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Quick FAQ For Most Recent Upgrade To AGORACOM

Posted by AGORACOM at 7:36 PM on Friday, December 5th, 2008

UPDATED: Saturday 11:30 PM EST

Good evening to you all and thanks for both helping us with bug fixes over the past couple of days and giving us an opportunity to fix them. Overall, reaction has been hugely positive with even the tech support e-mails being supportive and helpful.

Nonetheless, now that we’ve fixed most of the bugs, I will be posting a quick demo video this weekend that illustrates our upgraded features and how they work. In the meantime, I wanted to post the following quick FAQ until the video goes up.

1. What Changes Were Made To The Site?

We added three really important upgrades that members have been asking for over the past few months:

  • Threaded View – You now have the option to view discussion forum messages in a threaded view.
  • Top Messages – You can now view the top rated messages (thumbs) by day, week, month and year to date for each HUB
  • Editing Messages – You now have 5 minutes to edit a message for spelling errors, etc.

2. I Really Miss The Old Format

Once you use the site for a couple of hours, you’ll see the changes are actually quite small but important from a user experience point of view.

Specifically, incorporating threads is of major importance when investors are trying to keep up with conversations regarding important messages. To deliver this, we had no choice but to add a couple of more buttons and options to allow members to choose between threaded and list views.

However, if you don’t use threads and just want to keep reviewing messages in chronological order, then nothing has changed. You just keep reading and clicking “next message.”

3. What Is The HUB Home On Each HUB?

We have always had a “HUB Home” page for every HUB on AGORACOM. It is there for:

  • New people that discover a company and need to know starting info (stock symbol, link to filings, link to corporate website, etc.)
  • Current users that have been away for a while (or just a day on those crazy days) and want to be brought up to speed.

The HUB Home is simply a dashboard that summarizes everything at a glance. Then, you simply use the menu on the left hand side to get into a specific section such as discussion forums.

4. Why Can I Only See 10 Messages At A Time And Have To Keep Hitting “Load Previous 10 Messages” To Go Back?

If you are doing this, then you are are looking at the “Most Recent Messages” list on the HUB Home which is nothing more than a list of the most recent messages.

Having said that, we recognize that our revision to it caused some confusion for those that used Most Recent Messages as a gateway into the discussion forum. As such, we changed it back from this….

Most Recent 10 Messages On HUB Home

…. to this.

We’ve shortened it back to just 5 messages, got rid of the “Load Previous 10 Messages” button and got rid of the “XX Minutes Ago” stamp. In short, we went back to how it looked and functioned before the upgrade.

As always, If you want to see all the posts, just click on “Go To Full Discussion Forum” at the bottom, or “Discussion Forum” from the menu and you will see a list of the most recent 40 posts.

Thanks again to everyone for their recommendations over the past 3 months and for your help over the past couple of days!

George, Paul and The AGORACOM Team

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