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AGORACOM SURVEY: Relevancy Of Small-Cap Investor Conferences

Posted by AGORACOM at 11:01 AM on Monday, June 23rd, 2008

Good morning to you all. Last week, I posted my thoughts on the relevancy of small-cap investor conferences and asked for your thoughts on the matter via our simple, 4-question survey.

I’m happy to report that nearly 200 people took the time to participate in the survey (thank-you) and the detailed responses and results can now be viewed here:

For those of you that simply want the highlights, the results were as follows:

  • 60% do not find conferences valuable and get everything they need from the web.
  • Of those 60%, 24% responded they would not take time away from work or family as a reason.
  • Of the 40% that do attend, 70% listed “meeting with company principals” as the #1 reason.
  • Only 11.5% of you believe that small-cap conferences will vanish but 52% believe there will be fewer (but better) conferences.

Interesting stuff. In summary, it looks like the web takes care of all investor information needs but still can not replace personal interaction. I wonder if increased use of video (conference calls, presentations, etc.) would further erode the raison d’etre of small-cap conferences.

I’m also not surprised to see that 52% of investors believe there will be fewer but better conferences in the future.  Like the increased number of bad small-cap listings, we have also seen the rise of too many bad “conferences” that are nothing more than a money grab.

I’m certain (and glad) the slower economy is going to force them out of the business, while quality conferences like those put on by Cambridge Conferences and DealFlow Media will survive and thrive by providing a valuable collaborative experience for investors, pubco’s and industry participants.

Thanks again to everyone that participated in the survey. Much appreciated and I hope you found the results to be equally valuable.


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