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SOBRsafe’s Innovative Alcohol Detection Solutions Steer the Industry Toward a Safer Tomorrow

Posted by Alavaro Coronel at 3:49 PM on Tuesday, January 9th, 2024

In the wake of tragic incidents like the recent Texas DUI case, the demand for innovative solutions in the behavioral health sector is reaching a critical juncture. As the industry grapples with challenges, SOBRsafe emerges as a beacon of hope, aligning its trajectory with positive trends and advancements.

Industry Outlook and SOBRsafe’s Trajectory:

The recent Texas incident underscores the urgent need for effective measures against alcohol-related tragedies. This incident accentuates the growing trend of seeking innovative solutions to address alcohol misuse and its devastating consequences. SOBRsafe, with its advanced transdermal alcohol detection technology, is strategically positioned within this trajectory. The company’s commitment to prevention aligns seamlessly with the industry’s increasing emphasis on proactive measures.

Voices of Authority:

Industry leaders have recognized the pivotal role of cutting-edge solutions in reshaping behavioral health outcomes. As SOBRsafe charts its course within this landscape, strategic advisor Keenen Diamond’s endorsement echoes the enthusiasm surrounding the company. His affirmation of SOBRsafe’s technology resonates with the industry’s collective effort to embrace novel approaches for enhanced outcomes.

The deployment of SOBRcheck™ at Oceanfront Recovery’s treatment centers underscores the technology’s practical impact, ensuring safe and alcohol-free environments. The success of SOBRsure™ as a positive reinforcement tool in outpatient monitoring reflects the versatility and effectiveness of SOBRsafe’s solutions.

SOBRsafe’s technology is not confined to the realms of innovation; it translates into tangible real-world relevance. Much like the tragic incident in Texas, where timely interventions could have averted a catastrophe, SOBRsafe empowers institutions to proactively prevent alcohol-related incidents. It is akin to providing a personal guardian against the dangers of impaired driving, aligning with the broader industry goal of reducing alcohol-related tragedies.

Looking Ahead with SOBRsafe:

As the industry navigates toward a future where prevention and support take center stage, SOBRsafe stands at the forefront. The company’s forward-looking goals align seamlessly with the optimistic forecast of the industry. With a dedication to reshaping the narrative of behavioral health, SOBRsafe continues to lead the way with its innovative, life-saving solutions.


In a landscape marked by challenges, SOBRsafe emerges not just as a solution provider but as a transformative force. The company’s alignment with industry shifts, coupled with its remarkable achievements, positions it as a compelling participant in the narrative of behavioral health solutions. Delve deeper into the company’s groundbreaking technology and discover a future where innovation meets impact.




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SOBRsafe Continues Behavioral Health Inroads with New Award-Winning Customer

Posted by Alavaro Coronel at 4:53 PM on Thursday, November 16th, 2023

SOBRsafe forges Vital Partnership with Turning Point Behavioral Health Care Center

SOBRsafe (NASDAQ: SOBR), the trailblazing provider of transdermal alcohol detection solutions, marks another milestone in its commitment to behavioral health. The recent partnership with award-winning customer Turning Point Behavioral Health Care Center (“Turning Point”) demonstrates SOBRsafe’s pivotal role in revolutionizing alcohol monitoring solutions.

Background and Context

Founded in 1969, Turning Point Behavioral Health Care Center has been a stalwart in Skokie, Illinois, providing outpatient mental health services to around 1,400 children and adults annually. Their exceptional work, recognized by the National Council for Behavioral Health and the Illinois Association for Behavioral Health, showcases a commitment to excellence. By choosing SOBRcheck™ for its Skokie facility, Turning Point emphasizes a dedication to innovation in its services.

Key Highlights and Advantages

SOBRsafe’s flagship solution, SOBRcheck™, takes center stage in this partnership, underscoring its significance in ensuring clients’ sobriety upon entry. The touch-based technology eliminates the need for invasive and time-consuming alcohol screening methods, offering a new standard for accuracy and efficiency. SOBRcheck™ aligns seamlessly with Turning Point’s Living Room program, reinforcing its mission to provide uninterrupted, personalized services.

