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AGORACOM Launches Investor Portfolios

Posted by AGORACOM at 6:23 AM on Saturday, July 12th, 2008


Dear AGORACOMers, with sky-rocketing traffic numbers and member satisfaction with our “Investor Controlled Forums” model, we are very happy to announce the official launch of member portfolios. We’re extremely happy with it. Very intuitive, clean and, most important, provides the ability to view your performance from many different angles.

It even allows you to track your overall net worth by adding in the value of non-stock assets such as bonds, your home, insurance policies, etc.

Response has been great so far, with members already calling for contests! Yep, you can count on one sometime soon. We just want to make sure any little bugs are ironed out, if any.

Thanks to all of our amazing members and clients for making AGORACOM the best small-cap and micro-cap community on the web. In return, we promise to keep providing amazing new tools and updates.

Have a great weekend.

George, Paul and the AGORACOM Team

9 Responses to “AGORACOM Launches Investor Portfolios”

  1. AGORACOM says:

    Amy and Chris, thanks for the great words and for starting off your day on AGORACOM. I promise to continue making it informative and fun.

    Albert – Thanks for the example. I first thought you were asking for font items such as color, bold, italics, etc. (Duh!) Now I realize you are talking about font size. I’ll ask the techies and see what they say.

    To this end, another significant advantage of surfing while using Firefox is that fact that you can hit “CTRL” + “+” to increase the font size of all pages….or “CTRL” + “-” to decrease the font size on all pages.

    As such, If you haven’t already done so, you should give Firefox a try (


  2. Albert says:

    George– What I would like to see on my portfolio is larger print ( it would make the portfolio easier to read) especially when NOT and the Ring of fire stocks are going up ——- I love to see the GREEN arrows– going up—-LOL—-We don’t need to see red arrows–lol—- just hope you can come up with large print (font)

  3. Chris M says:

    Beauty!! Thanks AG, I was hoping we would get this on here and voila, keep up the great work and thanks for adding useful tools on a regular basis. I know its tough to please everyone but you seem to be adding the most important tools first. Keep it up!

    AG’s my home page now too….

    Chris M.

  4. Amy P says:

    Congrats George/AGORACOM,

    I just tried out the portfolio feature and I luv it!

    You guys continue to deliver the features that we actually use on a regular basis.

    I’ve book marked AGORACOM as my home page 🙂

    All the best,

  5. AGORACOM says:

    Thanks for the responses and kudos so far gang. Here are some answers for you guys:

    Albert – I don’t think we have any kind of fonts in portfolio because all of the info is static. Can you give me a specific example of what you would want font to accomplish so that I can pass it on to the developers? Thanks.

    Ring of Fire – Sharing portfolios is something I was thinking about as well this morning. Some people definitely want to keep their portfolios private but I do know that many like to share. I’ve submitted it.

    Rick – We don’t sell any of those on AGORACOM but the leading Canadian provider is Contact them and tell them George from AGORACOM sent you.

    Stephen – We knew portfolios would be a serious “sticky” item for the site. Hence, why we took our time to do it right.

    With respect to delivering new tools and upgrades, I think the advantage we have over most is that we started out as discussion forum players and decided to build the kind of site we always dreamed of. We don’t build to maximize advertisements (we don’t have any) or to satisfy our programmers. It’s all and only about what we would want as investors.

    Thanks to all and keep the comments coming!


  6. Stephen says:

    That’s it. No reason at all to go to stockhouse anymore and check the portfolio. Smart move giving us everything in one place.

    Thanks for this and all the surprises you guys keep adding. Don;t want to jinx you but your batting average for releasing stuff we like is blowing sh away

  7. Rick says:

    Do you offer silver bars, bullion, or coins for sale here in Canada ?
    In searching to buy I keep hitting the NWT sites(American Company) that sell these items & they seem to own the Pan Am silver for sale as well. I would like to start purchasing silver in 1 oz. coin or bullion 5 & 10 oz pieces, & as a Canadian would perfer to buy from a Canadian company.
    Thank you for you time

  8. RingOfFire says:

    I love the portfolio. May I offer a suggestion/ask for an enhancement? I would like to share my portfolio for all to see. Aparently this cannot be done now as it requires userid to login?

    So just the ability to “share” or “make public”.


  9. Albert says:

    THANKS GEORGE -FOR THE PORTFOLIO ——great idea—–One question— Is it possible to add font to the page—-or am I missing the location of the font ——-Thanks—– happyappie —- it would be an great addition.

    You wouldn’t want your competition to have something that you haven’t got.