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EnergyWorks Pioneers Dual Solutions for Plastic Waste and Fuel Emissions

Posted by Paul Nanuwa at 3:38 PM on Wednesday, June 12th, 2024


As global environmental challenges intensify, innovative solutions are emerging at the intersection of waste management and renewable energy. EnergyWorks, a wholly-owned subsidiary of MetaWorks Platforms, Inc., is at the forefront of this movement, converting plastic waste into diesel fuel through advanced chemical processes. This development not only addresses the critical issue of plastic pollution but also provides a cleaner alternative to fossil fuels. EnergyWorks’s recent partnership with EnergyFX, LLC, underscores its commitment to commercializing this groundbreaking technology by Q4 2024, positioning the company as a key player in the GreenTech sector.

Industry Outlook and EnergyWorks’s Trajectory

The global push towards sustainability has catalyzed advancements in both waste management and renewable energy. The recent breakthrough by scientists at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Ames National Laboratory, which converts plastic waste into diesel, exemplifies this trend. EnergyWorks is well-positioned within this trajectory, leveraging similar technologies to transform plastic pollution into valuable energy resources. This alignment with industry advancements highlights EnergyWorks’s potential to significantly impact both the environment and the energy sector.

Voices of Authority

Aaron Sadow, a leading scientist at Ames National Laboratory, emphasized the urgency of addressing plastic waste and energy issues holistically. “By looking holistically at energy and fuels, chemicals and materials, and their natural supply, we can design sustainable solutions for our plastic waste and energy problems,” he stated. This sentiment echoes EnergyWorks’s strategic direction, as articulated by MetaWorks President Scott Gallagher. “The amount of plastic that is ending up in the ocean is just shocking and needs to end,” Gallagher remarked. “We look forward to building a sustainable and profitable business together that addresses this massive problem of plastic waste in the US.”

EnergyWorks & MetaWorks’ Highlights

EnergyWorks specializes in converting plastic waste into high-quality diesel fuel. Formed to tackle the mounting global plastic waste crisis, EnergyWorks leverages advanced technology to transform non-recyclable plastics into valuable energy resources, contributing to both environmental sustainability and energy efficiency.

Focus on Sustainability:

  • EnergyWorks is dedicated to reducing plastic waste and promoting cleaner energy alternatives. By converting plastic waste into diesel fuel, the company addresses both environmental pollution and the need for sustainable energy sources.

Leveraging Advanced Technology:

  • Utilizing cutting-edge pyrolysis and catalytic conversion processes, EnergyWorks transforms plastic waste into valuable diesel fuel. This technology is more efficient and environmentally friendly compared to traditional methods of fuel production.

Active Partnerships:

  • EnergyWorks has partnered with EnergyFX, LLC, a company with over 25 years of operational and environmental experience. This collaboration ensures efficient site operations and robust business model economics as EnergyWorks prepares for the commercialization of its first waste-to-energy project.


  • The company is gearing up for the commercial launch of its waste-to-energy project by Q4 2024. EnergyWorks is also in discussions with several potential site locations and feedstock providers, indicating a strong growth trajectory and scalable business model.

Holistic Impact:

  • By addressing the twin issues of plastic waste and fossil fuel dependency, EnergyWorks creates a holistic environmental impact. The company’s solutions not only reduce the volume of plastics in landfills and oceans but also provide cleaner-burning diesel fuel, which benefits various industries and contributes to a more sustainable future.

These achievements underscore EnergyWorks’s commitment to creating sustainable and scalable solutions for global environmental issues.

MetaWorks Platforms has been recognized as an award-winning technology company, highlighting its excellence and leadership in the Web3, AI, and GreenTech spaces. This recognition underscores the company’s commitment to delivering high-quality, impactful solutions.

The company stands tall as the recipient of the Eco-System Excellence – NFT Platform Award. In addition to being award winners…. MetaWorks pioneered the first-ever NFT as a movie with “Zero Contact.” With over a staggering $1.8 million in revenue for 2022, it is far more than a player; it’s a metaverse innovator and diesel fuel creator.

Real-world Relevance

EnergyWorks’s contributions extend beyond technological innovation, impacting everyday life in tangible ways. By transforming plastic waste into clean diesel, the company addresses two major environmental concerns: plastic pollution and fossil fuel dependency. This dual solution not only reduces the volume of plastics in landfills and oceans but also provides a cleaner alternative to traditional diesel fuel, benefiting industries that rely heavily on diesel power, such as transportation, manufacturing, and agriculture.

Looking Ahead with EnergyWorks

EnergyWorks is poised for significant growth as it moves towards commercializing its waste-to-energy technology. The company’s forward-looking goals include expanding its operational footprint, establishing new partnerships, and continuing to innovate in waste management and renewable energy. This optimistic industry forecast, supported by advancements like those at Ames National Laboratory, positions EnergyWorks as a compelling participant in the broader push towards sustainability.