Potential Impact and Significance

The collaboration with Turning Point positions SOBRsafe as a catalyst for change in behavioral health practices. The implementation of SOBRcheck™ heralds a new era in alcohol detection, providing crucial information for better-informed care. The potential impact extends beyond Turning Point, signaling a transformative approach to alcohol monitoring in diverse behavioral health applications.

Expert Opinions and Analysis

Turning Point CEO Ann Fisher Raney expresses enthusiasm for the partnership, citing SOBRsafe’s innovative contribution to their Living Room program. SOBRsafe Chairman and CEO Dave Gandini recognizes Turning Point as a clinical practice leader, highlighting the validation of SOBRcheck™ for behavioral health. This endorsement underscores SOBRsafe’s credibility and efficacy in a clinical setting.

Challenges and Considerations

While the partnership showcases immense promise, challenges may emerge in widespread adoption across the behavioral health landscape. The need for comprehensive education and integration into existing practices could pose initial hurdles. SOBRsafe’s commitment to ongoing industry adoption, as stated by CEO Dave Gandini, positions them to navigate and overcome these challenges.


In forging this alliance with Turning Point Behavioral Health Care Center, SOBRsafe cements its role as a pivotal player in the evolution of behavioral health practices. The adoption of SOBRcheck™ signals a paradigm shift in alcohol monitoring, setting a precedent for precision, efficiency, and innovation. As investors and the business community witness SOBRsafe’s continued success in diverse markets, the partnership with Turning Point stands as a testament to the company’s commitment to creating a culture of prevention and support.

To delve deeper into the transformative potential of SOBRsafe’s technology, visit 


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VIDEO – SOBRSafe $SOBR Demonstrates SOBRCheck’s Ability to Detect Alcohol and Impact on Workplace Safety $LCTC $

Posted by AGORACOM-JC at 11:04 AM on Thursday, April 22nd, 2021
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Watch this powerful interview with David Gandini, Chairman & Chief Revenue Officer SOBR Safe (SOBR: OTCQB) as he demonstrates the practical application of the SOBRCheck device and it’s profound implications in the workplace. 

With SOBRCheck, employers are able to ensure their employees and general public are safe from alcohol related “accidents” where costs are measured in lives.

“Nearly 50% of industrial injuries and fatalities are alcohol related.  Commercial Fleets suffer from over 11,000 alcohol related accidents every year.  That rate is climbing and technology has failed to keep pace with this epidemic”  

If you have ever wondered why a technology can’t be created to prevent the senseless amount of deaths and injuries every year on our roads and workplace you are not alone. SOBRSafe is doing something great about it and everyone should take the time to absorb the positive change possible by watching this interview.

VIDEO: SOBRsafe Chairman $SOBR Interview with School BUSRide Editor-in-Chief $LCTC $

Posted by AGORACOM at 3:48 PM on Monday, April 12th, 2021
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SOBRSafe was recently featured in a cover story in School BUSRide magazine, the Official Publication of the National Association for Pupil Transportation® (NAPT).

  • Signals the introduction of the SOBRcheck™ student safety application to the industry’s 20,300+ senior leaders,
  • Expected commercial launch of the devices in 2021.

SOBRsafe™ $SOBR Pioneers Alcohol Detection for Bus Drivers $LCTC $

Posted by AGORACOM at 12:37 PM on Wednesday, February 10th, 2021

School BUSRide spoke with Kevin Moore, CEO of SOBRsafe™, about touch-based alcohol detection and the difference it can make for school transportation

Kevin Moore, Chief Executive Officer, said that for he and SOBRsafe, child safety represents a chance to make a societal difference with breakthrough technology.

Originally formed by venture capital firm First Capital Ventures, and merged with a detection technology development company, SOBRsafe is at its core a technology and data platform for touch-based alcohol detection – and it is coming to school buses.

“We brought a lot of previously successful people together as the leadership at SOBRsafe,” Moore said. “And one of the key elements for that leadership is to make a difference with this company. We are all at the point in our lives where we want to leave a generational legacy – and child safety is an area where we can make a significant social impact.”

Moore said that American school transportation lacks tools to fully prevent impaired driving, through no fault of the districts and schools themselves. With current capabilities and requirements, alcohol impairment can often go untracked at school bus operations – or tracked with very limited or random screening techniques.

