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Small Cap Investor Mobile Visits To AGORACOM Jump 67% To 1,360,000 In 2016

Posted by AGORACOM at 2:00 AM on Monday, May 15th, 2017

Good morning to you all.  From the “I love traffic data” department, I’m happy to provide you with mobile data traffic to AGORACOM for the full year 2016  Here is a snapshot of the overall data, followed by my comments:



  • Mobile is skyrocketing. In 2015, we saw an 8.5% increase vs. 2014.  In 2016, we saw a 67% increase over 2015.
  • In 2015, mobile devices accounted for just under 21% of all visits to AGORACOM;  In 2016, that number jumped to 42%
  • 7.38 pages per visit – is a decrease of 11.72% compared to 2015. We are certain this drop can be pinned on the fact we delayed our mobile update, which made the experience less desirable.
  • 7min 29sec average duration per visit is extremely powerful by any measure … but compared to ourselves, that too is down 12.83% but we attribute that to our delayed mobile launch as well.


Apple is still dominating, with 58.2% of all traffic, while Android comes in at 34.2%.  Second, despite the explosion in tablet devices, access from the actual phones themselves still dominates the mobile device of choice for accessing AGORACOM.

For the “traditional” investors out there, Blackberry accounted for 4.2%, while Windows accounted for 2.7%.


We are looking for bigger numbers in 2017 thanks to trashing our iPhone app and the launch of our mobile friendly site that provides awesome access to all devices and operating systems.

AGORACOM Launches Leading Small Cap Mobile Site For All Devices and Operating Sytems

Posted by AGORACOM at 12:56 AM on Monday, May 15th, 2017

We are extremely happy to announce the launch of our kick-ass mobile site that now makes AGORACOM easily accessible from any mobile device.

In addition to this industry leading small cap mobile site, we’ve also incorporated incredible features that allow investors to customize the front page to get to their preferred news, posts and members as fast as possible.  Suffice it to say, no other small cap site on the planet can match AGORACOM Mobile.

More than just lip service, watch this screencast recorded directly from my mobile device.

AGORACOM Hits 50 Million Visits And 7 Million Users – 500 Million Page Views Imminent

Posted by AGORACOM at 11:49 AM on Saturday, March 4th, 2017

We are very proud to announce AGORACOM achieved two very big milestones on January 22, 2017, when we surpassed 50 Million Visits from 7 Million investors on AGORACOM.  We also expect to surpass 500 Million page views later this year.


These milestones are significant because they continue to demonstrate that AGORACOM is the primary home for serious small cap investors that want to discover their next great small cap investment. We don’t talk about large-caps, general economic news, indexes or Trump. Investors come to AGORACOM for just one thingsmall cap stocks.


AGORACOM small cap investors don’t just flip through pages, they invest a significant amount of time reading, studying and researching.  Here are the stats to support the amount of time investors spend on our site.

85.9% Of Traffic Is From Returning Investors
Investors Stay For An Average of 8mins 43secs Per Visit
Investors Read An Average of 9.6 Pages Per Visit

We attribute this research time to our philosophy of Quality over Quantity. We don’t allow profanity, bickering and nonsense found on other sites. We believe that driving away the crazies attracts smarter investors – and the numbers tell us we’re right.


Despite the fact small cap stock prices have recovered as predicted (in March 2016 we predicted 700 TSX Venture within 12 months), your cash is still invaluable and needed for operations, so how do you start raising awareness without breaking the bank?

The AGORACOM Cashless, Shares For Services Program is fully compliant under TSX Venture Policy 4.3 and has already been pre-approved by the CSE.  Highlights include:

• Shares are issued pro-rata over your 12 month contract;
 The number of shares issued is determined by your share price at each issuance. As your share price increases, the number of shares issued decreases;
Each issuance comes with customary 4-month hold periods. As such, AGORACOM is a shareholder for at least 16 months;
 $0 in cash gets you the full firepower of AGORACOM


Our massive audience + cashless and compliant program is a win-win. Just ask any of the 20 companies that are using the program today

Best Regards,
George Tsiolis, LL.B
Founder & President

416-496-0496 / 866-234-9934

AGORACOM 3.0 Launches Today!

Posted by AGORACOM at 11:54 AM on Thursday, November 17th, 2016


Dear Members, please be advised that we are switching over to the new site over the next 3-4 hours.  Different people will see the new AGORACOM at different intervals during this period.

We do not anticipate any disruption to your activity during this period except for the precise moment the switch is made for you. As such, if you are planning to post any long messages, please consider composing them in Word to eliminate any risk of losing your work.