EnergyWorks stands at the nexus of environmental sustainability and energy innovation, offering promising solutions to some of today’s most pressing challenges. As the company prepares for commercialization and further expansion, EnergyWorks’s achievements and future prospects make it a noteworthy contender in the GreenTech sector, poised to drive significant environmental and economic impact.


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$GRAT Gratomic to Launch New Graphene Ultra Efficient Tires $ $

Posted by AGORACOM at 10:34 AM on Wednesday, January 16th, 2019
  • Developed new Graphene Ultra Fuel Efficient Tires (GUET)
  • Certification and terrain testing targeted for completion in Q3, 2019
  • The automotive tire market is large and is expected to grow to 2.5 billion tires by 2022
  • The GUET tire market represents a very large vertical for Gratomic which the Company will be vigorously pursuing in 2019, and beyond

Gratomic Inc. (“Gratomic” or the “Company”) (TSX-V: GRAT) (CB81-FRANKFURT) a vertically integrated graphite to graphenes, advanced materials company is pleased to announce the development of Gratomic’s new Graphene Ultra Fuel Efficient Tires (GUET) with certification and terrain testing targeted for completion in Q3, 2019.

“Purely from a demand perspective, we have been pulled into a market which represents a very large opportunity for Gratomic. Simply put, our customers want what we have; high quality graphene. Not only are Hybrid Graphene enhanced tires fuel efficient, but they can also demonstrate better handling and longer life” commented Gratomic’s Chairman and Co-CEO Sheldon Inwentash. “The GUET tire market represents a very large vertical for Gratomic which the Company will be vigorously pursuing in 2019, and beyond.”

Gratomic recognizes the automotive tire market is large and is expected to grow to 2.5 billion tires by 2022. Gratomic looks to penetrate and disrupt the traditional means of tire production by providing graphene enabled GUET tires. To date, the global tire market has recognized that employing graphenes within tire treads, walls and the inner linings can make tires lighter, provide better grip and reduce rolling resistance to an extent that is not possible with existing tire compounds. On average, this would require 20 to 25 grams of graphene per tire. However, for the Industry, specification consistency and scaleability of supply have been limiting factors and to date have been the biggest constraints in commercializing Graphene.

Attributed to the right combination of geology at the mine and our processing partner, Gratomic strongly believes it can satisfy the supply demand of quality graphenes required for what the Company believes is the growing market demand for a new age economy tire. Gratomic is confident in its ability to deliver consistent quality and quantities of Graphenes to end users.

Gratomic has been able to achieve this through a unique collaboration agreement with its development partner Perpetuus Carbon Technologies who currently supplies substantial quantities of surface modified graphenes on a monthly basis to the tire industry through its Patented Plasma Process.

Ian Walters Director – Perpetuus Carbon Technologies Limited stated:

“Perpetuus’ investigative analysis and characterization has concluded that the Graphenes derived from the Gratomic mine are highly friable, more so than any other graphite tested for purpose by the Perpetuus Labs. The liberated graphenes when functionalized have demonstrated excellent processability. Initial application in a host of end uses has demonstrated excellent suitability for a range of products. Most noteworthy are the excellent results generated when the Hybrid Graphenes are included in elastomers for tire construction. Perpetuus looks forward to working with Gratomic to launch probably the first range of Graphene enabled ultra fuel efficient tires.”


Employing its dedicated facility for the patented Perpetuus plasma method Gratomic post plasma processing produces graphenes (less than 10 layers) of a high purity (CK 99.10%) derived from its Graphite Mine in Namibia.


Gratomic is pleased to advise shareholders that the Company’s website has been updated. Please visit

About Perpetuus Carbon Technologies.

Perpetuus is the world’s largest producer of plasma surface engineered graphenes formulated for specific end uses with a capacity in excess of 100’s of tonnes per annum. The company has a lab to commercialization facility based at its two premises in South Wales UK. Cycle and car tires enhanced with Perpetuus graphenes are currently and simultaneously being road tested on bikes, light commercial vehicles and taxis in Asia and Europe and are used on a daily basis. Perpetuus surfaced engineered graphenes are currently being introduced into development programmes for aircraft and industrial tires.

About Gratomic Inc.

Gratomic is an advanced materials company focused on mine to market commercialization of graphite products most notably high value graphene-based components for a range of mass market products. We are collaborating with a leading European manufacturer of graphenes to use Aukam graphite to manufacture graphene products for commercialization on an industrial scale. The company is listed on the TSX Venture Exchange under the symbol GRAT.

For more information: visit the website at or contact:

Arno Brand, Co-CEO, +1 416-561-4095 E-mail inquiries: [email protected]