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IDC – Internet Use Now Doubles TV Time

Posted by AGORACOM at 4:20 AM on Thursday, February 21st, 2008

I’m happy to say that my efforts to help educate the small-cap industry regarding the importance of online IR has yielded amazing results in the past 12 months. Nonetheless, I still find CEO’s who have their doubts about the web, so my job is never done and I’m only too happy to continue the education process.

Today’s lesson is courtesy of IDC – the premier global provider of market intelligence in the IT and consumer technology space. This is a serious and well respected organization, with more than 900 analysts in over 90 countries worldwide. As such, when they speak, you should listen. I know I do.

The latest research out of IDC indicates that Online Consumers Spend Almost Twice as Much Time Using the Internet as Watching TV. They also spend 8 times more time on the web than reading newspapers and magazines.

I could go into the details but my legal education taught me there are times when it is best to just shut up because Res Ipsa Loquiturthe thing speaks for itself.

Thus endeth the lesson.


p.s. Thanks to Paul Kedrosky for finding the article.

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