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International Small-Cap Investors Account For 22% Of AGORACOM Clicks In July 2011

Posted by AGORACOM at 2:01 PM on Friday, July 29th, 2011

As you all know very well by now, I love to share data pertaining to our accomplishments.  Why? Talk is cheap and data is the only way to differentiate who is actually getting the job done in the world of online investor relations.

Despite what all the “Johnny Come Lately IR Expertshave been telling you as of late, AGORACOM has been proving to small-cap CEO’s for years that online investor relations is the key to attracting the widest possible audience of investors.

Moreover, we’ve been pounding the table on the fact that a unified small-cap investor relations platform such as AGORACOM is a cheaper, faster and easier way to achieve that goal.  We simply don’t agree that solo social media efforts are sufficient because individual small-cap companies simply don’t push out enough content and information to attract a meaningful audience and presence.

To this end, AGORACOM has been working hard at casting the widest net possible via our own site, sister sites, social media and small-cap videos.   That effort is paying big dividends in terms of traffic to all of those sources – and today we present further evidence of that with 22% of our stories in July being clicked on by foreign small-cap investors.

Here is the irrefutable click data and list of countries … and here is how you contact us to discuss your online investor relations needs.

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