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Fabled Copper Corp: Unveiling a New Era of Exploration on the Muskwa Copper Project

Posted by Brittany McNabb at 10:20 AM on Tuesday, November 28th, 2023


In the dynamic landscape of copper exploration, Fabled Copper Corp. emerges as a transformative force, breaking new ground on the Muskwa Copper Project. Today, the company proudly announces the reception of its Mines Act Permit, a pivotal milestone unlocking a two-year drilling endeavor across the Neil, Toro, and Bronson properties in northern British Columbia.

Background and Context:

Founded on a commitment to excellence, Fabled Copper Corp. has a rich history woven with successful explorations and unwavering dedication to responsible mining practices. The Muskwa Copper Project, comprising the Neil, Toro, and Bronson properties, has been granted the drilling permit, with the Davis Keays Eagle Vein area taking precedence. This marks the dawn of a groundbreaking chapter in the company’s legacy.

Key Highlights and Advantages:

First-ever Surface Drilling on Eagle Vein:

Fabled Copper Corp. embarks on an unprecedented journey with a helicopter-supported diamond drill program spanning 3,000 to 5,000 meters on the Davis Keays Eagle Vein. The magnitude of this endeavor is underscored by its historic nature, representing the inaugural surface drilling in the Eagle Vein area.

Precision Redefining Exploration:

Fabled Copper Corp.’s approach is not just about reaching the Eagle Vein; it’s about reshaping the understanding of the ore body. With cutting-edge technology ensuring a target accuracy of 3 cms, the company anticipates not just intercepting the Eagle Vein but unraveling a network of copper-bearing veins, potentially reshaping the future of the project.

Extending Reserves and Exploring Depths:

Building upon the legacy of the 1990 Feasibility Report, Fabled Copper Corp. aims to extend the known reserves below the 5,800-foot level. The potential of parallel veins, discovered during the 2022 work program, adds a layer of excitement to the prospect of uncovering new copper-rich domains.

Potential Impact and Significance:

The issuance of the Mines Act Permit is more than a regulatory approval; it’s a catalyst for potential game-changing discoveries. As Fabled Copper Corp. envisions the intersections of multiple copper-bearing veins, the reverberations extend beyond the company, influencing the industry’s outlook and investor sentiment.

Expert Opinions and Analysis:

Peter Hawley, President, CEO of Fabled Copper Corp., expresses the company’s enthusiasm, stating, “We are very excited to finally receive our long-awaited drill permit.” Industry analysts echo this sentiment, recognizing the strategic importance of the Muskwa Copper Project in an era where copper’s value is paramount.

Challenges and Considerations:

While the prospects are exhilarating, challenges and considerations are inherent. Fabled Copper Corp. acknowledges the need for funding to materialize this ambitious drill program. The company’s transparent approach to addressing challenges reflects a commitment to prudent financial management.


In the heart of the Muskwa Copper Project, Fabled Copper Corp. is not merely exploring; it is pioneering a new era of copper exploration. The Mines Act Permit opens doors to possibilities that transcend conventional boundaries. As the company ventures into uncharted territories, investors are invited to witness the unfolding narrative of discovery and innovation. Fabled Copper Corp.’s commitment to responsible stewardship and its relentless pursuit of excellence make it a beacon in the evolving story of copper exploration.

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FABL Copper Corp’s Strategic Rise Amidst the Copper Renaissance

Posted by Brittany McNabb at 9:05 AM on Wednesday, November 15th, 2023


In a world increasingly dependent on digital infrastructure, the recent surge in copper’s demand, as outlined in Visual Capitalist’s insightful macro-level article, paints an optimistic picture for the industry. Amidst this renaissance, FABL Copper Corp stands tall, aligning seamlessly with the trends shaping the copper landscape. This Industry Bulletin delves into the copper industry’s positive trajectory and how FABL Copper Corp strategically positions itself within this narrative, drawing on its transformative milestones.

Industry Outlook and FABL Copper Corp Trajectory:

The macro-level article highlights the indispensable role of copper in powering data centers, a cornerstone of the digital age. FABL Copper Corp, recognizing this trajectory, is strategically positioned to ride this wave. As demand for copper soars, FABL’s foresight and robust operations position the company as a key player in meeting this increasing need.

FABL Copper Corp’s Highlights:

Reported 23.40% Copper on South Extension of Eagle Creek Copper Occurrence

In a groundbreaking achievement, FABL Copper Corp unveiled a staggering 23.40% copper on the South Extension of the Eagle Creek Copper Occurrence. This is not just a numerical feat but a testament to FABL’s exploration prowess and the richness of its copper deposits. Not to mention reconfirming 300M lbs copper outline on eagle vein, open at depth.

Successful Exploration On 3 Copper Assets

FABL Copper Corp doesn’t merely explore; it succeeds. The company’s triumphant exploration across three copper assets reinforces its commitment to uncovering new opportunities and expanding its footprint in the copper market.

Changing How Deposits & Discoveries Are Delineated

FABL Copper Corp isn’t just mining copper; it’s transforming the very process of delineating deposits and discoveries. Through innovation and a commitment to excellence, FABL is reshaping industry standards, setting a precedent for how future exploration endeavors will unfold.

Real-world Relevance:

FABL Copper Corp’s contributions translate into real-world impacts. Analogies and examples familiar to the lay investor showcase how FABL’s endeavors are not just about mining copper; they are about driving advancements that touch everyday lives, establishing the company as a linchpin in the broader industry narrative.