Otherwise, we look forward to the launch.  Please review some of the highlights below and please visit throughout the day until the new site propagates for you.

AGORACOM 3.0 Launches TODAY!

We’re happy to announce the launch of AGORACOM 3.0 today. We’ve added fantastic new features to make your experience better than ever!

  • Mobile – Any smartphone, No Downloads, Just Surf!
  • Custom Home Page – A Finance First! You Decide Most Of The News and Information That Works Best For You!
  • Home Page Video – Playlist Of Our Most Recent Videos
  • Private Messaging + Ignore – They’re Back!
  • Speed – We Were Fast, We’re Going Faster!
  • Fresh New Design – Same Functionality, Fresh Look
  • More Coming – Look For New Stuff Early and Often!

“AGORACOM 3.0 Is The Best Ever.  It Will Further Increase Our Leadership As The Smartest and Cleanest Small Cap Community By Several Magnitudes Because We Listened To Our Members and Delivered.

We Thank Our Awesome Members For Contributing To and Beta Testing The New Site. No Other Finance Site Has This Kind Of Member Collaboration and That Gives Me More Pride Than Anything Else.”

– George Tsiolis, AGORACOM Founder 

Please read the full announcement here, look for the launch this week and please spread the word via your e-mail, forum and social networks.

AGORACOM 3.0 Launches This Week! Learn All About It.

Posted by AGORACOM at 9:27 AM on Sunday, November 13th, 2016


AGORACOM 3.0 Launches Next Week! Learn All About It.

 You Asked For It, You Got It!  AGORACOM Upgrades Site Based On Member Feedback 

“AGORACOM 3.0 Is The Best Ever.  It Will Further Increase Our Leadership As The Smartest and Cleanest Small Cap Community By Several Magnitudes Because We Listened To Our Members and Delivered.

We Thank Our Awesome Members For Contributing To and Beta Testing The New Site. No Other Finance Site Has This Kind Of Member Collaboration and That Gives Me More Pride Than Anything Else.”

– George Tsiolis, AGORACOM Founder 

I am very happy to announce that AGORACOM has undergone a significant upgrade and we are now preparing to launch AGORACOM 3.0 next week with some incredible features.

In keeping with our model of collaborating with, listening to and building the site for members, you will be happy to know that most of the upgrades are coming as a result of feedback and input from valuable members like you.

I want to thank you and all members for the time you take to provide suggestions, report bugs and tell us how to make your experience even better than it already it is.  Unlike other sites that build for the benefit of advertisers, AGORACOM has become “The Small-Cap Epicentre” by delivering tools that you need and request.

To this end, here is the list of upgrades you can expect to see rolling out next week:


The #1 thing we heard from members is the need to be able to access AGORACOM from their mobile phones. Our first attempt at an app was a good one but it had limitations and wasn’t accessible on every mobile device or platform (there are just too many!).

As such, you’ll be happy to know that AGORACOM is now mobile friendly and simply beautiful.  No apps, no downloads.  Just go to AGORACOM on your phone and you’re in.  Give it a try as soon as the new site is live next week.


The AGORACOM Home Page has always been a great source of information … but it was always populated with information that WE picked for you.  As good as we think we are, members told us it would be very valuable if the front page also contained daily information that was important specifically to them.  How could we say no?

Now, only one of the front page news tabs (“Latest News”) belongs to us, the rest belong to you as follows:

Upgrade - Front Tabs


You’re engaged in multiple important threads on multiple HUBS on AGORACOM but you don’t always have time to keep up with replies to each of them.  Now, you simply   any message(s) and all replies to them will be conveniently listed right on your front page.

This is especially helpful when you only have a few spare minutes and checking in from your mobile device.


AGORACOM Members have their favourite HUBS … but they also have favourite members that post great information on multiple HUBS. Until now, there was no easy way to keep track of those posts, especially if that member started posting on a new HUB.  Now, you simply  any member and their posts show up in your stream.


You have your favourite HUBS and love the discussion between members … but sometimes you just want to know if the companies themselves had something important to say via press release, interview, CEO post (YES, that is coming), etc.

Now, you simply   add them as a favourite HUB and their posts show up in your stream.


The very purpose of AGORACOM is to discover great new small cap companies and great members. Discovering companies was always easy thanks to our front page news, newsflash, banners, etc.  However, discovering great members usually only came from your favourite HUBS.

The “Top Members” tab will be populated by members that have achieved a points threshold and we believe posts great new content that members will benefit from.


