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Augusta Updates India Trip $

Posted by AGORACOM-Eric at 9:46 AM on Tuesday, October 3rd, 2017


  • Meetings were with some of India’s large oil and gas companies, petrochemical and steel plants.
  • Companies that met with the Corporation requested that FOX-TEK submit multiple quotations
  • Corporation’s Indian representative Aditya International Co. integral to the development in India

Toronto, Ontario–(October 3, 2017) – Augusta Industries Inc. (TSXV: AAO) (the “Corporation”) is pleased to announce that its Vice President of Operations, Mr. Thierry Cherpillod, has returned from a two week trip to India where he held several meetings with the Corporation’s Indian representative Aditya International Co. (“Aditya”) and several other companies introduced to the Corporation by Aditya. While in India, a number of meetings had been pre-arranged by our representative. Some of these meetings were with some of India’s large oil and gas companies, petrochemical and steel plants.

The Corporation’s non-intrusive electric field mapping monitoring technology (EFM) and FOX-TEK Canada Inc.’s (“FOX_TEK”) novel leak detection technology were well received by all of the companies that met with Mr. Cherpillod. During the trip, the companies that met with the Corporation requested that FOX-TEK submit a quotation for its EFM monitoring system as well as technical and budgetary quotes for other projects including leak detection for fuel tanks, pipelines and water leak detection.

“We are very pleased with the outcome of the trip and the reception that our technology received,” stated Allen Lone, the President of the Corporation. “Aditya International has demonstrated that it is a reliable partner and has provided and facilitated for meetings with end users and customers throughout India with a keen interest to learn about our technologies, engineering and sales support.”

About Aditya International Co.

Aditya International Co ( was established in 1999 with sole mission of providing research based maintenance and servicing solutions to the industry, Aditya International Co. Operates a number of divisions that are branded uniquely for the most prominent recognition by customers. Aditya Provides MRO solutions to meet the demanding maintenance requirements of the industry. The company’s professionally trained engineers are ready to serve proactively to solve all MRO problems.

About the Corporation:

Through its wholly owned subsidiaries, Marcon International Inc. (“Marcon”) and Fox-Tek, the Corporation provides a variety of services and products to a number of clients.

Marcon is an industrial supply contractor servicing the energy sector and a number of US Government entities. Marcon’s principal business is the sale and distribution of industrial parts and equipment.

FOX-TEK provides world leading solutions to various sectors including the oil and gas industry. With non- intrusive technologies including: fiber optic sensors and electric field mapping systems; we are able to accurately measure changes that could negatively impact our client’s operations.

Corporation contact:

Allen Lone, President, CEO, Augusta Industries Inc.
Tel: (905) 275 8111 Ext 226, email: [email protected]

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