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AGORACOM 4.0 Goes Live

Posted by AGORACOM at 2:21 AM on Sunday, July 1st, 2007

After weeks of planning and coding, as well as, a ridiculous amount of work into the dawn’s early light I’m proud to announce that AGORACOM has now released its 4th version in 3 years and the feedback has been outstanding.  Huge kudos to the entire team for toughing it out this week (Paul, Jim, Carrie, Elvis, Bart, Cam, Rody, Al, Jeff, Dom, Cameron and Jack) to make it happen.  Great job.

The site is cleaner, faster, easier to navigate and features two new Web 2.0 tools that will serve all of our members and clients.  

First, we’ve officially launched this blog to our members.  It has largely been available to industry participants (CEO’s, Investment Bankers, etc.) via newsletter, as well as, individual investors that have found us through the blogosphere.  Now, members have access to it on a daily basis from our front page.  I’m excited about it because AGORACOM started with me posting to discussion forums on a daily basis and building up a great relationship with investors around the world.  As we’ve grown, I’ve had to assume more traditional business responsibilities but always missed the action of speaking with investors.  Glad to be back!

Second, we’ve launched AGORACOM TV right on our front page.  A daily, fast-paced show that will last no more than 3 minutes but provide investors with profitable news and information out of the small-cap world every morning.  In keeping with our partnerships at Yahoo Finance, AOL Finance and Blackberry, information will not be limited to our clients.  If we’ve got a great story for the benefit of everyone, we’ll run with it.  It’s the only way to make sure the investment community loves it enough to keep watching everyday – giving our clients a great long-term benefit when they do make an appearance on the show.

Finally, it sets up AGORACOM 5.0, which we’ve planned to release in mid-September and is our most ambitious effort to date.  It is the culmination of what we’ve learned and listened to in our attempt to create a small-cap community that actually services small-cap companies and their shareholders.

We can’t wait to show it to you.


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