AGORACOM CEO Interviews are renowned for being hard-hitting and informative because we don’t softball our guests.  To this end, you’ll be happy to know that our front page video player has been vastly improved with the addition of a playlist of our most recent interviews so that you can easily discover new companies that go Beyond The Press Release as we dive deep into their latest news.


These great features are back. Ignore was gone for too long and private messaging had to be taken offline earlier this year but they are both back and not going anywhere.


We’d love for you to spend every minute of your web time on AGORACOM but, hey, that’s just wishful thinking.  We know that both our members and non-members are developing networks on other sites as well, so we’ve made it easy to share your own posts and posts of other members.

In fact, we encourage it.  AGORACOM is regarded as the cleanest finance community on the planet, so sharing smart posts on other networks will only serve to help attract more great minds.  Look for these buttons  at the bottom of any post  and start sharing!!


AGORACOM always ranked amongst the fastest finance sites in the world … we just got waaaaay faster thanks to upgraded software and servers.


AGORACOM 2.0 received numerous awards and recognition for its design … but just like your spouse wants to renovate the house every few years, we needed a fresher look as well.  Don’t worry, we haven’t change the usability of the site, we just freshened it up.


There are a couple of cool items we couldn’t get ready for the launch but will be ready within a couple of weeks, so look out for these:


AGORACOM already provides higher ranking members with the ability to post charts and images.  Soon, they will also be able to embed YouTube videos.


The HUB Leader list on each HUB is an important feature that allows members to reach out to HUB Leaders for various important reasons.  One weakness in the feature was the list did not eliminate inactive HUB Leaders.  Problem solved.  Soon, the HUB Leaders list will hide inactives and only list active HUB Leaders.


We want to thank you again for helping make AGORACOM “The Small-Cap Epicentre.”  You can expect to see more subtle changes to the site in the months to keep providing you the cleanest, smartest, most valuable small-cap community on the planet.

As always, we welcome your feedback with respect to this update and look forward to further suggestions you have about making AGORACOM even better.

AGORACOM now serves as a great example to the entire financial industry of what can be achieved when an entire community works together in a cooperative and mutually beneficial manner.

Thanks and have a great day.


George, Jeff et al.

Mobile Devices Drive 816,000 Small-Cap Visits To AGORACOM In 2015

Posted by AGORACOM at 8:10 AM on Friday, May 13th, 2016

Good morning to you all.  From the “I love traffic data” department, I’m happy to provide you with mobile data traffic to AGORACOM for the full year 2015  Here is a snapshot of the overall data, followed by my comments:



  • All comparisons above are to 2014 – and man is mobile skyrocketing. That is a 8.5% increase vs. 2014.
  • Mobile devices accounted for just under 21% of all visits to AGORACOM in 2015.
  • 8.22 pages per visit – an increase of 22.92%tells me that investors have moved beyond basic skimming from their mobile devices and are relying on them as much as their PC’s and laptops.  The entire site average for 2014 was 6.69 pages per visit.
  • Average duration per visit, however, is far below non-mobile access to the site.  We’re going to fix that, see below.


Apple is dominating Android devices.  by 2.5:1 … that’s surprising.  Second, despite the explosion in tablet devices, access from the actual phones themselves still dominates the device of choice for accessing AGORACOM.  Third, I’m not surprised at the Blackberry numbers – but very surprised at the Windows numbers.

Here are the numbers:

  • 1st – Apple accounted for 63% of all mobile visits to AGORACOM in 2015, broken down as follows:
    • iPhone 508,165;
    • iPod 2,487;
  • 2nd – Android 25.32%
  • 3rd – Blackberry 7.26%
  • 4th – Windows 6.32%


As a result of what we’re seeing above, we’ve concluded that the best course of action in our mobile strategy is to go away from updating our App and focus on a mobile friendly version of AGORACOM.  Clearly, we have to give mobile users a better experience to extend their visit duration.  Look for this change to be implemented by end of Q3 of this year.



INVITATION: The Must See PDAC Event Of 2016 – World Premiere Of “Fire Starter” Extended Trailer

Posted by AGORACOM at 8:51 AM on Saturday, March 5th, 2016

LOGO - FireStarter - Small

The PDAC is the Super Bowl of the global mining industry.  It is the event that brings together everyone from explorers to miners, bankers and – the most important of all – investors, for the purposes of trying to discover the next great resource project.

Let me save you some time and tell you what investors in The Ring Of Fire already know … The Next Great Resource Find Is Already Here.

