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VIDEO – Delic Owns The Largest Profitable Chain Of Psychedelics Clinics In America – And Is Targeting Hundreds Of Locations Thanks To Patient Acceptance, Legislation And Insurance Support

Posted by Brittany McNabb at 5:51 PM on Thursday, October 20th, 2022

To understand Delic Holdings $DELC $DELCF you first must understand that Psychedelics are going to go through a parabolic, paradigm shifting growth cycle in the next 5 years because of their ability to treat anxiety, depression & other mental illnesses – which have proven to be far superior to traditional pharmaceuticals.  Just look at these numbers:

Response to Ketamine Treatment of Depressive Disorders:

• 80+ % Effective with Bipolar and Depression 

• 76+ % Effective with Major Depressive Disorders

• 65+ % Effective with Depression with PTSD and Anxiety 

• 50+ %  Effective with Borderline Personality Disorder

Compare these to 63% of Americans who have used Rx drugs to treat anxiety, depression and PTSD but say they still have symptoms. 

As incredible as these results are, both $DELC and Psychedelics couldn’t be coming along at a better time given the fact that Mental Health problems are getting exponentially worse after COVID, with 51.5M people in the U.S. having experienced a mental health condition


$DELC is the largest profitable chain of psychedelics clinics in the United States with 13 locations across 9 states – and 15 more locations coming in the next 18 months

How big is Delic?  The Company’s Ketamine Wellness Centers will serve more patients than any other ketamine therapy provider this year.  Other highlights include:

• $9m+ Revenue Run Rate & EBITDA Positive

• 2021 increase net assets to $10M+ from $2.1M in 2020

• Well capitalized to grow organically and via M&A as industry grows


$DELC Co-Founder and Executive Chairman, Matt Stang isn’t resting on the Company’s leadership laurels and has set his sights on hundreds of clinics in the coming 5 years thanks to:

• Consumer Acceptance – The Public Is Fully Embracing Psychedelics

• Friendly Legislation –  Legalization Of MDMA & Psilocybin Treatments Is Coming

• Insurance Coverage – The Insurance Industry Is Increasingly Covering Psychedelics Treatments

To this end, Stang points to the Company’s most recent announcements as support for his growth target:

Ketamine Wellness Centers (KWC) Expands Insurance Coverage with Medicare for Ketamine Therapy Patients

Ketamine Wellness Centers (KWC) Partners with Veterans Administration Community Care Network (VA-CCN) To Expand SPRAVATO(TM) Coverage

If you believe in the future of psychedelics and want to know more about both the overall industry and Delic itself, then sit back and watch this great interview with Co-Founder and Executive Chairman, Matt Stang



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VIDEO – Delic Corp $DELC $DELCF Aims to Become “Largest Psychedelic Wellness Chain in the U.S.” via Ketamine Wellness Centers Acquisition $CMPS $ALID

Posted by AGORACOM at 1:43 PM on Friday, September 24th, 2021

How much is the market for psychedelics going to be worth?

According to one report published earlier this year by Data Bridge Market Research, it will reach $6.9 billion by 2027. Another report, from Research and Markets, predicts it will go further, reaching $10.75 billion by 2027.

In addition: California legislators are considering decriminalizing possession and sharing of psychedelics for adults 21 and older.

That’s the market context you need to know for Delic Corp, which bills itself as a marketplace for the mainstream to access psychedelic wellness.

Delic owns and operates an umbrella of related businesses, including trusted media and e-commerce platforms, including:

  • Delic Labs, the only licensed entity by Health Canada to exclusively focus on research and development of psilocybin vaporization technology
  • MeetDelic, the premiere psychedelic wellness event, which takes place in Las Vegas this year in November
  • and Ketamine Infusion Centers, one of the largest ketamine clinics in the United States

In May, Delic acquired Complex Biotech Discovery Ventures (CBDV), a federally-authorized psilocybin and cannabis research laboratory focused on extraction, analytical testing, and chemical process development, for $7m USD, changing its name to Delic Labs.

In June, Delic paid $3m USD to acquire Ketamine Infusion Centers, a limited liability corporation formed under the laws of Arizona, which owns and operates ketamine infusion treatment clinics in Phoenix, Arizona and in Bakersfield, California.

And now, Delic has this month entered into a binding merger with Ketamine Wellness Centers (KWC) Arizona, which operates 10 ketamine infusion treatment clinics across the U.S., in Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Minnesota, Nevada Texas and Washington.

The deal and the national presence will bring psychedelic wellness treatment to the masses, and makes Delic the largest psychedelic wellness chain in the United States.

  • Retail Footprint to Include 12 Open Locations, with 15 Additional Clinics in Development
  • Ensures Accessibility to Millions with Affordable Treatments and Insurance Coverage
  • KWC has been operating profitably and expanding significantly with 2020 revenues in excess of $3.5m USD, on track for $4.5m USD in 2021
  • Joining Ketamine Infusion Centers (acquired June, 2021), which has grown steadily with revenues in excess of $4.2m USD since 2019

We sat down with Matt Stang, Delic’s CEO, to delve further into the acquisition…