“Every parent treasures their child’s safety,” Moore said, “so we asked ourselves, ‘What if we had a solution that screens 100 percent of bus drivers before they can receive keys and operate a bus?’”


After a lengthy research and development period, SOBRsafe is launching SOBRcheck™ for access control, a patent-pending, proprietary device that provides touch-based identity verification and alcohol detection via a “go/no go” methodology.

When a human ingests alcohol, one of the ways it leaves the body is via transdermal expiration – through the skin. The SOBRcheck™ device does not provide a Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) reading, instead detecting the presence of alcohol in Zero Tolerance situations – like a school bus operation.

The system further functions as a driver/vehicle authenticator by beaming light onto a driver’s skin and creating a set of data points. Those data points then act as that driver’s unique identification. Moore said that this helps alleviate privacy concerns, as the device is not recording fingerprints.

Furthermore, the information that the device collects is immediately transmitted to supervisors via a user-friendly app. This process, Moore said, allows transportation managers, operation managers, and other supervisors to make proactive decisions as opposed to reactive corrections.

“This is the sort of tool which will not only allow school transportation departments to keep children safe, but also provide parents with peace of mind about their child on the bus,” Moore said. “We see preemptive alcohol detection as a critical need for school buses, and feel this device is a phenomenal way to fulfill that need. Systems like this can be essential to ensure that school buses are substance-free environments.”

Kevin Moore, Chief Executive Officer, said that for he and SOBRsafe™, child safety represents a chance to make a societal difference with breakthrough technology.

A unique model

Moore said that SOBRsafe’s intellectual property is currently focused on alcohol detection, but the company is exploring technology centered around detection of cannabis, opioids, and other illicit drugs – as driven by employer need and market demand.

“The key to SOBRsafe is that we are not out developing technologies that require years of testing before commercialization,” Moore said. “We are an integrator of technologies. So, in addition to our internal alcohol detection development, we are looking for other commercially-ready technologies that might work within our system architecture.”

In addition to pursuing other substance detection solutions, Moore said that SOBRsafe is continuing to develop additional value-added features for its devices. The company is launching a new employee health and wellness platform soon, and is implementing GPS location, temperature checks, and more physiology-based technology into its devices for future deployments.

“There is a tremendous amount of emerging technology that can provide a huge benefit for schools and transportation operations,” he said. “We just have to find it, prove its effectiveness, and integrate it into our solutions.”

Deploying to school buses

Moore said that SOBRsafe moved through several prototypes and multiple human trials of the SOBRcheck device, as refining the technology’s various algorithms and detection processes is an exacting, time-consuming task. This was especially so in the wake of the nation’s COVID-19 shutdowns, extending the time required for effective pilot programs.

Once the current round of “production tooling” is complete, the company will launch another pilot program – and then go to market for school districts in the second quarter of 2021.

“We are accelerating the intervention process for school districts,” he said. “Driving under the influence is a serious matter, and intervention can reduce accidents, litigation, deaths, and operating costs.”

More than anything, Moore said, the company’s core objective is safety and saving lives, with child safety at the forefront.

“The feedback we are getting is extremely positive because there is a need in pupil transportation that has not been properly addressed with legacy technology,” Moore said. “When supervisors can proactively make critical decisions by using this data, it is going to improve productivity and save lives.”

VIDEO – $SOBR Safe Has Built The World’s First Touch-Based Solution To Prevent Drunk Driving Accidents For Truck Fleets, Industrial Workplaces and School Bus Fleets $LCTC $

Posted by AGORACOM-JC at 4:49 PM on Thursday, December 10th, 2020

“Nearly 50% of industrial injuries and fatalities are alcohol related.  Commercial Fleets suffer from over 11,000 alcohol related accidents every year.  That rate is climbing and technology has failed to keep pace with this epidemic”  

We hear it happening all the time … and can never understand why technology can’t be created to prevent the senseless amount of deaths and injuries every year on our roads and our workplace. SOBR Safe has answered the call with incredible technology that has to be seen to believed.

Watch this powerful interview with David Gandini, Chairman & Chief Revenue Officer SOBR Safe (SOBR: OTCQB).