The Ring Of Fire is is home to an estimated $60 billion worth of mineral deposits … and it’s sitting in Northern Ontario just 1.200 Kilometers from Toronto.  Everyone agrees that the economic benefits to the industry, Ontario, Canada and The First Nations would span the next 100 years.

… And Yet … neither the two highest levels of government (Provincial + Federal), nor Bay Street have been able to coordinate the necessary framework, funding and First Nations agreements necessary to move the Ring Of Fire forward.

Why?  Are the hurdles simply insurmountable?  Or are the powers that be just waiting for the only two active companies in the Ring Of Fire – KWG Resources and Noront Resources to choke out and take it all for themselves?

We went to find out … and what you are going to discover will astound you.

Executive Producer Jamie Bailey traveled all over Ontario and interviewed people at the highest levels of Government, Industry, First Nations and Environmental Protection to discover the truth and expose it for everyone to see.  For YOU to see.  This is Fire Starter.

With the impending release of the documentary expected towards the end of April, Jamie Bailey along with Producers Maureen O’Mahoney and George Tsiolis invite you to watch the world premiere of the 10 minute extended trailer at PDAC, the details of which you will find below.

If you are an investor, mining executive, member of the First Nations, or a service provider to the mining industry and attending PDAC 2016, then this is the MUST SEE PDAC EVENT OF 2016. We hope to see you there and we kindly ask that you share this invite with your networks via e-mail and social media.


We are pleased to invite you to watch this preview at an Open House at KWG Resources offices during the PDAC as follows:

From 12 noon until 5 pm on Monday March 7th, Tuesday March 8th and Wednesday March 9th.

On Monday March 7th, Executive Producer Jamie Bailey will attend between 12 noon and 2 pm to introduce the initial showing and participate in a Q&A session with attendees.

Please join us at:
Suite 420
141 Adelaide Street West
(Southwest corner of York and Adelaide)

VIDEO: AGORACOM Predicts TSX Venture Small-Cap “Melt-Up”

Posted by AGORACOM at 10:11 AM on Wednesday, March 11th, 2015

It is no secret that Canadian small-cap companies have taken a massive beating in the last 4 years, falling from 2,500 to 650 or ~ 75%.  That is a brutal melt down and here is a visual:



Nobody escaped unscathed.  If you were lucky, you survived – barely.  The rest just died.  AGORACOM survived largely because we saw the oversupply and called it as far back as 2008 when I posted the following right here on this same blog”

“Let the fly by nights die, consolidate those with decent assets and let the superstars stand up on their own two feet.”

Our industry, however, didn’t learn our lesson and chose to keep the fly by nights going in the name and pursuit of greed.  Unfortunately, Mr. Market doesn’t like an oversupply of non-performing assets, so he chose to teach us the lesson by turning fly by nights into zombies.  For the record, I want to thank Tony Simon for quantifying the term … but have to give credit to our very own Chief Market Commentator, Allan Bary Labouchan, for first applying the term Zombies to the TSX Venture Walking Dead … watch this clip.


I’m calling it, right here, right now … the Canadian Small Cap Market is now entering a Melt UP Phase that will last for a minimum of 4 years. My call is based on the following:

  1. The Zombies may still be walking around but we all know who they are and they no longer pose a risk.
  2. Investors have ended the “mourning” phase and are now seeking new investments to build their future with.  This is supported by our traffic metrics clearly demonstrating investors are spending more time researching even while the TSXV bottomed out in 2014.
  3. The Buzz at PDAC was much more focused on making real deals and moves between the strong companies that survived the melt down.
  4. The survivors are trading at ridiculously cheap prices.
  5. The TSX Venture Exchange is starting to see healthy diversification via “real” companies from the tech and medical space.  I emphasize REAL because these companies have real products, customers and business plans.

More than just lip service, here is my video call.  If your small cap company is ready to take advantage of the multi-year melt up, be sure to get in contact with us to discuss our CASHLESS online programs!

TSXV MeltUpVideo


AGORACOM Launches Small Cap Marijuana Stocks Gateway For Investor Research

Posted by AGORACOM at 10:32 AM on Monday, March 17th, 2014

Good morning to you all.  As the Small Cap Medical Marijuana Stocks race enters its infancy “PotCom” … but sets to become the single fastest growing industry since DotCom, AGORACOM will once again establish itself as the starting point for investor research and moderated discussion.

