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VIDEO – Intema Solutions (ITM:TSXV) An Emerging Esports and iGaming Company Is Creating an Esports Adventure Like No Other

Posted by AGORACOM-JC at 4:13 PM on Tuesday, August 3rd, 2021
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Intema Solutions (ITM:TSXV) an emerging esports and iGaming company  that is creating an Esports adventure like no other ….  Create the world’s foremost esports and iGaming ecosystem. 

The global online gambling market could potentially hit $1 TRILLION by the end of this decade.  The  obvious reasons include the following:

  • Exponential growth in the number of people online.  Yet only 59% of the world means more to come. 
  • Fast growth in the number of countries and jurisdictions legalizing gambling to collect tax revenue.

Esports was already the fastest growing sub-sector of digital entertainment, and Covid 19 has only accelerated this trend.

  • Biggest brands/tournament prizes / online audiences in the world … 500M +
  • The International Olympic Committee has recognized esports as a sport, and it will be a medal event at the 2022 Asian Games

Despite the vast amount of viewers, esports is still dramatically under-monetized relative to traditional sports. ITM believes wagering will play a major role in helping monetize this ever evolving platform.

Now sit back, relax and watch this powerful interview.

The Roundup – @Novamind_Inc $ $NVMDF $ $MMED $ $ $CMPS $

Posted by AGORACOM-JC at 8:17 AM on Saturday, July 31st, 2021

A weekly summary of Novamind news and media, including the announcement of the opening of our fifth location in Draper, Utah.

OPINION July 27, 2021

The Art and Science of Psychedelic Trip-Sitting

In this episode of the Psychedelic Therapy Frontiers podcast, Dr. Reid Robison, Dr. Steve Thayer, and Derick Moody, discuss the art and science of psychedelic trip-sitting.

Visit us at to learn more, subscribe and catch up on previous episodes you may have missed.

FEATURES July 28, 2021

Potential for Exponential Increase in Healing

Gaining insurance coverage for off-label ketamine treatment of depression could help exponentially more people in their healing journeys. Off-label medicine isn’t covered by insurance.

“Our health care system does acknowledge and allow us to use medicines off-label. Probably 20 percent or more of all prescriptions are given that way.” – Novamind Chief Medical Officer Dr. Reid Robison

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Novamind Opens 5th Location Specialized in Integrative Psychiatry for Patients with Treatment-Resistant Conditions

We are pleased to announce the completed the construction of a new clinic focused on integrative psychiatric care and clinical research in Draper, Utah. With the opening of the New Clinic, Novamind is on track to open four new locations in Utah by September 2021, doubling the size of its network to eight clinics.

“We are on a mission to reduce suffering and optimize wellness and are committed to shaping the future of psychedelic medicine in a responsible and accessible way,” said Dr. Reid Robison, Novamind’s Chief Medical Officer.

July 29, 2021

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Back to the future: Psychedelic drugs in psychiatry

In an article for Harvard Health, Peter Grinspoon, MD, covers how psychedelics work, evidence for using psychedelics medicinally and the pros and cons. It’s an interesting read given his personal history with psychedelics, which dates back to when he was 14 and reading “Psychedelic Drugs Reconsidered.” He remembers the book urging “an open-minded reappraisal about the therapeutic potential of this class of drugs.” Anyone involved in psychedelics knows that not all conversations on the topic are open-minded. It’s why part of the mission to provide safe, legal access to psychedelics also includes an educational component. The more we can destigmatize psychedelics, the faster we can continue to push the renaissance forward. 

Psychedelic trips could soon be part of therapy — here’s what those sessions will look like

Have you ever wondered what psychedelic therapy looks like? This article provides an insight into that process. “You don’t just get thrown into it,” (Jennifer) Mitchell says. “It’s not Burning Man or something. It’s very thoughtful.” And it’s something we take very seriously at our Cedar Psychiatry clinics. We recently posted a blog about psychedelics and safety considerations. Read it here.

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For further information, contact:

Bill Mitoulas
Investor Relations
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VIDEO: Candente Copper $ Executing The Strategy To Develop The 7.5B Pound Canariaco Deposit $ $ $FSUGY $

Posted by AGORACOM-Eric at 4:18 PM on Thursday, July 29th, 2021

TSX listed Candente Copper owns Canariaco Norte, a large, economic copper deposit in Peru that continues to advance technically and economically.

