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Congratulations President-Elect Obama. The World Is Behind You. Make Us Proud

Posted by AGORACOM at 12:43 AM on Wednesday, November 5th, 2008

The time has come to put aside our politics and unite behind the new leader of the free world.  I have no doubt Senator John McCain would have been a good leader…. but I have no doubt that President-Elect Barack Obama will be an excellent leader, the leader the United States and the entire planet needed at this point in time.

Congratulations.  Good luck.  Make us proud.  Make us believe again.  The entire planet is behind you.

I’m going to sleep and, for the first time in a long time, looking forward to waking up to a new era.


3 Responses to “Congratulations President-Elect Obama. The World Is Behind You. Make Us Proud”

  1. AGORACOM says:

    Paul, thanks for the comment and couldn’t agree more.

    Buddiee, thanks for the comments as well. I can tell you that I’m the last guy to take cues from the media. I don’t believe for a second that Obama is a savior – but I don’t believe any single person can be.

    Rather, I believe President-Elect Obama will provide the kind of leadership that spurs 300 million people into action and get the United States moving in the right direction again. I’m not just talking about economics, I’m talking about philosophy. People need to stop looking to the government for all the solutions and need to start looking in the mirror.

    The Bush era was one in which government told people when to act and when to be scared. The Obama era will hopefully put power back into the hearts, souls and minds of citizens. If that happens, the future will be just fine.


  2. BUDDIEE says:

    if i were you George…i’d sleep with BOTH EYES WIDE OPENED.

    i’d start worrying when ALL? the planet is behind him? WARNING BELLS SHOULD GO OFF….you TOOO GULLIBLE and NAIVE.

    you and others here take your CUE from the MEDIA who keep fawnining over him and giving him a FREE ride [read: “i’ll blackmail/expose you later” — see Eliot Spitzer] and CHOREOGRAPHING the news to the rest. what can i say? those who CONTROL the data/information — CONTROL the MINDS of the viewers and therefore their pocketbooks. you DON’T have a mind of your own George.

    he luvs you yea..yea..yea!!! NOT!! you a TOTAL STRANGER to him…and i just CANNOT believe that in this, being the 21st Century — you and others are acting as schoolboyz having a crush on their kindergarten teacher….who just happens to be the NEXT PUPPET in the White House. OBAMA…don’t you just luv that name?? has an onimous ring– like OSAMA bin Laden…but hey…you’ve all been PROGRAMMED since 9/11 to ACCEPT and FAMILIARIZED with a name OSAMA…so that when the name OBAMA came on their screen — people/viewers wouldn’t be horrified.
    what’s the difference with a “B” instead of an “S”?? “BS” ?? 😉

    CEOs aka Presidents of the CORPORATION called “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” — it JUST a PUPPET on a string. you DON’T believe that HE, a CEO makes ALLLLLLLL the decisions on how to rule the USA ??? pleeeeeeeeeeeeaaaze tell me it ain’t so…cause if you do…boy…have i got some Enron shares to sell you — at a bargooona price. 🙂

  3. Paul Eckerson says:

    Regardless of your politics, we all know it is time to make some serious long term changes in America. Most importantly is eliminate our dependence on foreign oil and develope the renewable energy system for the future. It is most imperative to do it quickly as it will require energy to make the transistion and it will only be that much more expensive everyday we waste. All Americans must get behind the new president and do our part to make this happen. This is also a great opportunity to create good jobs for the future.