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Microsoft:Apple Market Cap Multiple Evaporates In 6 Years. A Lesson For Small-Cap CEO’s

Posted by AGORACOM at 2:22 AM on Tuesday, July 15th, 2008

If you are a market leader in your space, the following will illustrate why you shouldn’t get too cozy or complacent.

If you are a start-up, a (hard-working) laggard, or a small-cap CEO playing catch up to the big fish, the following should inspire you to keep pushing on both the sweat and ingenuity fronts.

  • Apple’s market value has risen from $US 6 billion in 2002 to $US 152 billion today.
  • In the same six year period, Microsoft’s market value has fallen from $US347 billion (or 58 times Apple) to $235 billion (1.5 times Apple).

I knew that Apple had made some incredible strides on MSFT over this decade but I was blown away by the shrinkage in the market-cap multiple between the two. From 58:1 to 1.5:1 – now that is what I call closing ground on the enemy.

Any guesses as to when Apple catches and runs MSFT right over?

Source: Big Picture Takes iPhone Beyond The Web

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