Cañariaco is a 100% owned feasibility-stage porphyry copper deposit containing 7.5B pounds Measured and Indicated and can be mined for 22 years once in production. Oh, and Canariaco Norte is in the lowest quartile of production costs for projects waiting to be developed at around 0.98c per pound of copper. If that doesn’t have your attention, Goldman Sachs has it ranked as one of the top 80 projects waiting to be developed worldwide.

This is a deposit itching to become a mine and Candente continues to advance the project forward with studies evaluating various methodologies to reduce CAPEX with multiple scenarios that support developing Canariaco closer to a production scenario.

With the price of copper firmly above $4 dollars, the economics supporting Canariaco going into production only gets stronger.

Watch this great interview with Candente CEO Joanne Freeze as she explains how Candente can accelerate the development of Canariaco through the various studies that support a production scenario.

VIDEO – Peak Fintech (PKK : CSE) Expects $104M in Revenue and $5.6M in Earnings for 2021, Find Out Why

Posted by AGORACOM-JC at 4:07 PM on Thursday, July 29th, 2021
Peak Fintech Group (@PEAK_Fintech) | Twitter

How do you connect over 100M small businesses in China who need access to different kinds of credit …. with 1000’s of banks and lending institutions that have different lending criteria?

Well, if you try to do it the old fashioned way, you just can’t.  This forces SMB’s (small and medium businesses) and lenders to deal within local markets, which drastically reduces alternatives, competition and ultimately business …. while leaving both sides with a daunting, slow and inefficient manual workload. 


The Peak Fintech Lending Hub uses Artificial Intelligence and analytics to fully automate the process by which lenders and borrowers connect quickly and match perfectly across several market verticals.

The Lending Hub ecosystem helped facilitate approximately CAD$2.24B worth of transactions since 2018, with approximately 31 000 SMEs in the ecosystem

When CEO Johnson Joseph says this AI-Powered platform is revolutionizing the Chinese SMB commercial lending ecosystem, it isn’t just lip service … Peak Fintech is delivering results:

Q1 Financial Highlights:

  • Total revenue of $14,239,776
  • Adjusted EBITDA* of $121,737

Revenue Projections:

  • $105 MILLION Revenue Projected This Year
  • $305M 2022
  • $625M 2023 


  • NASDAQ within 3 weeks
  • M&A + ⏫ $$ Revisions

Watch this powerful interview with Peak Fintech CEO Johnson Joseph.

VIDEO: Fabled Silver Gold $FCO $FBSGF Increase Drill Program Beyond 14,000m with New High Grade Gold Discovery in Mexico $FCO $FBSGF $RDU $KTN $GMBXF $EDR

Posted by AGORACOM-Eric at 4:36 PM on Wednesday, July 28th, 2021
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Fabled Silver Gold (TSXV:FCO ) (OTCQB: FBSGF) controls 100% of the Santa Maria mine gold and silver property in Mexico. It is a high grade silver gold property that is situated right in the middle of the Mexican Epithermal silver gold belt that has reportedly produced more silver than any other equivalent area in the entire planet.

To say it’s a mining friendly jurisdiction is an understatement.

Multiple major operators are in the vicinity and it’s already got a silver equivalent 43-101 of 3.2m ounces, but is looking to add to that significantly with recent intercepts of 2269 g/t silver.

That is not a typo, in other words it is also 2.269 kilos AgEq or 72 troy ounce. Just recently, Fabled encountered a new, previously unknown gold zone with the discovery of a high grade gold system with values up 10.85 g/t Au within 30.7m grading 161.09 Ag Eq, and the latest assays show 22 g/t gold in a discovery that increases the mineralization beyond known areas, and is open in all directions.   Fabled is moving from high grade silver into a more gold rich environment that includes silver

This quote from Peter J. Hawley, CEO and President describes the discovery:

……“ ‘As a result of discovering this new gold domain system, and ongoing interpretation of structural controls, assays results to date, and visual examination of recently drilled holes we have immediately expanded the present drilling by 5,000 meters, to a total of 14,200 meters. This will ensure that we have significant meterage to properly evaluate this gold discovery.’……..” we continue to define a new, never discovered high grade gold mineral domain system, with silver credits, over consistent widths in an area never explored, and which remains open to the west and at depth, plunging 45 degrees to the west and open in all directions for expansion.

Fabled is intent on proving Santa Maria is bigger and of potentially higher grade than the market understands and is well on its way as the deposit appears to be developing at depth into a dominant high grade gold system.

Sit back and enjoy as Peter Hawley President & CEO explains the importance of increasing the drill program beyond 14,000m and how expanding exploration will continue to yield discoveries.

