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VIDEO: Fabled Copper $FABL Meeting The Future Demand For Copper By Making Discoveries Today

Posted by AGORACOM-Eric at 4:35 PM on Wednesday, January 5th, 2022


The World Needs Copper: Global Copper Consumption Outstripping Supply

“A new energy vehicle (EV) needs 80kg of Copper compared with 23kg in an internal combustion engine vehicle” Kitco

Demand for Copper is projected to rise by 5% yearly, outstripping supply which is projected to increase by 2.3% yearly

This is why brand new Fabled Copper’s mandate is to explore and define high level and high-grade copper resources in Northern BC. ( which also happens to be a tier one exploration jurisdiction). Their main focus is the Muskwa property with a high grade mining history containing a minimum of 22 documented copper occurrences of which 4 are defined deposits with historical reserves and resources.

Fabled is taking an aggressive exploration approach and are already outlining a drill program for the 22 field season.

Here are some of the documented copper occurrences in 3 separate claim blocks (Neil, Toro, Bronson) and you can see why Fabled is intent on taking a aggressive approach to exploration and development. The project boast highgrade copper and lots of it.

Neil: 10 Copper occurrences with the Neil vein 19 metres wide, visible for more than 1,000 metres vertically & has assayed 10.2% copper over 3.0 metres

Davis-Keays: Historical Indicated reserve *of 3.7 million tons at 2.5% Copper cut-off grade or an estimated 1.4million tons at 3.42% Copper

Toro-Churchill: – sampling returned 8.8% copper over a width of 19 meters and strike length of 133 meters

Magnum Vein: developed and mined from 1970 to 1974 milling 549,000 tons grading 3.00 % Copper – stopped due to low copper prices

And if that doesn’t help identify the discovery opportunity, have a look at the combined experience amongst the management team, over 200 years’ combined exploration experience; and with that comes knowledge, lots of it. They are using their experience with cutting edge technologies to exploit the significant exploration upside. The use of drones has been prevalent throughout the 2021 exploration program and combined with the use of LIDAR and modern geophysics, the team plans on using the information gained to lead a very aggressive 2022 program that will include drilling.

At a time when Copper is breaking out and trending within the 4.20 to 4.80 price range; up over 100% since early 2020, Fabled shareholders received a generous Christmas present from Peter Hawley, President & CEO as the company embarks on delivering the Copper supply needed for the needs of tomorrow.

Sit back and enjoy this fantastic video as Peter walks us through the next emerging Copper growth story of 2022 and beyond.

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VIDEO: Candente Copper $ Executing The Strategy To Develop The 7.5B Pound Canariaco Deposit $ $ $FSUGY $

Posted by AGORACOM-Eric at 4:18 PM on Thursday, July 29th, 2021

TSX listed Candente Copper owns Canariaco Norte, a large, economic copper deposit in Peru that continues to advance technically and economically.

Cañariaco is a 100% owned feasibility-stage porphyry copper deposit containing 7.5B pounds Measured and Indicated and can be mined for 22 years once in production. Oh, and Canariaco Norte is in the lowest quartile of production costs for projects waiting to be developed at around 0.98c per pound of copper. If that doesn’t have your attention, Goldman Sachs has it ranked as one of the top 80 projects waiting to be developed worldwide.

This is a deposit itching to become a mine and Candente continues to advance the project forward with studies evaluating various methodologies to reduce CAPEX with multiple scenarios that support developing Canariaco closer to a production scenario.

With the price of copper firmly above $4 dollars, the economics supporting Canariaco going into production only gets stronger.

Watch this great interview with Candente CEO Joanne Freeze as she explains how Candente can accelerate the development of Canariaco through the various studies that support a production scenario.

CLIENT FEATURE: Fabled Silver Gold $FCO $FBSGF to Spin-Out Fabled Copper Co. to Shareholders $CMMC $NDM $CS $GMBXF

Posted by AGORACOM-Eric at 8:42 PM on Wednesday, June 2nd, 2021

Fabled Silver Gold (TSXV:FCO ) (OTCQB: FBSGF) is in the metal discovery business.

