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Aurelian Shareholder Revolt On AGORACOM Makes Calgary Herald

Posted by AGORACOM at 7:23 AM on Friday, August 8th, 2008

The shareholder revolt at Aurelian Resources continues to gain momentum, with the Calgary Herald picking up the story today.

Hats off to Aurelian shareholders for showing the world how a stock discussion community can be used in a powerful and constructive manner.


One Response to “Aurelian Shareholder Revolt On AGORACOM Makes Calgary Herald”

  1. R. Talen says:

    Thanks for picking the ball on this issue. I feel that the Aurelian board should resign enmass. They have misrepresented the interests of retail stockholders who perhaps only have a few gold stocks in their portfolio and are counting on at least a double of price on their average over the past year. I was willing to take a chance on the government decision and expected the board of A. to at least wait for the review, then put itself up for bidding or go into production themselves on this excellent resource. What is the panic to sell by Sept.3? I wish I could line my pockets with the proceeds that the management will receive. They have nothing to lose have they! Where are the mutual funds and their ilk when we need them to speak up for us.