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WATCH: Season 2 Pre-Launch Of The Next Biggest Winner – Avalon Rare Metals, Zenyatta Ventures, Ventripoint Diagnostics and Lou Schizas

Posted by AGORACOM-JC at 4:00 PM on Friday, March 1st, 2013

George sits down with guest analyst, Lou Schizas.  As the lead equities analyst on BNN from 1999 – 2007, Lou analyzed over 16,000 stocks.

George says “When Lou talks, you should listen”

George starts off with Don Bubar, President and CEO of Avalon Rare Metals to discuss the company’s $1.2 BILLION Nechalacho Deposit, Canada’s most advanced development stage heavy rare earth rich deposit in the world (outside of China).

George then welcomes Barry Allan, Director of Zenyatta Ventures and Senior Mining Analyst of Mackie Research Capital where he heads the Equity Research Team.  Zenyatta Ventures is arguable the graphite darling of 2013 thanks to its discovery of vein type graphite.

Finally, George speaks with George Adams, CEO of Ventripoint Diagnostics.  The company has developed a new heart visualization system that is just as accurate as MRI and both faster and cheaper. More than just lip service, leading heart centres at Harvard, The Mayo Clinic and Baylor are depoloying Ventripoint diagnostics.

In the final roundtable segment, Lou Schizas applies his analyst skills to further drill down on the fundamentals of each guest company.  Don Bubar, who George has often called the most conservative junior resource executive he has ever known, says some remarkable things about Zenyatta Ventures!

3 Responses to “WATCH: Season 2 Pre-Launch Of The Next Biggest Winner – Avalon Rare Metals, Zenyatta Ventures, Ventripoint Diagnostics and Lou Schizas”

  1. AGORACOM says:

    Pam, thank-you!!

  2. Pamela Steeves says:

    GT and Co.

    Finally had time this morning to watch the first episode of The Next Biggest Winner! A very valuable show…thank-you. George as usual you are a great host. Have to say I loved Lou Schizas and hope you have him back during the season. His straight talk/reality check and ability to ask the tough questions of your panel was much appreciated. With Lou’s help, your audience has a clearer picture of the ‘bottom line’ and can determine for themselves a time horizon with regard to potential investment in the companies you feature.

    You have something truly important/special here George and should be very proud. I look forward to the next episode and want to thank-you once again for providing Agoracom members with the very best tools to make sound investment decisions. I appreciate your sharp eye for opportunity and your willingness to bring us into the loop.