VIDEO – AI/ML Innovations $AIML $AIMLF taps Tech2Health to expand in Digital Mental Health & Wellness Market $ $ $

Posted by AGORACOM-AB at 2:31 PM on Wednesday, July 28th, 2021
AI/ML Innovations Inc.

AI/ML Innovations is capitalizing on the burgeoning areas of artificial intelligence (AI), cloud computing and machine learning (ML), with an initial focus on emerging companies in the digital healthcare space.

Its key subsidiary, Health Gauge, is a leading digital health solutions provider that’s disrupting the traditional healthcare industry by providing AI innovations and services that improve health outcomes, while at the same time reducing costs and stresses on the overburdened healthcare infrastructure.

Its patent-pending solution is a bespoke personal health monitoring and management system, combining the latest wearable health monitors with sophisticated software tools.

Health Gauge provides for a secure and trusted means for clients to engage clinical resources and health coaching as a regular part of their care process and ongoing health management. Its robust, real-time data capture capability provides fast feedback, resulting in better recovery outcomes and healthy living objectives through the ability to make immediate and better health choices.

In addition to Health Gauge, AI/ML also has a strategic partner in Tech2Health, a France-based global provider of proprietary digital mental health and wellness products.

Earlier this month, Tech2Health announced that it had entered into commercial contracts with three companies to provide digital mental health services to their employees and insured members. Based on the number of individuals covered and standard industry usage rates, Tech2Health estimates that these contracts may potentially generate an aggregate total of US$5 million of revenue over the 3-year life of the contracts.

AI/ML has a binding Letter of Intent to acquire a 70% undivided interest in the North American rights to Tech2Health’s complete portfolio of products and brands, in addition to a 22.22% equity interest in Tech2Health’s global operations.

We caught up with Tim Daniels, AI/ML’s Executive Chairman, for an overview of the partnership…

VIDEO: Xali Gold $XGC: Leveraging Mexican Gold Assets To Develop Cash Flow for Flagship Property $FMG $MEX $AGI $DSV

Posted by AGORACOM-Eric at 4:26 PM on Tuesday, July 27th, 2021

Xali Gold ( XGC:TSXV ) has assembled a Western Mexico project portfolio of gold assets and have developed a strategy for organic growth to exploit its Flagship Gold Project El Oro, a prolific high-grade gold-silver epithermal vein system.

Xali has acquired gold and silver projects with near surface exploration potential & near-term production potential:

El Dorado Gold-Silver Project:

Rights to the El Dorado gold and silver historic mines was the initial step in this strategy, providing Xali the right to explore and produce gold, silver and other metals for life of mine.

Cocula Gold Project: profit-sharing agreement

  • Near term, low cost production potential by leaching and/or flotation
  • Retain 70% of profits
  • Recent drill targets Identified

Acquisition of the “SDA” Plant:

The SDA Mill is a fully operational flotation plant which also includes a precious metals leach circuit – Merrill Crowe system and associated assets, licenses and agreements, suitable for treating high grade gold and silver mineralization.

These assets are being positioned to create cash flow to develop Flagship El Oro Gold District where the primary focus is the past producing San Rafael Vein; 2.4km strike of high-grade Epithermal veins.

The project covers 20 veins with past production and more than 57 veins in total and approximately 6.4 million ounces of gold and 74 million ounces of silver were reported to have been produced from just two of these veins. Historical Average grades: 10-12 g/t gold & 120-160 g/t silver

  • Xali has identified 31 exploration targets

Flooding in one section of the San Rafael vein in 1929 resulted in the other two sections flooding and work ceasing abruptly and unexpectedly. El Oro was not mined out.
The financial benefits from Western Mexico operations will translate across platforms to strengthen the Company’s efforts to explore and potentially mine areas demonstrated to contain mineralization of value

The Roundup – @Novamind_Inc $ $NVMDF $ $MMED $ $ $CMPS $

Posted by AGORACOM-JC at 9:10 AM on Saturday, July 17th, 2021

A weekly summary of Novamind news and media, including the announcement of Novamind’s selection as a research site for Bionomics’ PTSD clinical trial.

OPINION July 7, 2021

Is the Mystical Experience Necessary for Psychedelic Healing?

In this episode of the Psychedelic Therapy Frontiers podcast, Dr. Reid Robison, Dr. Steve Thayer, and Derick Moody, PA-C discuss whether or not the mystical experience caused by many psychedelic medicines is a necessary factor for the healing they promote.

FEATURES July 7, 2021

The Future of Ketamine

Microdose covers ketamine’s history as an off-label treatment for depression, the FDA approval of Spravatoᵀᴹ (esketamine) and what the future looks like for these drugs. CEO Yaron Conforti and CMO Dr. Reid Robison were both interviewed for the article.

