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Archer Exploration – Campoona graphite deposit: Drilling update

Posted by AGORACOM-JC at 9:18 AM on Friday, March 23rd, 2012


  • Wide intercepts of graphite intersected in all seven holes drilled to date covering 500 metres of the estimated greater than 6km of strike of the deposit.
  • Visible flake component to the drill intercepts.
  • Graphite occurs as highly graphitic schist within graphitic gneiss.
  • The drilling reinforces the importance of Campoona as a high priority resource target.
  • Resource drilling is continuing.

The directors of Archer Exploration Limited (“Company“) are pleased to provide an update on the resource drill program at the Company’s 100% owned Campoona Graphite Project located approximately 12km north of the township of Cleve on Eyre Peninsula, South Australia.

On 15 March 2012 the Company announced that it had commenced a resource drilling program at Campoona. This drilling program was accelerated as a result of the discovery of visible flake graphite during the Company’s February drilling campaign. In the announcement of 15 March 2012 the Company reported wide intervals of exceptional grade graphite including:

  • 21m @ 15.0%C from 46m downhole in hole CSRC12_006.
  • 24m @ 10.4%C from 49m downhole, including 10m @ 16.7%C from 48m and 3m @ 13.9%C from 70m in hole CSRC12_003.

The current 2,000m RC and aircore resource drilling program at Campoona is designed to test the consistency of the graphite mineralisation along strike and to form the basis for subsequent infill drilling programmes designed to enable the estimation of a JORC Resource.

Drilling Completed to Date

The current Campoona drilling programme commenced on 14 March 2012 targeting outcropping graphite south of the historic Campoona graphite shaft. Graphite is observed at the surface over the 500m of strike and in places reaches more than 20m wide.

The summary of drill holes drilled in Campoona North is shown in Table 1. Drill holes CSRC12_008 – CSRC12_014 have been drilled since 14 March 2012.

Table 1. Campoona North Drill Hole Details

Hole ID Easting Northing RL Depth Dip Azimuth
CSRC12_006 637355 6289256 359 69 -60 130
CSRC12_007 637352 6289263 361 121 -60 130
CSRC12_008 637281 6289152 361 38 -60 110
CSRC12_009 637258 6289157 369 73 -60 110
CSRC12_010 637243 6289164 362 72 -60 110
CSRC12_011 637202 6289068 368 21 -60 110
CSRC12_012 637186 6289075 372 55 -60 100
CSRC12_013 637175 6289076 366 59 -60 100
CSRC12_014 637027 6288890 370 97 -60 110

All holes drilled in this current round of drilling (CSRC12_008 onwards) have intersected graphite including sections carrying visible flake.

Table 2. Campoona North Graphite Intercept Summary

Hole ID EOH(m) From(m) To(m) Graphite Interval(m)
CSRC12_008 38 0 31 31
CSRC12_009 73 0 67 67
CSRC12_010 72 24 67 43
CSRC12_011 21 0 10 10
CSRC12_012 55 0 35 35
CSRC12_013 59 20 55 35
CSRC12_014 97 75 90 15

Geological Observations

The current drilling indicates:

  • The Campoona graphite deposit dips steeply to the west.
  • The graphite unit shows strong correlation between drill holes in having a coarser graphite unit (about 10m true width) overlying finer grained graphite.
  • The graphite unit varies in width from 15m to greater than 25m.
  • The graphite footwall is marked by a thin hematite unit possibly reflecting a primary sulphide-rich sediment.
  • Graphite outcrops over the full 500m of strike drilled to date. The weathering seen in the pavement outcrop accentuates the flake component of the unit.

Figure 1. Drill hole location of Campoona Shaft holes.

Figure 1 shows the location of the holes drilled to date over the 500m of strike.

The next phase of drilling will include:

  • Additional drill holes to confirm graphite at holes 006 and 007.
  • Drilling to the north of the Campoona shaft.
  • Systematic drilling from the Campoona South outcrop to the Campoona shaft (a distance of 6kms) on 200m and 400m drill lines until the full strike of the deposit is covered.

The results of this phase of drilling will be used to design the Resource drill out.

Drill Results

Assay results for holes 008 to 013 are anticipated within a week.

For further information please contact:

Mr Greg EnglishChairman

Archer Exploration Limited

Tel: (08) 8272 3288

Mr Gerard AndersonManaging Director

Archer Exploration Limited

Tel: (08) 8272 3288

The exploration results reported herein, insofar as they relate to mineralisation, are based on information compiled by Mr. Wade Bollenhagen, Exploration Manager of Archer Exploration Limited. Mr. Bollenhagen is a Member of the Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy who has more than seventeen years experience in the field of activity being reported. Mr. Bollenhagen consents to the inclusion in the report of matters based on his information in the form and context in which it appears.


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