They recently added copper to the exploration menu with news of a spin out of their Northern B.C. assets into Fabled Copper Co., providing FCO shareholders with a new vehicle capable of making a metals discovery.

Fabled Silver Gold controls 100% of the Santa Maria Gold and Silver property in Mexico and is its flagship project. It is a high grade underground mine with a rich mining history and a Silver Equivalent 43-101 with 3.2million ounces Indicated and 1.1m inferred.

Now as far as silver projects go 3.2M ounces isn’t very big but when serial mine finder and industry stalwart Peter Hawley was presented with it in 2016, he came out of retirement saying “it was almost too good to be true” and “this is the one I’ve been looking for.”

Santa Maria’s best historical intercept to date is a reported 11meters of 1,672 g/t Silver & 3.74 g/t gold and ending in mineralization. Current exploration has demonstrated drill success from the very first holes with an incredible intercept of 10 ounces of silver over 6 meters. As a result of the drill success, Fabled increased their original program from 8,000m to a minimum of 9200m to drill from underground to firm up the known resource, and for “Blue Sky drilling”  to explore the numerous anomalies unexplored on the property capable of demonstrating discovery potential.

Not only that, Santa Maria is definitely in a great “neighborhood” within the mining friendly jurisdiction of Parral that has produced over 250M oz silver.  The Parral mining district is situated in the centre of the Mexican epithermal silver-gold vein districts. The belt has been recognized as a significant metallogenic province, which has reportedly produced more silver than any other equivalent area in the world. Grupo Mexico, as an example, are their neighbor and border the Santa Maria property. Grupo (GMBXF) valued at 38$Billion, is the largest mining corporation in Mexico.

Santa Maria is in the perfect environment for further discoveries and increased development, yet has never been systematically or thoroughly explored with modern methods, until now.   FCO is currently conducting their first drill program to support the 43-101 and expect results flowing right through June. It’s an excellent project and a company maker.

So why are we switching to copper?

Peter thinks he can do it again, only this time with Dr. Copper, who is in a metals bull of its own, and with properties located in a very favorable mining jurisdiction, British Colombia, Canada

Fabled is spinning out its copper assets to be placed into a new public vehicle, Fabled Copper Co., and the assets are good, really good. They already demonstrate the necessary value to create an excellent copper exploration and development company.  In this case, Fabled’s Northern B.C “Muskwa” copper assets act like a dividend for Fabled Silver Gold shareholders. A unanimous Board approval vaults the Muskwa Copper project directly into the forefront of investors’ attention. Current shareholders will receive a new share in Fabled Copper Co. for every 5 Fabled Silver Gold Shares. It’s an incredible bonus for shareholders as it generates a Newco to follow a completely different metal currently in its own bull market.

Shareholders will own shares in both companies, Silver and Copper, and benefit by allowing capital markets to ascribe value to the Muskwa copper project independent of the Company`s silver properties.

Alone, this is a great deal for shareholders, but what may be hidden amongst the capital markets excitement is the fact that the 100% controlled Muskwa project comprises 3 known deposits and over 20 copper occurrences.

This is not small scale. The exploration and development infrastructure is advanced, extensive really. Fabled is prepared to act very quickly and are already on task to define multiple exploration teams, outfitters, helicopter services to outline, and budget a July to September 2021 exploration program.

Sometime words convey the story, but in this case it is better to hear it and see it directly.

Watch this amazing 2 minute video with CEO Peter Hawley that captures the magnitude of the exploration potential and work accomplished to date. It portends a very bright future for a discovery for all shareholders near and dear to Fabled. Silver, Gold….or Copper.