Prominent Government Relations Expert Joins SOBRSafe Team $SOBR $LCTC $

Posted by AGORACOM at 11:33 AM on Thursday, November 12th, 2020

SOBR™ Safe, Inc. (OTC: SOBR) (, developers of the patented SOBR® Safe™ system, and its latest proprietary development, the non-invasive alcohol detection and screening system SOBR®Check™, announced today that it has contracted with Stephen Scofes for him to serve as Director of Government Affairs/Public Sector Procurement, with a focus on state legislature, law enforcement and public safety.

Steve is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of leading government relations and procurement firm Scofes & Associates Consulting, and brings to SOBR Safe a ready-built team of experts in their respective fields – including Steve’s partner, General Wesley Clark (ret.). Professionally involved in governmental affairs since 1985, Steve’s primary areas of expertise include legislative and political strategy, as well as business development, providing clients a sound strategy in the procurement of state, local and federal contracts. He currently represents and has represented some of the largest companies in the United States, such as Toyota, Kroger, Koch, Eli Lilly, Dell Technologies, Google, Cisco, Nokia, Blackstone and US World Meds to name a few – including work especially relevant to SOBR Safe in the manufacturing and transportation industries. Scofes & Associates has offices in Lansing, Detroit, Chicago, Indianapolis, Austin and Washington D.C.

“Steve is not just an expert at navigating the complex inner workings of government – he is also a proven producer with a track record of driving substantial returns,” stated SOBR Safe CEO Kevin Moore. “We believe he can open critical doors for us nationwide, stimulating material interest in and support for SOBR®Check™ and subsequent solutions. That a leader as accomplished as Steve has chosen to join SOBR Safe at this stage we feel speaks to our technology’s potential to create safer environments and safer lives.”

Scofes added, “My passion has always been to exercise our legislative system to create positive change, and rarely have I had the opportunity to work with a team possessing such conviction and innovative spirit – or a solution so potentially far-reaching. Communities across the country are ready to prevent the problem, and it is this company mission that has inspired me to join the SOBR Safe team.”

Each year, alcohol-related injuries, deaths and lost productivity costs American employers and insurers up to $63 billion; another $42 billion is spent on substance abuse treatment…a combined $105 billion crisis. One-half of all industrial accidents involve alcohol, and commercial fleets suffer from over 11,000 alcohol-related accidents each year. SOBR Safe believes its solution addresses this problem, and once successfully tested will be immediately applicable for delivery, service, and school bus fleet management, as well as workplace access control in manufacturing facilities and warehouses.

About SOBR® Safe, Inc. (

SOBR Safe, Inc. is developing the patented SOBR® Safe™ system, and its latest proprietary product, the non-invasive alcohol detection and screening system SOBR®Check™. SOBRCheck is a potentially disruptive solution in alcohol consumption detection a touch-based technology with anticipated applications in school buses, commercial trucking fleets, facility access control and more. Across industries, the headlines are consistent: alcohol is a clear and present danger – impaired operation destroys lives, families and companies alike. SOBR Safe’s mission is to eliminate the destructive impact of alcohol on our roadways and workplaces…with just the touch of a finger.

SOBRSafe – The Preventative Solution: Non-Invasive, Touch-Based Alcohol Detection Technology

Posted by AGORACOM at 5:39 PM on Tuesday, June 16th, 2020

SOBRsafe has developed a patented, touch-based alcohol detection system for truck fleets, school bus fleets and industrial workplaces.

  • Mission to prevent alcohol-related injuries and deaths on our roadways and workplaces through the simple touch of a finger

SOBRSafe: Detects Alcohol in the Body Via Biometrics

SOBRSafe:  The Preventative Solution

  • Non-invasive, touch-based identity verification & alcohol detection technology 

SOBRSafe is a disruptive solution with anticipated applications in:

  • School Bus Fleets
  • Commercial Fleets
  • Facility Access Control

Business and Insurance providers recognize the requirement for a preventative solution needed now more than ever to combat the costs of employee related alcohol incidents.

