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AGORACOM Small-Cap TV – 2 Great Press Releases At The Open (December 28th)

Posted by AGORACOM at 9:02 AM on Friday, December 28th, 2007

Good morning to you all. Please find enclosed a summary of the great small-cap and micro-cap press releases we highlighted on our TV show this morning. It’s December 28th and we’ve found 2 great press releases from both sides of the border to report on at the open. Another great day for the small-cap and micro-cap world.

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If you are new to the show, it is a daily, fast-paced, edgy report that we put out at or before the open everyday that strictly reports on the best small cap and micro cap press releases of the day in 3-5 minutes. You can watch the show by going to AGORACOM every morning.

Our daily show focuses on content over form so that you can get profitable information into your hands as fast as possible. The same holds true for these blog entries where I simply cut and paste my TV notes for your benefit, without any editing.

If you have any material information pertaining to any of today’s companies, be sure to share your knowledge by posting your comments for everyone to see.

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Now, onto our show notes for the day.

Yantai Dahua Holdings Company Ltd (OTC Bulletin Board: YDHCF)

Yantai Completes Reverse Merger With China Agro-Technology, a China Forestry Technology Company With Net Income of $32.8 Million in 2007

YDH Company today announced that it has completed a reverse merger with China Agro-Technology, Ltd. The name of the listed company has been changed to China Agro-Technology Holdings Ltd. and expects to receive a new stock symbol in the coming days.

Yantai Dahua issued 288 million shares of common stock in exchange for all of the issued and outstanding shares of China Agro-Technology, Ltd. (“CAT”). As a result of the transaction, CAT became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Yantai Dahua.

CAT, an agro-biotechnology firm, has total revenues of $37 million in fiscal year ended September 30, 2007, with gross profit of $35 million and net income of $32.8 million.

Leveraging its many competitive advantages, CAT is executing the following strategies in order to broaden its market penetration, deliver results consistently, and increase shareholder value in the long term:

About China Agro-Technology, Ltd.

China Agro-Technology, Ltd. (“CAT”) is an ecologically sustainable agricultural technology enterprise that aims at promoting a global reforestation program, generating environmental rehabilitation and serving the acute demands for paper products. CAT is primarily involved in the ownership, management and operation of Genetically Engineered plantations, the non-tube clone plantations and the marketing of the proprietary rights and technological know-how to the global market.

0.35 (52 Week 0.02 – 0.40) Avg Volume 10K – 50K

Traded yesterday from 0.22 – 0.35 on 200K volume large for this company


Announces an Increase in 2007 Revenue Over 2006 Plus an Update on the Company’s Direction in 2008

Kaire Holdings, Inc.’s subsidiary, H&H Glass, estimates that it will finish the year with a strong sales performance in 2007, which will be in excess of a 30% increase over 2006 for a total of approximately $18 to $19 million.

This strong performance is mainly due to the world shortage of glass supply in the market place.

Management feels these results will set the ground for solid growth and expansion in 2008. H&H Glass will strategically diversify vertically into different packaging material supplies to meet the US market needs and further expand into the European market in 2008. As China sources become more important to the whole world, H&H and its packaging supply products shall strive to maintain a leading edge which has played an important role in its success since the late 1980s. With its 20 years presence in China and Taiwan, H&H shall aggressively use its resources and contacts to connect to the worldwide network in the packaging industry.

H&H Glass Corporation was formed in 1989 and distributes Asian glass products to North America.


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