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Yahoo Finance Small-Cap Show Features Gold and Market Predictions From Peter Grandich

Posted by AGORACOM at 12:38 AM on Tuesday, April 24th, 2007

There are many people who called for a bull market in resources such as gold, copper and uranium but only one (that I know of) that continues to call tops and bottoms in this secular bull market – Peter Grandich.  For example, when gold hit $735 several months back, Peter called a top and that gold would fall back to $640.  Recently, Peter correctly called for $540 – and a subsequent rebound. He was right again.  Same thing on the top in copper prices in the mid-$3’s.

The amazing thing is he made all these calls to the chagrin of his resource clients, some of which fired him, which cemented his credibility with me.  Not to mention the criticism thrown at him from invidual investors on discussion forums that were more interested in hearing good news rather than reality.  Ultimately, it turned out to be the best thing for clients smart enough to stay with him because more and more investors continue to register for his newsletter based on his track record.

Well, Peter is at it again in an interview on the Yahoo Finance Small-Cap Show (Expert’s Corner Edition).  Some highlights?

  • Gold will break through its current bull market high of $735;
  • If the Dow breaks through 13,000 on a strong move, Peter will publish and take a short position to capitalize on a subsequent steep drop;
  • Junior resource companies outside of North America are at their greatest risk right now;
  • Why Peter is bearish on base metals.

If you want unbiased market intelligence on the resources sector in particular and the equities markets in general, this is well worth your 10-minute investment…even if he is a New York Giants fan :-).


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