SOBRSafe is a disruptive new force in the market that is a touch-based alcohol detector where the user places their finger on the sensor. The user data is recorded in seconds, measuring humidity, barometric sensors, and temperature to provide accuracy and consistency across multiple applications and environments 

The user data is sent to SOBRSafe’s Global Cloud Platform allowing managers to receive immediate notification of test results and immediate action;

  • Providing safety to employees and employer through the touch of a finger

SOBRSafe Inc is an advertising client of AGORA Internet Relations Corp.

SOBR Safe Completes Asset Acquisition, Launches New Brand Name and Website $IMLED $SOBR

Posted by AGORACOM at 12:06 PM on Monday, June 8th, 2020
  • SOBR® Safe, Inc., a patented non-invasive alcohol detection system
  • Formerly TransBiotec, Inc., Transaction Effectively Launches New Public Company
  • In connection with the closing of the Transaction, the Company effected a 1-for-33.26 reverse stock split of its common stock.
  • SOBRSafe has been assigned a new ticker symbol (SOBR) and will trade under the new ticker symbol in approximately 20 trading days

BOULDER, Colo., June 8, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — SOBR® Safe, Inc. (IMLED) (“SOBR Safe” or the “Company”), developers of SOBR®Check, a patented non-invasive alcohol detection system, announced today that it has closed on the acquisition of certain technology assets from IDTEC LLC, a Colorado limited liability company (“IDTEC”), and its parent company First Capital Ventures, LLC (“First Capital”). Contemporaneous with the closing of the transaction (the “Transaction”), the Company changed its name from TransBiotec, Inc. to SOBR Safe, Inc. ( and began trading under the temporary ticker symbol “IMLED.” The Company has been assigned a new ticker symbol (SOBR) and its common stock will trade under the new ticker symbol in approximately 20 trading days.

(PRNewsfoto/TransBiotec, Inc.)

In advance of closing the Transaction, IDTEC, its parent company First Capital, and other affiliated entities invested a total of $2,500,000 in the development and testing of the preventative, touch-based alcohol detection technology, SOBR®Check. SOBR®Check is entering its pilot testing phase, and management expects to have a commercially viable product in First Quarter 2021.

Learn more about SOBR Safe and SOBR®Check at

“This is truly a watershed moment for everyone with an interest in TransBiotec, IDTEC and SOBR Safe, and even more for the global audience seeking to keep our roadways and workplaces safe and alcohol-free,” stated Gary Graham, First Capital Executive Managing Partner and SOBR Safe Board member. “We believe in this stellar management team’s mission to increase productivity and save lives. As a public company, SOBR Safe has the forum and foundation to gain maximum awareness for both SOBR®Check and other safety-critical detection technologies to come.”

SOBR Safe Chairman and Chief Revenue Officer Dave Gandini stated “I have spent more than 30 years in executive and new venture leadership, and I believe that we have put together a first rate management and business development team that has the skill set to succeed with the SOBR Check products. We are working with global employers to gather invaluable performance data, and we believe that as an organization we are well-positioned to make a material and lasting impact on the safety of our communities – in America and beyond.”

In connection with the closing of the Transaction, the Company effected a 1-for-33.26 reverse stock split of its common stock. 

About SOBR® Safe, Inc. (

SOBR® Safe, Inc. has developed and patented a non-invasive alcohol sensing system – SOBR®Check. SOBR®Checkis a potentially disruptive solution in alcohol consumption detection – a touch-based technology with anticipated applications in school buses, commercial trucking fleets, facility access control and more. Across industries, the headlines are consistent: alcohol is a clear and present danger – impaired operation destroys lives, families and companies alike. SOBR Safe’s mission is to eliminate the destructive impact of alcohol on our roadways and workplaces…with just the touch of a finger.

Forward Looking Statement

SOBR Safe, Inc.’s statements in this press release that are not historical fact and that relate to future plans or events are forward-looking statements. Forward-looking statements can be identified by use of words such as “believe,” “expect,” “plan,” “anticipate,” and similar expressions. These forward-looking statements include risks associated with changes in business conditions and similar events. The risks and uncertainties involved include those detailed from time to time in SOBR Safe, Inc.’s filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission, including SOBR Safe, Inc.’s most recent Annual Report on Form 10-K.


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