Agoracom Blog Becomes Latest StockSpam Machine

Posted by AGORACOM at 1:34 AM on Friday, March 23rd, 2007

Despite SEC Operation Spamalot vowing to crack down on stock spam, it appears the people at Twin Trader contnue their spam attack undaunted. So far this week I’ve received 8 separate spam messages discussing 7 different companies. Even if I was a legitimate subscriber to the service, how valuable can the service be when you send information about 7 different companies?

A closer look at their disclaimer uncovers the typical we might own a bunch of stock and sell it at anytime even if it avalanches the stock warning. What I also find particularly interesting is the following:

“TT has been compensated five hundred dollars from Inside Wall Street for disseminating this news release and other services” 500 Hundred Dollars? Either TT is selling its spam services short, or they are a related party in which IWS is the company selling the services and TT is conducting the spam operations.

Either way, I didn’t ask for 8 stockspam messages and a report will be filed with the SEC. If you’ve been spammed by TT, I suggest you contact the SEC or e-mail them directly at [email protected]


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