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Viruses Via Web Browsing Are A Rising Threat For Small-Cap Companies

Posted by AGORACOM at 9:26 PM on Tuesday, May 22nd, 2007


As an officer of a small-cap company, you have the major responsibility of making sure your data is secure.  Unfortunately, I also know small-cap companies are less likely to implement surfing policies for employees – and that leaves you vulnerable to picking up malware from sites that shouldn’t be visited from the office.  The results could be disastrous.

More than just lip service, consider this excerpt from a report released by ClickZ today:

Postini calculates spam and viruses to comprise over 93 percent of e-mails, up 135 percent from September 2006 rates, and a 36 percent increase over January 2007. Web-borne security threats from spyware and adware are also on the rise; the spread of online threats increased by 34.4 percent over the previous month.

…and this excerpt with respect to e-mail viruses: 

Viruses were found in one in every 145.5 e-mails received in April….MessageLabs said the majority of attacks consisted of an e-mail sent to one individual to evade signature-based malware detection. 

Lesson of the day?  Make sure your virus protection is up to date and implement a surfing policy that prohibits employees from surfing sites other than those necessary to conduct their work.  As a public company, you don’t want to risk losing critical data, company secrets or anything else that might compromise your business and market capitalization.


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