Fabled Silver Gold $FCO $FBSGF Spins Out 20+ Copper Occurrences & 3 Classified Deposits Into Fabled Copper Co. $CMMC $NDM $CS $GMBXF

Posted by AGORACOM-Eric at 5:02 PM on Wednesday, May 19th, 2021
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CLIENT FEATURE: Tartisan Nickel $ Kenbridge Property Hosts M&I Resource of 7.14 Million Tonnes at 0.62% Nickel, 0.33% Copper

Posted by AGORACOM-JC at 12:39 PM on Thursday, January 24th, 2019

Investment Highlights

  • Kenbridge property has a measured and indicated resource of 7.14 million tonnes at 0.62% nickel, 0.33% copper
  • 17.5 (21.8 fully diluted) percent equity stake in Eloro Resources and 2 percent NSR in their La Victoria property

Kenbridge Ni Project (ON, Canada)

  • Advanced  stage  deposit  remains open  in  three  directions,  is  equipped with a 623m  deep  shaft  and  has  never  been  mined. 
  • Preliminary  Economic Assessment completed and updated returned robust project 
    economics and operating costs including  a  NPV  of  C$253M  and  cash costs of US$3.47/lb of nickel net of  
    copper credits.
  • Plans for Kenbridge include updating PEA, advancing the project through to feasibility and exploring the open mineralization at depth

FULL DISCLOSURE: Tartisan Nickel Corp. is an advertising client of AGORA Internet Relations Corp.

INTERVIEW: Liberty Star $LBSR Provides Update on Hay Mountain With Renewed Emphasis on “Great Cluster” #Copper $TMBXF $

Posted by AGORACOM-JC at 2:24 PM on Wednesday, November 28th, 2018

Liberty Star $LBSR Releases Hay Mountain Technical Report

Posted by AGORACOM-JC at 11:28 AM on Monday, November 19th, 2018

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  • All critical land is acquired and the release is now made.
  • Report is organized according to the format and style of Canadian NI 43-101, authored by Jan C. Rasmussen Ph.D., R.G. and reviewed by Corolla Hoag Registered Geologist and Tucson SRK Manager.
  • An extract of that report is located on the Liberty Star website

TUCSON, AZ, Nov. 19, 2018 — Liberty Star Uranium & Metals Corp. (“Liberty Star”) (OTCPK: LBSR) is pleased to announce the release of the Hay Mountain Project Technical Report submitted by SRK Consulting and held in confidence due to exploration activity in the area. All critical land is acquired and the release is now made. The report is organized according to the format and style of Canadian NI 43-101, authored by Jan C. Rasmussen Ph.D., R.G. and reviewed by Corolla Hoag Registered Geologist and Tucson SRK Manager. An extract of that report is located on the Liberty Star website.

The Report recommended additional technical work including drilling Hay Mountain targets to determine if the indicated copper presence will lead to a bankable feasibility study and a commercially viable resource can be defined.

Key Points:

  • Hay Mountain is a porphyry copper deposit related to a fracture system in an eroded caldera margin.
  • LBSR exploration to date has been regional-scale airborne geophysical surveys, geochemical and biogeochemical surveys.

After the compilation of the SRK technical report, Liberty Star conducted the recommended detailed surface and subsurface studies including additional vegetation geochemical sampling, geophysical ZTEM surveys, and XRF geochemical analysis. These studies serve as confirmation of the SRK technical report recommendations and have led Liberty Star to plot and permit specific drilling targets to carry out additional technical report recommendations. Drilling will begin once appropriate resources are in place.

Key Indicators: The USGS publication of the map (USGS Publication Circular 1380, Chapter 7)
identifies historic production from at least 37 porphyry copper mines in SE Arizona and Northern Mexico in an area identified as the “Great Cluster.” This area has produced approximately 240 million metric tons (tonnes) of copper, divided among 37 deposits in the Great Cluster – Copper-Gold equating to an average past copper production of 6.5 million metric tons copper = 14.3 billion lbs. of copper at a projected future copper market price of $6/pound or $86 Billion dollars, which for illustrative purposes is distributed equally per deposit in the Great Cluster. This is a hypothetical average with some much larger and some much smaller deposits with past production. This also suggests there are yet to be discovered deposits of copper which will be in this range.

