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AGORACOM Client Intelligence Report – May 2009

Posted by AGORACOM at 10:13 AM on Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009

We’re pleased to provide you with the May 2009 edition of the AGORACOM Client Intelligence Report.  For those of you who didn’t receive our last report or are new clients of AGORACOM, you can now find an archive of these reports on our blog here.

For confidentiality reasons, all “Off The Blog” items mentioned in these reports are not mentioned in the archived reports.


For the benefit of our new clients, we call this an “Intelligence Report” because it provides you with important information, data and trends that impact your business – information that you normally don’t have time to find.  We often write about these in The AGORACOM Blog, so we call these “On The Blog” Stories.

In addition, this newsletter gives you a chance to look into our crystal ball and know what AGORACOM is working on months before the general public.  You can’t find these tidbits on our blog, so we call them “Off The Blog” and ask that you keep them confidential.  As you know, we move faster than any IR firm on the planet, so knowing what we’re doing in advance helps both of us coordinate our activities.  This is especially true for what we expect to be an extremely fast moving and exciting year.

In short, greater market intelligence that puts you ahead of all of your peers.

I can’t stress enough my recommendation that you review our monthly newsletter carefully for the purposes of incorporating some of our market intelligence into both your IR and business initiatives.

AGORACOM is now the largest small-cap IR firm and site on the continent thanks to our effective use of web technology.  As such, following us will help you achieve your goals.


**For confidentiality reasons, the “Off The Blog” items are not mentioned in the blog posts as they are only available to AGORACOM clients**


AGORACOM 100 – New TV Commercial Takes Client Results To Biz TV Audience

Our AGORACOM 100 program has returned some serious results for clients. Why? Providing investors with a filter that separates the wheat from the chaff makes their small-cap research and investment decisions easier.  As such, we’re putting the program into overdrive and running a brand new prime time TV commercial in both the US (CNBC, Bloomberg) and Canada (BNN) beginning June 1. Check it out here…

AGORACOM Ranks 57 In Profit 100 Ranking of Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies

AGORACOM is proud to announce we were recently added to the PROFIT100, a list of Canada’s fastest growing companies.  We want to thank all of our clients for both believing in the power of online investor relations and now benefitting from it.  Our success is your success.  Onward and Upward!

AGORACOM Sponsors 2009 Reverse Merger Conference, Presents Investor Relations Keynote

We are once again sponsoring the Reverse Merger Conference, the industry’s biggest conference, being held this year at the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, June 11 & 12.  George Tsiolis will be presenting the investor relations keynote speech, which will teach both public companies and industry professionals on how to use Web 2.0 tools to tap into some of the best knowledge streams in the world.

AGORACOM Content On New is the Wall Street Journal of Canada.  AGORACOM is playing a key role in providing new content for the site’s major redesign.  The significantly greater visibility benefits all of our clients.  Here’s a preview…

AGORACOM Sponsors 2009 Vancouver Cambridge Conference, Presents Web 2.0 Keynote

AGORACOM is once again a sponsor of the World Resource Investment Conference on at the Vancouver Convention Centre in Vancouver, BC on June 7th and 8th.  George Tsiolis and Peter Grandich will lead a workshop for investors that want to learn about tapping into the Web 2.0 investment knowledge stream. Traffic Rank Is Skyrocketing

Our new site, has climbed from an average traffic rank of approximately 530,000 over the last 3 months, all the way to 170,000 yesterday.  In investment terms, has absolutely smashed through it’s 90-day moving average and climbing fast.

We hope you found this edition of the AGORACOM Client Intelligence Report to be helpful.  If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us or your AGORACOM representative for further assistance.

Thank-you and have a great day.

Yours truly,

George Tsiolis, LL.B



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