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Forget $100 Oil (Part 2) – Jim Rogers Joins JF Tardif In Calling For $200 Oil, US Recession and Greenback Pain

Posted by AGORACOM at 11:38 AM on Wednesday, November 14th, 2007

<And Then There Were 2>

On Friday, November 9, we posted the following AGORACOM Exclusive interview with JF Tardif (read the post for his superior credentials) in which he unequivocally called for $200 oil. That was a pretty big call to make but given JF’s track record, you have to give him serious consideration – even if it is was a lone wolf call (not including threats by Iran and Venezuela). I struck out “is” because JF is no longer alone when it comes to acclaimed Hedge Fund Managers.

Jim Rogers, co-founder of the Quantum Fund along with billionaire investor George Soros, made the call for $200 oil on Monday from Singapore.

“Over the course of the bull market, oil has to go to $150 (U.S.), it has to go to $200, because nobody’s been discovering oil.”

We haven’t even cracked the magic $100 mark yet but that now seems to be a foregone conclusion – at least according to pretty damn smart guys. Like JF, Rogers didn’t stop at $200 oil. He also stated the following:

  • It is time to sell your $US assets. He is taking all of his assets out of $US as fast as possible.
  • The US is already in recession, or on the brink of recession.
  • The US dollar is going to be in trouble for years. Favor the Swiss Franc, Yen and Yuan.
  • His oil call is not a short-term forecast – but the long-term trend is clear
  • Demand from China, India, Pakistan and Vietnam will offset and US weakness and drive the bull market.

What is important to note hear is that neither JF, nor Rogers are sitting on the fence. Neither are making the annoying “this could happen but it also might not” proclamations. These are two very successful hedge fund managers that don’t appear to be hedging their bets. Oil up, commodities up, US economy down, US dollar down.

Is it that obvious? If so, you’ve been given a treasure map that leads straight to a pot of gold … and a barrel of oil. Time to find real small and micro-cap companies that will benefit from this.


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