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Gold Prices Surge to Record Highs Amidst Weaker U.S. Economic Report

Posted by AGORACOM-JC at 11:32 AM on Friday, March 8th, 2024

In a remarkable turn of events, gold prices have soared to new record highs, reflecting the impact of a surprising weakness in a key U.S. economic report. On Friday, April gold reached an unprecedented $2,187.50, marking a robust increase of $21.30. This surge was triggered by the February employment situation report from the Labor Department, which revealed unexpected frailty in the U.S. job market.

Despite the non-farm jobs number exceeding expectations at 275,000, the report highlighted concerning aspects, including a downward revision of January’s figures and an uptick in the unemployment rate to 3.9%. These revelations have aligned with the sentiments of U.S. monetary policy doves, who advocate for prompt interest rate cuts to address economic challenges.

This bullish trend in gold prices has captured the attention of investors and analysts, emphasizing the metal’s role as a safe-haven asset during uncertain economic times. As the market reacts to these developments, several gold exploration companies are poised to benefit from the ongoing gold boom. Let’s delve into some of these small cap gold companies that stand to benefit.

Stelmine Canada (STH: TSXV)

Stelmine is developing a new gold district (in northeastern Quebec); an under-explored part of the otherwise prolific James Bay region of Quebec, Canada. This region of the planet is expected to substantially increase its production of gold mineral resources. Led by Isabelle Proulx (CEO), Stelmine’s management team has a proven track record in the Quebec resources sector and has created an attractive gold exploration target through a high profile geological team including Dr. Normand Goulet, considered one of Canada’s greatest structural geologists.

The Mercator gold-bearing corridor became the canvas for Stelmine’s geological artistry, where the company not only uncovered gold deposits but also expanded the corridor’s length substantially through meticulous exploration and leveraging historical data. Their Flagship Courcy property hosts Geological similarities to Newmont’s Eleonore mine (Gold production since 2015) 215k OZs of annual production (2022). Courcy isn’t confined to gold; it’s a treasure trove of critical minerals.

Green River Gold Corp. (CCR: CSE) (CCRRF: OTC)

Green River stands out with its strategic acquisition of the core part of the Fontaine Project and a package of placer claims, resulting in a substantial land package of 200 square kilometers. The company gained additional attention when Osisko Gold Royalties Ltd. purchased Barkerville Gold Mines Ltd. for $338 million Canadian, bringing a well-established player into the Cariboo District. A B.C. environmental assessment certificate has been issued to Osisko Development Corp. for the Cariboo Gold project in Wells, east of Quesnel. When completed, the mine is expected to produce about 25 million tonnes of ore over 16 years and employ 500 workers during its operation and up to 300 during construction. Construction costs alone are expected to contribute an estimated $588 million to the economy over four years, and operations about $466 million. Green River is well-positioned to capitalize on the renewed interest in this district.

Cross River Ventures (CRVC: CSE)

Cross River Ventures is actively developing a portfolio of projects in some of the most prolific mining districts globally. With a focus on exploration, the company is poised to leverage its presence in strategic locations, contributing to the overall growth and diversification of its assets. The company is located in some of the most prolific greenstone belts in Canada. The company’s senior management team and board boast decades of experience.

Xali Gold (XGC: TSXV) (CDGXF: OTC)

Xali Gold has initiated a comprehensive growth strategy, targeting gold and silver projects with exploration and near-term production potential. The acquisition of the SDA Plant, suitable for treating high-grade gold and silver mineralization, represents a significant step in this strategy. The flagship asset, El Oro, a district-scale gold project in Mexico, adds a compelling dimension to Xali Gold’s portfolio, further solidifying its position in the evolving gold market.

As the gold market continues to capture headlines and investor interest, these companies are well-poised to navigate and thrive in the dynamic landscape, providing promising opportunities for those seeking to capitalize on the current bullish trend in precious metals.

