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“AGORACOM Small-Cap 100” TV Commercials Launching On Monday

Posted by AGORACOM at 12:57 AM on Friday, January 16th, 2009

I am proud to announce that AGORACOM is officially launching “Meet The AGORACOM 100” (Live Link on Monday) via major Business TV channels and search engines on Monday. Look for this 30-second spot on CNBC and Bloomberg in the United States (Dish Network), as well as, BNN in Canada. Naturally, look for a major push via search engines and our content partners.

NOTE: If the player does not show up below, either refresh the page or watch the commercial here.

We are now offering small-cap companies an opportunity to become part of this elite group.



With close to 10,000 small-cap companies listed in North America, small-cap investors simply can not differentiate between great small-cap companies and the rest of the “noise”.

As such, we created The AGORACOM 100 for the sole purpose of providing small-cap investors with a filter that focuses on quality over quantity. Our nationwide marketing program will make AGORACOM 100 the research starting point for retail and institutional investors in 2009.


More than just lip service, our marketing efforts to date have already turned AGORACOM into the web’s biggest small-cap community with over 1.2 million investors visiting the site 7.6 million times and reading 101 million pages of information this year alone (Full Report).

In addition, our Bay Street Hold ‘Em events attract small-cap fund managers and brokers that manage over $10 Billion in assets and will be utilizing AGORACOM 100 as a starting point.


Much like investors, you are having difficulty differentiating your great company from 10,000 others – most of whom should not even be public. As an AGORACOM client, you automatically become a part of The AGORACOM 100, an elite group of small-cap companies.

Fully conscious of the fact small-cap budgets vary widely in 2009, AGORACOM delivers amazing IR programs at every price point, ranging from $2,500/month + stock options right up to $12,500 + stock options, depending on the level of service you require.

Click here to see a 1-page PDF outlining the $2,500/month program.

Click here to watch an 8-minute video about our full-service programs.


We only have 35 spots left to round out our 2009 group – and we haven’t even launched yet. You now have an opportunity to become part of the best small-cap IR program ever created. With Google, Yahoo, AOL, Blackberry, CNBC, Bloomberg, BNN and Globe Investor on our side, I guarantee this will be your greatest opportunity for IR success in 2009 and beyond.


13 Responses to ““AGORACOM Small-Cap 100” TV Commercials Launching On Monday”

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  3. Terra says:

    you make a good point –

  4. AGORACOM says:

    Griz (Brian), this is a great compliment coming from you. No CEO executes “press the flesh” investor relations like you, so your acceptance of Web 2.0 solutions to IR means a lot.

    Generating revenue to feed my family is 2/3 of my motivation but fully 1/3 comes from providing services that truly help small-cap CEO’s achieve their goals. Hearing that signing with Agoracom was one of the best things GZD ever did gives me tremendous satisfaction and inspiration to continue delivering better tools.

    For those that have not yet familiarized themselves with Grizzly Diamonds (GZD: TSXV), you can visit their HUB at:


  5. AGORACOM says:

    David, just fired you off a reply to speak on Mon/Tue if that works for you. Glad you’re in.


  6. AGORACOM says:

    Simonton our market share concurs with sentiment amongst your colleagues. IR hadn’t changed for years until AGORACOM introduced online IR. The industry needs to change with the times or – as you say – CEO’s won’t pay for the “same old thing”.


  7. AGORACOM says:

    Stephen glad you both like and understand the concept. Quality over quantity! It wasn’t practical to execute prior to the web but now we have an obligation to begin creating our own filters. We’re ready when you are.


  8. AGORACOM says:

    Ken, we fired off e-mail to you on Friday. Let us know what we can do for you.

  9. Griz says:

    Hay George and crew.
    You guys are on the cutting edge all the time with your IR
    I think one of the best things that Gzd did was sign up with
    In tuff markets good companys have to get the story out to thier investors, and NEW investors, Agoracom is the best of the best.
    Brian (griz} Testo
    President and CEO
    Grizzly Diamonds

  10. Just David says:

    Just finished up meetings in San Fran and checked my e-mail on the way out. You’re probably out but I just sent you e-mail to talk early next week. We’re in.

  11. Simonton says:

    Good stuff. There’s a lot of uncertainty amongst many of my CEO colleagues and nobody wants to spend money on the same old IR thing. This is unique and worthy of consideration because it is similar to a coalition of the best small cap companies.

    If the exchange wants to keep signing up any company with listing fees, your solution is the only one (right now) that helps differentiate great companies from the terrible ones.

  12. Stephen says:

    George you guys continue to impress. I’m going to find a way for us to work together in 2009. Love the concept – out with the garbage and in with the good ones.

  13. Ken says:

    Could you please contact [email protected]