  • With careful technical work LBSR believes that at least a square mile of alteration is present, and much more is probable. This can be compared to the recently stated $10 billion value placed on a very similar Rosemont camp deposit which covers about 1 square kilometer. Thus, Hay mountain may contain $10 billion x 2.6 kilometers/sq. mile or about $26 billion in copper. The Hay Mountain Property will generate copper in known sedimentary limestones and igneous layers, not necessarily flat but concentrated in contorted layers visible in geophysics which start at about 300 feet (also indicated by geophysics) from the surface and go to perhaps a geophysically indicated depth of 6,000 feet. If the deposit is larger, thicker or higher grade it could be substantially more. Conversely, lower grades and smaller volumes would result in smaller mineral resources and lower value. The size of the alteration zone at Hay Mountain is about 8 miles long and 6 miles wide. The zone contains multiple magnetic anomalies and electromagnetic anomalies interpreted as porphyry copper centers or hot spots (skarn) and may be very much larger than estimated above.

“This may be world class discovery in a historically proven mineral zone”- The Great Copper Cluster, remarked Jim Briscoe, Chief Executive Officer of Liberty Star. “Our geophysical and geochemical surveys have provided additional validation of a very large multi-mineral footprint at Hay Mountain.”

About Liberty Star

Based in Tucson, Arizona, Liberty Star, Inc. is a public company trading under the symbol LBSR. Liberty Star’s main project involves a large mineral footprint in a developing high-grade mineral region in southeast Arizona.


Forward-Looking Statements
Some statements in this release may be “forward-looking statements” for the purposes of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. In some cases forward-looking statements can be identified by words such as “believe,” “expect,” “anticipate,” “plan,” “potential,” “continue” or similar expressions. Such forward-looking statements include risks and uncertainties, and there are important factors that could cause actual results to differ materially from those expressed or implied by such forward-looking statements. These factors, risks and uncertainties are discussed in the Company’s Annual Report on Form 10-K for the year ended January 31, 2017, as updated from time to time in our filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission, most recently in the Company’s Quarterly Report for the period May 1, 2018 to July 31, 2018. The Company is not responsible for updating the information contained in this press release beyond the published date, or for changes made to this document by wire services or Internet services.

Tracy Myers, IR Representative
Liberty Star Uranium & Metals Corp.
[email protected]


How #China Is Shaping #Copper Markets $LBSR $TMBXF $

Posted by AGORACOM-JC at 4:21 PM on Tuesday, October 30th, 2018
  • Electric cars, renewable energy will drive demand in the decade ahead, says report.
  • When searching the global markets battlefield for potential casualties of the United States trade war with China, two of the more obvious are the rnminbi (RMB) and copper.
  • But the rapid adoption of renewables and electric cars are long-term secular trends that may ultimately prove more important drivers than tariffs and trade wars.

By:CME Group

Indeed, their twin fortunes have been intimately intertwined since the summer when sabre rattling was matched with action.

There are a number of reasons for this closer-than-usual relationship. The corollary of a weak RMB is a strong dollar and dollar strength and commodity price weakness often go hand in hand. The second is China’s crucial role in the world economy. In 2016, China accounted for 40 percent of the entirety of global growth, according to the World Economic Forum. Similarly, a one percent decline in global trade has historically led to four percent decline in copper prices.

Growth Tied to China

Both copper and China are bellwethers for the global economy and the ratcheting up of tariffs and rhetoric is unnerving investors. The September Bank of America Merrill Lynch Fund Manager Survey revealed that 24 percent of investors expect global growth to slow in the next year, up from net 7 percent in August. The surveyed investors are gloomier about the prospects for the global economy than at any time since December 2011.

As well as indirect links through trade, there is a direct relationship between the red metal and the People’s Republic: China consumes 40 percent of global copper supply. China’s economy is showing signs of slowing. The Caixin China General Manufacturing PMI fell to a 14-month low of 50.6 in August. GDP growth slowed slightly to 6.5 percent in the third quarter.

Copper demand appears to be robust. Chinese copper inventories have declined to levels last seen in 2017 when prices were over $7,000/ metric ton, in spite of refined copper imports hitting a series of seasonally adjusted record highs. This suggests those imports are being consumed.

