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VIDEO – Royal Helium’s $25 Million JV Sees More Helium Resources, New Facility Construction and Global Exportation

Posted by Paul Nanuwa at 10:19 AM on Friday, April 19th, 2024

If you have been following the great space race over the last 2 years, including India landing on the moon in August, SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy $1 billion asteroid mission for NASA and how SpaceX launched three Falcon 9s in less than a day, then you’re going to love this interview with Royal Helium. Given that Rocket launch activity in 2022 reached a new record, 2023 set another record with 223 launches and 2024 is expected to set yet another record.

Royal Helium already has 3-year purchase commitments from two offtake partner agreements in the major North American aerospace and space launch industries including a Major Space Launch Company. We have narrowed down to one of NASA, SpaceX (MUSK) or Blue Origin (BEZOS). Why? Because Helium plays a critical role in space launches.


Royal Helium and Sparrow Hawk Developments join forces in an Economic Participation Agreement, unveiling a significant leap forward for the helium sector in Saskatchewan. The $25 million joint venture investment promises to reshape the landscape of helium development in the region.

Sparrow Hawk’s infusion of $25 million is earmarked for drilling, well completion, and construction of a state-of-the-art helium purification facility marks a pivotal moment for Royal Helium’s Val Marie project. With Sparrow Hawk assuming a substantial non-operating working interest in the wells and processing facility, this alliance signifies a new era.


Mr. Andrew Davidson, CEO of Royal Helium,

“This joint venture represents an exciting next step in Royal’s mission to advance the development of its extensive helium resources and bring additional facilities online each year. Of equal importance, this partnership highlights Royal’s commitment toward further inclusion of First Nations groups in the resource development activities and the economic growth in the province…”

Mr. Alex Fallon , CEO of Sparrow Hawk states,

“This partnership and our planned ownership in helium production plants and of the helium resource itself, is not only a form of economic reconciliation, but it also sets the path for a multimillion-dollar investment to develop Saskatchewan’s helium sector and export helium to customers around the globe.”


Spanning 32,000 acres atop the Bowdoin Dome, Royal’s Val Marie project boasts significant helium potential. Recent drilling successes underscore its viability, positioning it as a key player in the booming helium market.

The $25 million partnership between Royal Helium and Sparrow Hawk Developments isn’t just about financial figures—it’s about forging pathways to progress. With a shared commitment to economic reconciliation and resource development, this collaboration sets a precedent for meaningful, inclusive growth in Saskatchewan’s helium sector.

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