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You Want To Panic … Don’t. George’s Thoughts On Gold, Silver, Commodities Today

Posted by AGORACOM at 9:44 AM on Monday, April 15th, 2013


  • Today Is Not The Day To Sell Into Panic
  • Today Is Not The Day To Buy Like A Hero
  • Remove All Emotion From Any Trades You Make
  • Reassess Your Holdings Objectively
  • Sell Stocks You Never Should Have Bought
  • Create A Shopping List For Stocks You Should Be Buying
  • The Market Will Be Here Tomorrow, Next Week, Next Month
  • For Aggressive Traders, Look For Short, Quick Opportunities
  • If Trading Today, Set Tight Stops and Take Quick Profits
  • If You’re Reading This, You’re Alive.  Life Is Good

AGORACOM Interview: Bob Moriarty Says Graphite Is For Real & Gold Juniors Poised For 500% Gains

Posted by AGORACOM at 2:56 PM on Monday, March 26th, 2012

I’m very pleased to announce the completion of an interview with Bob Moriarty, one of the junior resource industry’s most respected commentators whose market thoughts can be found at and   More than just a market commentator, I look forward to reading Bob Moriarty’s comments because he simply isn’t one to sit on the fence and hedge his words.  He makes a call and says it like it is.

This rare trait most likely stems from the fact that Bob was trained to make split-second life or death situations as a young man.  Specifically, Moriarty was a Marine F-4B pilot at the age of twenty and a veteran of over 820 missions in Vietnam. Becoming a Captain in the Marines at 22, he was one of the most highly decorated pilots in the war. He went on to ferry General Aviation aircraft all over the world for 15 years with over 240 over the water deliveries. He holds 14 International Aviation records including Lindbergh’s record for time between New York to Paris in two different categories.

As such, when someone like Bob Moriarty speaks, it behooves all of us to listen.  So what did we talk about today?

1. Why the explosion of interest, investment and growth in new graphite mine development? Is it for real?

2. Why graphite is an analog of oil.

3. Why the present ratio of the XAU (Philly Gold and Silver Index) over gold almost guarantees a 500% return on gold shares over the next two years.

4. Why the banking system is going to collapse / The implications of $708 trillion dollars in derivatives.

5. Middle East tension

This was a great interview.  One of the best we’ve had with a major market commentator, which have included the likes of  Eric Sprott, JF Tardif, Barry Ritholtz , Paul Kedrosky and Eric Coffin.  What made it one of our better ones? Though I agree with much that Bob had to say, I challenged him by playing Devil’s Advocate and arguing the case as presented by Wall Street and the mass media.  Though Bob didn’t budge and argued his case even harder, he was kind of enough to tell me how pleased he was with the interview.

The ultimate judge will be you, so listen in on the first few minutes and see if it carries you through to the fireworks at the end.

On behalf of myself and the entire listening audience, I want to thank Bob for taking time out of his Sunday to speak with us.



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Small-Cap Weekend Reading: Sprott Metals Forecast; Platinum As Gold Alternative; Silver Set To Beat All?

Posted by AGORACOM at 12:14 PM on Sunday, January 22nd, 2012


$1.8 BILLION SMELTER FOR RING OF FIRE? Cliff’s Natural Resources Proposes $3B Investment To Mine Chromite FULL STORY





  • PRODUCED GOLD In 1920’s and 30’s 
  • 43-101 COMPLIANT



All Green Everywhere – Copper, Gold, Silver Set To Be Biggest Winners. Which Small Caps Benefit?

Posted by AGORACOM at 9:09 AM on Thursday, January 12th, 2012

Bond auctions in Italy and Spain went far better than most expected today and the markets are loving the news.  On days like this, it pays to have a graph like the one below that sums up where the greatest action is going in one view.  In this case, Copper, Gold and Silver are set to be big winners:

AGORACOM Clients That Stand To Benefit, In Order of Commodity Gains Above:


As always, do your own due diligence!


How Bad Is Debt In The West? Short, Sweet, Scary.

Posted by AGORACOM at 9:09 AM on Monday, January 2nd, 2012

Courtesy Of This Article At Business Insider

Total debt-to-GDP levels in the 18 core countries of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) rose from 160 percent in 1980 to 321 percent in 2010.

Disaggregated and adjusted for inflation, these numbers mean that:

  • the debt of non-financial corporations increased by 300 percent,
  • the debt of governments increased by 425 percent, and
  • the debt of private households increased by 600 percent.