Electric Revolution

China’s shift to clean energy is not just a policy goal, it is an environmental and health necessity. According to one 2015 study published by climate research organization Berkeley Earth, 1.6 million Chinese die each year as a result of air pollution. The electricity sector globally accounts for 65 percent of all copper demand, photovoltaic cells depend on copper and a typical wind turbine uses one metric ton of the metal.

Beyond electricity generation and transmission and renewable energy, the next biggest uses of copper are in construction and transport. An average electric car uses six kilometers of copper wire in the batteries and rotors of their engines. Demand for copper from manufacturers of electric is forecast to increase nine-fold by 2027, according to consultancy firm IDTechEx in a report published this year.

Against this backdrop, Citigroup analysts issued a report in July entitled “Prepare for a decade of Dr. Copper on steroids.” Chinese copper demand and global trade are undoubtedly important for copper prices. But the rapid adoption of renewables and electric cars are long-term secular trends that may ultimately prove more important drivers than tariffs and trade wars.


#Copper climbs to one-week high on #China demand hopes $LBSR $TMBXF $

Posted by AGORACOM-JC at 11:06 AM on Monday, October 22nd, 2018

  • Copper prices climbed to one-week highs on Monday due to expectations of stronger demand after authorities in top consumer China said they would take measures aimed at bolstering growth and liquidity
  • Benchmark copper on the London Metal Exchange was up 1.2 percent at $6,292 a tonne at 0919 GMT from an earlier $6,331.50 a tonne, the highest since Oct. 15.

Imaduddin October 22, 2018

LONDON: Copper prices climbed to one-week highs on Monday due to expectations of stronger demand after authorities in top consumer China said they would take measures aimed at bolstering growth and liquidity.

Benchmark copper on the London Metal Exchange was up 1.2 percent at $6,292 a tonne at 0919 GMT from an earlier $6,331.50 a tonne, the highest since Oct. 15.

China’s central bank governor said last week it would roll out targeted measures to help ease company financing problems and encourage commercial banks to boost lending to private firms.

“The news from China is encouraging for metals,” said Eugen Weinberg, analyst at Commerzbank. “Measures that add liquidity will help in the short to medium term, but it won’t solve the problem of indebtedness, a problem for some years now.”

CHINA TAX: China’s tax cuts next year could exceed the equivalent of 1 percent of gross domestic product, a central bank adviser said, in a sign policymakers might be considering another round of tax reductions.

GROWTH: China’s economic growth cooled to its weakest quarterly pace since the global financial crisis, with regulators moving quickly to calm nervous investors as a years-long campaign to tackle debt risks and the trade war with the United States began to bite.

DEMAND: China accounts for about half of global copper demand estimated this year at around 24 million tonnes.

China is “multiplying its efforts to support the economy, and in particular, the infrastructure sector amid domestic and international headwinds,” such as the trade war with the United States and high debt levels, Fitch Solutions said in a note.

The country’s demand for copper, an economic bellwether, “will improve over the coming months as property completions and grid investment picks up and demand from the autos and consumer sectors remain buoyant,” added the research house.

TECHNICALS: Strong upside resistance for copper is at the 100-day moving average, currently at around $6,320 and support is at $6,115, the 55-day moving average.

STOCKS: Traders say significantly higher copper prices in China could encourage further outflows from LME approved warehouses to those monitored by the Shanghai Futures Exchange.

LME copper stocks at 154,225 tonnes have tumbled 27 percent since Sept. 24, while those in ShFE warehouses are up about 27 percent over the same period to 140,789 tonnes.

PRICES: Aluminium was up 1.2 percent at $2,028, zinc  gained 1.3 percent to $2,660, lead added 1.4 percent to $2,020, tin rose 0.1 percent to $19,190 and nickel was up 1.4 percent to $12,615 a tonne.


INTERVIEW: Liberty Star $LBSR Discusses Latest Activities in #Copper Mining Rich Southeast Arizona $TMBXF $

Posted by AGORACOM-JC at 8:57 AM on Friday, August 10th, 2018