We’ve already started the process by announcing the engagement of 3 leading small cap medical marijuana clients:

We’re now building on that foundation by launching the AGORACOM Small Cap Marijuana Stocks Gateway.  This is the research starting point for small cap marijuana stocks investors to begin their research.  We feel it is important to help investors given the fact that we have already seen – and expect to see many more – “pretenders” enter the space by simply issuing a press release with “medical marijuana” in it for no other reason than to get a quick bump in their share price.

Our gateway will only include real small cap medical marijuana companies that are truly engaged in the business and have taken active steps towards it.  In addition, the gateway goes beyond being a simple list by actively updating itself with relevant content from the industry.

Within a few weeks, this initiative will grow even further with a bigger presence and even greater content but – in the meantime – we believe this is a great starting point to discover real small cap marijuana stocks.

Click below to start your research and be sure to come back often!

Small Cap Marijuana Gateway

Start your small cap medical marijuana research in the AGORACOM Small Cap Medical Marijuana Stocks Gateway

Lakeland Resources, Prima Fluorspar and Puma Exploration Featured on Episode 15 of the Next Biggest Winner TV Show This Weekend

Posted by AGORACOM-JC at 11:40 AM on Thursday, October 17th, 2013

TORONTO, ONTARIO–(Oct. 17, 2013) – The Next Biggest Winner, a leading and nationally televised investment show focusing on small-cap and mid-cap companies, is pleased to announce Episode 15 will be airing across Canada this weekend.

Watch a sneak peek here!


Lakeland Resources Inc. (TSX VENTURE:LK)

Prima Fluorspar Corp. (TSX VENTURE:PF)

Puma Exploration (TSX VENTURE: PUM)

Roger Leschuk, Corporate Communications of Lakeland Resources Corp. joins us discuss the company’s 100%-owned Riou Lake Uranium Property located along the northern rim of the Athabasca Basin, home to some of the world’s largest and richest high-grade uranium deposits.

Tyler Lowes, Corporate Communications of Prima Fluorspar Corp. takes the stage to discuss the Liard Fluorspar Property which is an advanced stage exploration project, located along the Alaska Highway. The annual worldwide market for fluorspar is estimated at $2.4 billion. Experts project the market to Reach 5.94 Million Metric Tons by 2017.

Shawn Khunkhu, Corporate Development of Puma Exploration joins us to discuss the Nicholas-Denys Silver Project and Turgeon Copper Project in New Brunswick. The Nicholas-Denys property hosts 9 main deposits over a strike length of 10 kilometers.


We are proud to announce that UC Resources (TSX VENTURE:UC) and Pacific Potash (TSX VENTURE:PP) will serve as anchor sponsors for all 30 episodes of Season 2. Both companies appeared in Episode 4 and will also be appearing on future episodes.

In addition, Marketwired is the official Media Partner of The Next Biggest Winner and distributor of this press release.


Season 2 promises to be even better than Season 1 with the addition of our new host, George Tsiolis. As the Founder of George brings his significant knowledge and experience of small-cap markets to the show, insuring robust interviews and information for the benefit of our viewing audience.

Tsiolis stated “The Next Biggest Winner fills a significant void in Canadian Business Media by strictly focusing on emerging companies capable of becoming The Next Biggest Winner. Show creators Jamie Bailey and Metaphoria Productions smartly recognized there is no other nationally televised show of its kind and now provide small cap companies and investors everywhere with a great platform to connect. The production quality in our state of the art studio is second to none. I’m proud to be a Co-Producer for Season 2 and beyond!”


The show airs nationally on television via iChannel in prime time as follows:

WHEN: Saturday October 19h 7:30 PM EST (Also 8:30 AM & 3:30 AM)
Sunday October 20th 6:30PM EST (Also 7:30 AM & 2:30 AM)
WHERE: iChannel (See listing below or check iChannel for your local area)
Bell Channel 514 Across Canada
Cogeco Channel 136 in Ontario and Quebec
MTS TV Channel 282 in Manitoba
Rogers Channel 197 in Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick
Shaw Cable Channel 110 in BC / Channel 95 Everywhere Else
Shaw Direct Channel 593 (Classic) Channel 222 (Direct)
Source Cable Channel 174 Ontario
Telus TV Not Available Yet
Videotron Channel 146 in Quebec

About The Next Biggest Winner

The Next Biggest Winner is a television interview series for Canadian investors dedicated to identifying companies poised for growth. If your company believes it is The Next Biggest Winner and would like to appear on the show, please contact us below.

To watch a sneak peek of this episode, as well as, previous full episodes click here.

Contact Information


Metaphoria Productions
Jamie Bailey
Creator and Producer