carefully for the purposes of incorporating some of our market intelligence into both your IR and business initiatives.

AGORACOM is now the largest small-cap IR firm and site on the continent thanks to our effective use of web technology.  As such, following us will help you achieve your goals.


**For confidentiality reasons, the “Off The Blog” items are not mentioned in the blog posts as they are only available to AGORACOM clients**


What The @#$! Is Twitter?

You’ve heard about it.  It’s been on Oprah, but you’re not quite sure what Twitter is and how it can help you achieve your business goals.  Our founder George Tsiolis has prepared a 5-minute on Twitter to introduce to this tool and why you should use it.   This is a must see…

Small Cap CEO Lesson: Millionaires Are Now Trading Online

For those CEO’s who continue to believe online traders are – for the lack of a better word – flakes, you might want to take a look at this article in the Wall Street Journal…

Small Cap CEO Lesson: Mobile Internet Trading And Research Skyrockets 188%

If you are a CEO of a small-cap or mid-cap company and have been considering a mobile strategy, then you absolutely have to see the blow away numbers in a comScore report that came out in March.

AGORACOM Hold’em Night at the PDAC a Smashing Success

We’d like to thank all who attended the AGORACOM PDAC “Bay Street Hold’em” Poker Tournament last month making it a smashing success that surpassed all expectations. A new standard has now been set for all future PDAC parties.

Skyrocketing Social Media Growth = Skyrocketing Online Investor Growth

We’ve always known the web is big.  However, what many in the small-cap space don’t realize is how big social media is becoming, or what social media actually is.

Small CAP CEO Lesson – Issue Press Releases By 8:30 AM EST

Why putting your news out by no later than 8:30 AM EST still makes the most sense…

Harvard Business: “Communities Of Stakeholders Will Help Shape Managerial Decisions”

If you don’t think creating a shareholder community is important read the following article from Harvard Business…

Online Investor Relations Model Makes AGORACOM ‘Greenest’ Firm In The Industry

AGORACOM is proud to announce the results of our Carbon Footprint findings in recognition of ‘Earth Day‘.


We hope you found this edition of the AGORACOM Client Intelligence Report to be helpful.  If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us or your AGORACOM representative for further assistance.

Thank-you and have a great day.

Yours truly,

George Tsiolis

6 Responses to “AGORACOM Client Intelligence Report – April 2009”

  1. AGORACOM says:

    Irish, you need to take a minute to actually look at the sources within each category. For example, Wall Street Journal (millionaires trading online) and Harvard Business Blog (shareholder communities) should have been pretty obvious from either the titles or a quick read of the post – and I think they count as “reputable sources”.

    A little less cynicism and a little more homework please.


  2. LeoPolenta says:

    A fantastic read for anyone running a small cap company, or any public company for that matter. It’s a shame so many pubco’s are run by dinosaurs that have either lost touch or never accepted todays technology and trends.

  3. Luck of the Irish says:

    Information is only as good as the source. Just what is/are these sources? IF it’s from an objective, third party reputable source with an incredible track record… great.. I’m tuned it. If it’s from Joe at the bar or some other agency that has an ulterior motive (ie selling its newsletter, selling its stock, etc), then I’ll pass, thanks anyway….

  4. JC says:

    A very worthwhile read for the purpose of gaining market intelligence within the small cap world. The shift in preferred medium is so blatantly obvious that those who choose not to conform will be left in the dust.

  5. Eric says:


    Keep sending, if not repeating the message to Clients about the right time(s) to put out news. Too many firms attempt to time the open and it often results in their story being drowned out by the rest of the market. Companies need to respect the time before the open and the impact it has on hardened decision makers and not rely on momentum players for short term price swings, which usually have no lasting fundamental impact past the day of the release.

    Cheers, Eric

  6. Ben Smith says:

    Good strategy bringing the stock boards to Twitter George. Twitter is the way of the future and that combination will brings even more eyes to the boards.