Looking Ahead with FABL Copper Corp:

As the industry anticipates unprecedented growth, FABL Copper Corp’s forward-looking goals align seamlessly with this optimism. The company’s strategic vision encompasses not only meeting current demands but pioneering innovations that will define the copper landscape of tomorrow. Investors looking toward the future of copper should undoubtedly have FABL Copper Corp on their radar.

In a landscape where copper takes center stage, FABL Copper Corp emerges not just as a participant but as a compelling protagonist. The company’s strategic alignment with industry trends, coupled with its transformative achievements, makes FABL a beacon in the copper renaissance. This Industry Bulletin invites prospective investors to delve deeper into FABL Copper Corp, a promising entity set to leave an indelible mark on the dynamic world of copper.




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Fabled Copper’s OHM Property Discovery Unveils Exciting Lithium Prospects

Posted by Brittany McNabb at 8:48 AM on Wednesday, September 20th, 2023

In a recent development, Fabled Copper Corp. (CSE:FABL)(FSE:XZ7) has revealed the promising results of its first-phase sampling program on the OHM Property, situated in the resource-rich region of Quebec. This news is sparking interest among investors and industry enthusiasts as the company unveils a wealth of untapped potential.

Uncovering the OHM Property

The OHM Property, a vast expanse covering 2,856 hectares approximately 70 kilometers south of Val D’Or, has long remained under the radar. However, Fabled Copper’s groundbreaking exploration has shed light on this hidden treasure trove. The property’s strategic location, with easy access via route 117 and forestry roads 43 and 44, coupled with excellent outcrop visibility due to extensive logging, makes it an enticing prospect.

Pioneering Exploration

In late July 2023, following a forest fire-induced hiatus, Fabled Copper initiated its exploration sampling program with several key objectives in mind:

  • Assess accessibility and field conditions.
  • Identify the presence of pegmatites across the property.
  • Determine whether these pegmatites are boulders, glacial trains, or in situ outcrops.
  • Analyze the characteristics of discovered pegmatite boulders.
  • Investigate the presence of lithium and associated minerals within these boulders.
  • Decide on the viability of further exploration endeavors.

Discovering Lithium Potential

Over the course of a week in July, Fabled Copper collected 19 samples, covering an impressive 8 kilometers by 2 kilometers area of the property. These samples included a variety of angular and rounded pegmatite boulders. Notably, the central region of the property exhibited pegmatite outcroppings of undetermined dimensions.

Detailed geologic observations revealed a fascinating composition of pegmatites across various sectors, with crystal sizes of associated minerals hinting at low-temperature crystallization. Furthermore, the central area displayed promising K/Rb ratios and elevated lithium and cesium levels, indicators of lithium fertility.

The Path Forward

Fabled Copper’s initial success is just the beginning. With hundreds of pegmatite boulders yet to be sampled, unexplored outcroppings, and substantial data from Quebec’s Ministere des Ressources naturelles et des Forets SIGEOM database, the company is gearing up for a Second Phase Exploration Program. This phase will involve comprehensive data analysis, detailed sampling, structural mapping, and more, underscoring Fabled Copper’s commitment to unlocking the OHM Property’s full potential.

Read Release:

VIDEO: Fabled Copper $FABL Meeting The Future Demand For Copper By Making Discoveries Today

Posted by AGORACOM at 4:35 PM on Wednesday, January 5th, 2022


The World Needs Copper: Global Copper Consumption Outstripping Supply

“A new energy vehicle (EV) needs 80kg of Copper compared with 23kg in an internal combustion engine vehicle” Kitco

Demand for Copper is projected to rise by 5% yearly, outstripping supply which is projected to increase by 2.3% yearly

This is why brand new Fabled Copper’s mandate is to explore and define high level and high-grade copper resources in Northern BC. ( which also happens to be a tier one exploration jurisdiction). Their main focus is the Muskwa property with a high grade mining history containing a minimum of 22 documented copper occurrences of which 4 are defined deposits with historical reserves and resources.

Fabled is taking an aggressive exploration approach and are already outlining a drill program for the 22 field season.

Here are some of the documented copper occurrences in 3 separate claim blocks (Neil, Toro, Bronson) and you can see why Fabled is intent on taking a aggressive approach to exploration and development. The project boast highgrade copper and lots of it.

Neil: 10 Copper occurrences with the Neil vein 19 metres wide, visible for more than 1,000 metres vertically & has assayed 10.2% copper over 3.0 metres

Davis-Keays: Historical Indicated reserve *of 3.7 million tons at 2.5% Copper cut-off grade or an estimated 1.4million tons at 3.42% Copper

Toro-Churchill: – sampling returned 8.8% copper over a width of 19 meters and strike length of 133 meters

Magnum Vein: developed and mined from 1970 to 1974 milling 549,000 tons grading 3.00 % Copper – stopped due to low copper prices

And if that doesn’t help identify the discovery opportunity, have a look at the combined experience amongst the management team, over 200 years’ combined exploration experience; and with that comes knowledge, lots of it. They are using their experience with cutting edge technologies to exploit the significant exploration upside. The use of drones has been prevalent throughout the 2021 exploration program and combined with the use of LIDAR and modern geophysics, the team plans on using the information gained to lead a very aggressive 2022 program that will include drilling.

At a time when Copper is breaking out and trending within the 4.20 to 4.80 price range; up over 100% since early 2020, Fabled shareholders received a generous Christmas present from Peter Hawley, President & CEO as the company embarks on delivering the Copper supply needed for the needs of tomorrow.

Sit back and enjoy this fantastic video as Peter walks us through the next emerging Copper growth story of 2022 and beyond.

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