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Bailout Bill At Risk Of Severe Backlash If Markets Suffer Bad Week

Posted by AGORACOM at 6:02 AM on Monday, October 6th, 2008

Given the fact most American citizens view the Bailout Bill as exactly that, a bailout, who is going to explain the drop in markets on Friday and what is now looking to be a bad Monday?

More importantly, If they perceive the Bailout Bill as an outright failure right out of the gate, what kind of backlash can we expect from a very, very angry nation? Will they demand the Bill be repealed? Or, at the very least, demand no further infusions be made beyond what has already been made?

If the markets continue this morning’s trends throughout the week, we could be looking at a severe crisis of confidence within the United States.


One Response to “Bailout Bill At Risk Of Severe Backlash If Markets Suffer Bad Week”

  1. Jonnyblue says:

    What we are looking at is a complete lack of willingness to address the situation. I understand that the Yanks can’t “this thing go” ala Bush, but they really should look forth rationing the income disparities a little better…the little guy just can’t afford it any more and I have a feeling this election (and beyond it) could get ugly