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Jim Rogers Calls For Gold To Hit $2,200 Inflation Adjusted All-Time High

Posted by AGORACOM at 5:48 PM on Thursday, November 20th, 2008

Last night at the AGORACOM sponsored Roth China/Vegas Conference, keynote presenter Jim Rogers stated that “Gold will hit its inflation adjusted high of $2200.” Jim made this call in response to a question I posed following his “state of the union” on the United States economy, which was basically “get the hell out as fast as you can”.

Fortunately, for the 6 billion people on the planet that could not be at the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas last night, I covered the event and posted his comments via the AGORACOM Twitter from my cell phone. Twitter search hasn’t indexed my tweets yet, so here’s a snapshot:



AGORACOM remains very bullish on Gold, as outlined within our extensive “Gold $1,000” blog entries. After Jim’s speech, perhaps I should rename it “Gold $2,000”?


2 Responses to “Jim Rogers Calls For Gold To Hit $2,200 Inflation Adjusted All-Time High”

  1. […] Jim gave an entertaining but compelling presentation on why investing in China today is like investing in the USA back in 1870. I actually posted many of his comments to AGORACOM Twitter via my cell phone. You can see those posts here. […]

  2. Malcolm Roberts says:

    But will gold reach$2000 without breaking it`s link to oil. At the moment the two are like twins .,up and down together.