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PayPerPost Scores 91% Approval On WebProNews Poll

Posted by AGORACOM at 6:29 PM on Sunday, March 18th, 2007

PayPerPost (PPP) has been the subject of hot debate since it opened for business in 2006.  For those of you not familiar with PPP, it is a site that basically acts as a broker between advertisers and bloggers.  The twist is that rather than spending one lump sum to buy space on one blog, advertisers can offer 500 different bloggers $5 each (or more) to post a message about their company.  Purists argue it is deceptive and ruining the internet.  PPP and other capitalists argue it is another smart way of getting a message out, while putting some $$ in the jeans of bloggers who earn pennies from Google.

It shouldn’t surprise you that I’m all for the business side of the debate.  A recent webpoll on WebProNews puts the capitalists in the overwhelming majority, with more than 91% saying they would use PPP.  Now, only 78 people voted during the week long poll but the poll was placed at the bottom of an article that pitted PPP against one of the biggest blogs in the world – Gizmodo.

Paying bloggers to write about you, as long as it is disclosed, isn’t deceptive and it isn’t ruining the web.  Not because I say so but due to the fact no self-respecting blogger would affiliate themselves with products or services harmful to the blogosphere.  Do they have to love it?  Does Tiger really love Buick?  I’m sure he loved them a whole lot more once they dropped cash on the table.  Why should bloggers be any different?  Power to the free market.


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