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VIDEO – Carl Data Solutions $CRL $CDTAF CEO Speaks Of New Money, New Team, New Future

Posted by AGORACOM-JC at 4:23 PM on Tuesday, April 20th, 2021

Carl Data Solutions is at the nexus of what Deloitte Global calls “The Big Four” of Industry 4.0 technologies: Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cloud Infrastructure, and Big data / Analytics.

We sat with Jean-Charles Phaneuf, who joined CRL as CEO in January, to discuss the wildly successful last 90 days, recent partnerships and new entry into renewable energy, and the future of industrial infrastructure. Check out the interview below.

Carl Data Solutions Inc. $ Poised for Global Growth After Meeting 90-day Targets for New Capital, Team Members and Corporate Partners $IPNFF $ $PKKFF $MTRX $RACMF

Posted by AGORACOM at 12:10 PM on Wednesday, April 14th, 2021
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  • CRL achieved an oversubscribed private placement, recruited a fresh core executive team, and announcing significant corporate partners
  • “The last 90 days has been like training for a marathon,” said Jean-Charles Phaneuf, who came on board as CEO on January 12, 2021.

VANCOUVER, BC, April 14, 2021 /CNW/ – After achieving an oversubscribed private placement with a new strategic set of investors, recruiting a fresh core executive team and announcing significant corporate partners, Carl Data Solutions Inc.  (CSE: CRL) (FSE: 7C5) (OTC: CDTAF) (“Carl Data Solutions”) is poised for global growth as a leading developer of Big-Data-as-a-Service (“BDaaS”) and Industrial Internet of Things (“IIoT”) solutions.

Carl Data Solutions is at the nexus of what Deloitte Global calls “The Big Four” of Industry 4.0 technologies: Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data/Analytics and Cloud Infrastructure.  It provides industry and government customers with solutions that collect, cleanse, organize, store and analyze time-series data in mission-critical applications like Environmental Monitoring as a Service (“EMaaS”).  Mastering this data allows those customers to not only avoid costly downtime in their large-scale operations, but also to take advantage of predictive and prescriptive analytics on processes or forecasted events to optimize outcomes or mitigate risks.

“The last 90 days has been like training for a marathon,” said Jean-Charles Phaneuf, who came on board as CEO on January 12, 2021.  “We announced an oversubscribed Private Placement of $5,601,288, a $2,000,000 Line of Credit, $250,000 in Convertible Debentures, and converted $1,491,000 of corporate debt.  Then we hired new senior executives in business development, corporate marketing, technical operations, and product management.”

Carl Data Solutions also signed partnership agreements with two other industry leaders since Mr. Phaneuf took the helm in January:

  1. Smart IoT Technologies Inc.: a strategic partnership to provide high-quality sensors used in conjunction with Carl Data Solutions’ existing IIoT technology to provide EMaaS to new and existing customers.
  2. Think Quality Assurance Services Inc. (“Think-QA”): a strategic partnership to expand Carl Data Solutions’ role in the Renewable Energy sector by providing value-added services to Think-QA’s existing solar and wind farm customers.  Carl Data Solutions will be providing machine learning with predictive and prescriptive analytics to reduce maintenance costs and maximize electricity production.

“Now we’re ready to run at peak performance,” stated Mr. Phaneuf.  Carl Data Solutions is positioned to drive future growth based on three key goals:

  1. Increase the use of Carl Data Solutions’ Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence capabilities within current products and services.  The aim is to increase cross sell and upsell opportunities with existing market segments comprised of Water, Sewage, Solid Waste Management and EMaaS.
  2. Expand current solutions to Smart Cities by selecting early adopters of Internet of Things (IoT), time-series data, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.  Leverage Carl Data Solutions’ current customer base of over 100 cities to attain this goal.
  3. Expand current solutions to new Smart Connected Spaces by building strategic partnerships in the IIoT sector.