“Cost and accessibility are universal challenges we face in our healthcare system, and these will also apply to psilocybin, MDMA, and nearly every drug that comes to market, at least during the initial years of patent exclusivity,” said Robison.

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Novamind Selected as Research Site for Bionomics’ PTSD Clinical Trial

We are pleased to announce that our wholly owned subsidiary, Cedar Clinical Research has been selected as a research site for a study titled “A phase IIb, randomized, double blind, two arm study to investigate the effects of BNC210 tablet formulation compared to placebo in adults with post-traumatic stress disorder”.

“This clinical trial leverages CCR’s established track record studying novel treatments for PTSD and other difficult to treat mental health conditions.” said Dr. Reid Robison, Chief Medical Officer of Novamind.

July 8, 2021

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Psychedelic Drug Psilocybin “Magic Mushrooms” Spurs Growth of Neural Connections Lost in Depression

Larger and stronger neural connections. According to new research out of Yale, it’s all about the increased density of dendritic spines. “Small protrusions found on nerve cells which aid in the transmission of information between neurons. Chronic stress and depression are known to reduce the number of these neuronal connections.” If psilocybin can create larger and stronger neural connections, the potential for treating depression and creating lasting change improves significantly. 

Can LSD Treat Food Allergies? We Don’t Know, But It’s Already Been Patented

While “there have been no research studies in humans showing that LSD can treat allergies of any kind” one patent application hopes that one day LSD will be able to treat food allergies. The article references a story about a claim (not research- or evidence-based) that LSD cured a lifelong cat allergy and goes into more detail about the patent process and what might stand in the way of this one getting approved. “It’s based on luck.” And it’s another entrant to the race to patent psychedelics.

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For further information, contact:

Bill Mitoulas
Investor Relations
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VIDEO – With $17M In Profitable Cannabis Revenues Already, The Latest Kiaro Acquisitions Are Expected To Create $43M In Revenue & $13.7M Gross Profit

Posted by AGORACOM-JC at 4:54 PM on Friday, July 16th, 2021
Kiaro holdings corp  kiaro completes kelowna cannabis retail loc

Kiaro Holdings is an multi-channel cannabis retailer and distributor with existing storefronts across British Columbia , Saskatchewan and Ontario, a wholesale distribution servicing Saskatchewan and ecommerce sites in Canada , the US and Australia, which have resulted in the following:

  • ANNUAL REVENUE              $17.1M Up 230%
  • ANNUAL GROSS PROFIT     $5.1M Up 281%  
  • Q1 REVENUE                          $5.2M Up 94%
  • Q1 GROSS PROFIT                 $1.56M Up 118%

But CEO Daniel Petrov and his team of retail winners aren’t stopping there. On July 13th, $KO announced  Kiaro Acquires Hemisphere Cannabis and Adds 7 Retail and 2 Development Locations in Ontario To Become a Prominent National Cannabis Retailer with Forecasted Annual Revenues of $42.7 Million.

If you believe in the long-term future of the cannabis market, then you have to discover KIARO by watching our first ever interview with CEO Daniel Petrov.

VIDEO – FOBI AI Anticipated Major Deals, Revenues and Partnerships In 2021 Set The Table For Uplisting To Major Exchange By Q4

Posted by AGORACOM-JC at 4:10 PM on Friday, July 16th, 2021
Fobi AI Inc.

FOBI AI is a global leader in providing real-time data analytics through artificial intelligence to drive customer activation and engagement for enterprise level retailers. 

More than just lip service, these are just a sample of the major milestones reached by $FOBI over the past 9 months: 

  • Strategic Alliance with global data leader – NeilsonIQ – to “Transform Retail Sector”
  • A partnership with NTT DATA, a top-ranked global IoT services company, and subsidiary of Nippon Telegraph and Telephone, the world’s 4th largest telecom company, ranked 55th In Fortune Global 500. 
  •  Approved for Oracle Partner Network
  • Pilot Projects with Sobeys, TELUS, Certas and other national level retailers
  • Multi-Year Direct Seller Agreement With TELUS, in which TELUS resells FOBI solutions to national business customers
  • …. and so much more

Earlier today, $FOBI announced a Corporate Update Includes Completion Of Several Pilot Tests Now In Advanced Terms Negotiations, $10.42M in Funding And Uplist To Major Exchange.

Investors who were excited by the announcement may have even further cause to celebrate following this interview with CEO Rob Anson.