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Northern Tiger Joins “AGORACOM 100″ With A Focus On The Rapidly Developing Dawson Range In Central Yukon

Posted by AGORACOM at 3:30 PM on Wednesday, February 24th, 2010


I’m very happy to announce that Northern Tiger Resources (NTR:TSXV) was added to the AGORACOM 100 today. Northern Tiger is a new Canadian-based resource exploration company focused on the rapidly developing Dawson Range gold-silver-copper mining district in the central Yukon.

The AGORACOM 100 is meant to be a filter that provides investors with an ability to separate the wheat from the chafe – and Northern Tiger is most definitely AGORACOM 100 material. The fact that Northern Tiger has chosen to make itself fully accessible via online investor relations and an electronic shareholder forum (all links below) tells you a lot about the company’s confidence.  You just don’t open yourself up to the public unless you believe in your story.  As such, I’m looking forward to sharing the company’s developments with you over the next 12 months and beyond.

Now, as a client of AGORACOM, assume I am horribly conflicted about the prospects for Northern Tiger and do your own due diligence.  To that end, I’ve provided you with a running start below.

Why Northern Tiger?

  1. Focus on the Yukon’s Dawson Range:
    • An underexplored part of the Tintina Gold Belt, which contains deposits such as Pogo, Fort Knox and Donlin Creek.
    • Immediate area is a favorable setting to host economic mineral deposits, as demonstrated by the Minto Mine (producing), the Carmacks Copper Project (being permitted) and the Casino Project (positive pre-feasibility study).
    • Improving infrastructure.
    • Settled land claims.
  2. Drilling success at Sonora Gulch, our principal project, continues to demonstrate the property’s gold potential.
  3. Exploration alliance with Capstone Mining Corp. provides us with broad range of exploration and development expertise.
  4. Management team has a broad range of exploration and public company expertise, including substantial experience in the Dawson Range.

Capstone Mining Corp. Exploration Alliance

Northern Tiger has an exploration alliance with Capstone Mining Corp.’s wholly owned subsidiary Minto Explorations Ltd. Capstone is the operator of the high grade copper-gold Minto Mine – the only operating hard rock mine in the Yukon.

The exploration alliance provides for:

  1. Cooperation on planning and executing exploration programs and long term strategies for the area.
  2. Sharing of proprietary technical expertise to assist project advancement.
  3. Access to Capstone’s infrastructure to facilitate exploration in the region.

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