Phaneuf emphasized that all new market opportunities for Carl Data Solutions will undergo a disciplined evaluation process that ensures maximum profitability.

“I’m very pleased to report that after 90 days, we are on track and aligned with the growth plan we laid out,” he stated.  “In essence, our short-term objective was to implement the Carl Data Solutions cornerstones: finance, people, partners and processes that we can build upon.  Going forward, we can focus on growth, create advanced solutions for our customers and enhanced value for our shareholders.”

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Carl Data Solutions Inc. $ $ Announces Partnership with Smart IoT Technologies to Provide Environmental Monitoring as a Service $IPNFF $ $PKKFF $MTRX $RACMF

Posted by AGORACOM at 1:21 PM on Tuesday, March 23rd, 2021

*Smart IoT makes high-quality, custom sensors or Long Range data collection 

*CEO Jean Charles Phaneuf says, “Smart IoT is another building block in our Smart Connected Spaces strategy. Joining our forces gives us leverage to increase our footprint and growth plans.”

VANCOUVER, BC, March 23, 2021 /CNW/ – Carl Data Solutions Inc. (CSE:CRL) (FSE:7C5) (OTC:CDTAF) (“Carl Data” or the “Company”), a developer of Big-Data-as-a-Service (“BDaaS”)-based solutions for data integration, business intelligence and Industrial Internet-of-Things (“IIoT”) applications, has partnered with Smart IoT Technologies Inc. (“Smart IoT”) in an effort to provide high-value Environmental Monitoring as a Service (“EMaaS”) to their customers. This is a preferred supplier agreement, where Smart IoT Technologies will provide custom sensor development to complement Carl’s existing data analytic technology.

CEO Jean Charles Phaneuf says, “Smart IoT is another building block in our Smart Connected Spaces strategy. Joining our forces gives us leverage to increase our footprint and growth plans.”

Smart IoT Technologies specializes in manufacturing high-quality, custom sensors used for Long Range data collection (LoRa). By partnering with Carl Data, these sensors will be used to complement our existing suite of data collection technology and networks and expand into new markets. This strategic partnership will focus on growing the business in the Environmental Monitoring as a Service space.

LoRa technology is becoming increasingly popular, not only in the Environmental Monitoring as a Service industry but also by developers and integrators in different Smartcity market segments.

Yves Salembier of Carl Data states, “Demand for Environmental Monitoring as a Service constantly increases; as part of our ecosystem for air and water monitoring, we see the partnership with Smart IoT as a much-needed step up in the EMaaS value chain. Their device expertise combined with our time-series and AI/Machine Learning is a winning synthesis.”

Jimmy Jin, VP Operations from Smart IoT Technologies says, “This partnership bodes well for the future; we see significant opportunities in fusing our IoT device manufacturing and engineering with their time-series, real-time data analytics and AI capabilities. It is an end-to-end enabler for not only EMaaS but across multiple markets.”

The partnership will bring long-term growth opportunities for both companies as their technologies and service offerings continue to evolve.

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$ Expands Team With 5 New Executive Members to Accelerate Growth $ $IPNFF $ $PKKFF $MTRX $RACMF

Posted by AGORACOM at 1:41 PM on Thursday, March 4th, 2021
Carl Data Solutions Inc. | CSE - Canadian Securities Exchange
  • “Each of the five senior executives has demonstrated success in their previous missions, which are exactly the skills and expertise that Carl Data requires to execute the growth plan over the coming years,” said CEO Jean Charles Phaneuf

VANCOUVER, BC , March 4, 2021 – Carl Data Solutions Inc. (CSE: CRL) (FSE: 7C5) (OTC: CDTAF) (“Carl Data” or the “Company”), a developer of Big-Data-as-a-Service (“BDaaS”)-based solutions for data integration, business intelligence, and Industrial Internet-of-Things (“IIoT”) applications, announced the major signing of 5 new senior executives to the existing corporate team. The new team members will be crucial partners in accelerating the growth plan and expansion of the Company.