I’m willing to concede the debt of non-financial corporations can be nullified by the amount of cash now held by them … as long as you concede they’re able to accomplish this by slashing their work force, running operations overseas to avoid taxes and doing just about anything to hoard cash by hurting you.  In fact, the share of U.S. corporate profits in relation to U.S. GDP is at an all-time high of 13 percent (as are cash holdings), yet corporate real net investment (investment less depreciation) in capital stock in the third quarter of 2011 was back to 1975 levels.  Companies are simply reluctant to invest while demand is sluggish, while existing capacities are sufficient, and while the outlook for the world economy remains highly uncertain.

To be clear, I have no problem with the hoarding, selfish nature of corporations because that is their role … I merely pointed out the above to make it clear that corporations health has little impact on you beyond providing you with a job if they need you.

The real alarming debt figures relate to governments and private households.  In fact, the costs of the West’s aging populations are hidden in the official reporting. If we included the mounting costs of providing for the elderly, the debt level of most governments would be significantly higher. (See Exhibit 1.)

Add to this sobering picture the fact that the financial system is running at unprecedented leverage levels, and we can draw only one conclusion: the 30-year credit boom has run its course. The debt problem simply has to be addressed. There are four approaches to dealing with too much debt:

  • saving and paying back (will only make the problem worse)
  • growing faster (has almost never worked)
  • debt restructuring (“restructuring” sounds so nice)
  • write-offs, and creating inflation (gold, gold, gold)

Scary stuff.  Simply scary.  Plan accordingly because there is no miracle cure.  Somebody is going to get left out in the cold because there simply isn’t enough money to go around.

Read more:

AGORACOM Wire – Avalon Rare Metals Fatal Plane Crash; Swiss Gold For Securities; Raging Gold Battle

Posted by AGORACOM at 12:41 PM on Friday, September 23rd, 2011



…. AVALON RELEASES STATEMENT ON PLANE CRASH Press Release … Don Bubar Was Not On The Plane … NOT KILLED Contrary To Erroneous Article

A Raging Battle In Gold Below $1,800 Via Prospecting Journal

SWISS GOLD: Swiss First To Launch Gold As Payment For Securities  Via TSX Venture Tweets


A TSX Venture Company With A Breakthrough Early Stage Cancer Detection System … A Refreshing Change For Small Cap Investors” …. Developed By BC Cancer Agency & UBC … Read George’s Blog Post


AGORACOM Wire – Omagine Royal Shareholder; TSXV Cancer Detector; Sprott Loves Euro Turmoil

Posted by AGORACOM at 10:37 AM on Wednesday, September 14th, 2011


OMAGINE ROYALTY … Sultan Of Oman Officially Registered As25% Stakeholder In Omagine $2.5 Billion Real Estate Project … Stock Now Trades $4.50 / $50M Market Cap … Full Story … *CLIENT*

CENTURY MINING FURY … Members Vent As Takeover By White Tiger Mining Passes Vote … Many Express Anger At Regulators Read Posts

DEFAULTS MUSIC TO GOLD EARS … Greece and Europe Are Causing Market Turmoil But Eric Sprott Says Bullish For Gold

AGORACOM SmallCap TVTimmins Gold … Minsud Resources … Castillian Resources Make The List This AM … Watch Video

AGORACOM UPGRADE: Why You Now Have Big Reasons To Keep Your HUB Up To Date … And Promote It To Global Investors … Announcement Coming Next 48 Hrs.



VIDEO – Peter Schiff: Last Friday Marked Start Of Next Gold Bull Phase

Posted by AGORACOM at 7:32 AM on Wednesday, September 7th, 2011

Great video by Peter Schiff who is always worth watching when he speaks. He accidentally states “November 2nd” as opposed to September 2nd at the outset – but unless he grabbed a flux capacitor from Michael J Fox and taped this Back In The Future, you can bet this is recent and hot off the press.

In addition to gold, he’s got some great commentary about US Treasuries, PIMCO and the US economy as a whole.


CNBC Poll: 72% Of Investors Support A Return To A Gold Standard

Posted by AGORACOM at 8:18 PM on Monday, August 29th, 2011

The following story / poll is running on CNBC today … pretty self-explanatory so I will save my own commentary and would like to see you chime in with your comments below … but my Gold $2,000 blog posts (115) are looking sweeter by the day