Carl Data’s CEO, Jean Charles Phaneuf , stated ”As part of the phase 2 of my 100-day plan of action, our goal was to bring additional talent to our existing outstanding team of Engineers, Data Scientists (AI Specialists) and Sales Executives in order to take our business through the next stages of our growth plan. Each of the five senior executives has demonstrated success in their previous missions, which are exactly the skills and expertise that Carl Data requires to execute the growth plan over the coming years. I am thrilled to add these valuable team members to our existing team and take our business to the next level.”

About the New Team Members

Frank Carzoli, Business Development

Mr. Carzoli has over 25 years’ experience in executive positions in Software and Hardware industries. He has a profound understanding of both domestic and international distribution channels as well as in retail, wholesale, OEM, direct sales, leasing and government markets. He recently served as VP Sales and Business Development at VisuaScan Inc., a Supply Chain Services company from Oakdale, Minnesota and Frank also served as Vice president of Sales and Marketing for Aviva Solutions Inc., a Canadian based Software Company servicing North America , Europe , Middle East and Asia . He has a background in Computer Programming and has studied Marketing and Business Law at McGill University .

Sandra Joe, Corporate Communications

Ms. Joe has an extensive background in social media marketing, public speaking and personal coaching. She is a former Financial Planner (CFP ® ), where she worked in Melbourne, Australia for the last 7 years. Sandra has a Bachelor of Commerce in Entrepreneurial Management from Royal Roads University, and her Certified Financial Planner CFP ® designation from the Financial Planning Association of Australia .

Yves Le Borgne, Market, Technical and Operations Advisor to the CEO for new ventures

Mr. Le Borgne is recognized to deliver innovative business solutions that meet customer needs by providing strong technical leadership, in depth knowledge and results-oriented management skills to the executive team. He is recognized as a manager and executive that has constantly used novel AI approaches to otherwise classical systems. He has integrated heuristics-based solutions solvers, machine vision, neural nets, machine learning and time-traced analytics in his products, some mission-critical. In addition, he has extensive experience in software and Systems Engineering, Architecture, Product Engineering, AI methods in mission-critical systems, Systems Testing, Quality Assurance and Change Management. Yves has a Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng) from McGill University and completed two years of masters level studies at École Polytechnique, Montréal.

Yves Salembier, Product Management

Mr. Salembier was previously co-owner and Chief Technology Officer of Coginov Inc., a privately held global technology provider that he sold. He oversaw product development and R&D projects in multiple international markets, having worked and managed teams in Canada , United-States , Europe and North Africa . From a business solution standpoint, he achieved multiple successes ranging from market positioning, product road mapping, technology watch and application architecture. He has also participated in serval expert panels in Canada and the USA as a technology evangelist-guru. He has a Master of Science (M.Sc) in Information Systems from HEC of Montreal and an Honours Bachelor of Business Administration (H.BBA) in Management Science from Bishops University . He also holds a Machine Learning (AI) Certificate from Washington University .

Pierre Paul Samson, Product and Corporate Marketing

Mr. Samson has over 25 years’ experience in both leading-edge technology and marketing. In recent years, he was CEO at the creative agency, McMillan, and Global Head of Digital and Research & Development at the creative agency Sid Lee . Throughout these experiences, he was the executive stakeholder for digital projects for brands such as Cirque du Soleil, Samsung, Intel, Fasken, Commvault and Donnelley Financial Solutions. He studied at University of Ottawa and MIT .

Grant of Options

Pursuant to the Company’s stock option plan and also to agreements signed with the Company’s new senior executives, the Company has granted stock options allowing them to purchase a total of 2,000,000 common shares in the capital of the Company (each a “Share”) at a price of $0.38 per Share until March 3 , 2026.  Every three months, 25% of the options will vest such that all of the options will have vested 12 months after the issue date.

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