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Happy Members Bode Well For Future Of AGORACOM Small-Cap Community

Posted by AGORACOM at 5:43 PM on Tuesday, January 27th, 2009


As I sit in Vancouver marketing the AGORACOM 100 and holding inspiring meetings with new potential AGORACOM 100 candidates, I am reminded of the fact this great community is primarily powered by individual investors that have taken the time and effort to breathe life into our platform.

As many of you know, we keep track (try to) of the hundreds of investor testimonials we receive here.  We are appreciative of every kind and constructive word thrown our way but every once in a while, one particular comment stands out from the rest.  Specifically, following an impromptu and energetic sit down meeting with 6 great members at the Cambridge Conference on Sunday, one of them posted the following to this blog:


It was great to meet you at the conference. Our group of Sambone, Khareema,
Notie Girl, Snezzer, and GoWest really appreciated the time you took to chat with us.
Great things are happening with Agoracom, and the ability for the many retail investors to use the Agoracom platform sharing information on Noront and Freewest and Spider Resources is absolutely vital. I must have posted 20 times today (Monday). And there’s lots of good things going to happen in the future.

Keep up the great work. And if you need a gung-ho employee out on the west coast… I’m available 🙂 – SnugTheJoiner

I added hyperlinks to each member’s profile so you could review the unbelievable posts each made from the floor of the conference.  I don’t need to tell you how powerful this kind of information is for 95% of small-cap investors that can not attend this, or any conference, for practical reasons.

For those of you that wish you could have been there, Snug was smart enough to flash the following photo of the entire group:

HAPPY AGORACOM MEMBERS - Vancouver Cambridge Conference 2009

This kind of feedback only serves to fuel our passion to continue building AGORACOM in terms of both tools and traffic until it becomes the home of every great small-cap company and investor in North America.


One Response to “Happy Members Bode Well For Future Of AGORACOM Small-Cap Community”

  1. Glenn Lindsey says:


    Great to get your blog. My friend “Sambone” and I were talking today (using Agoracom, of course) about the blog, and our great meeting in Vancouver.

    I had another idea pop into my head. Agoracom provides a fabulous forum to retail investors (e.g., action on the NOT and FWR boards was ballistic today). A year or so ago, I sent a suggestion into BNN which received no reply. So I will make the same suggestion to Agoracom.

    There are many investment newsletters available to the retail investor (Peter Grandich, for one). I have no idea out of the dozens, which ones are good, bad, ugly, or at all useful.

    Here’s my suggestion:

    Why not post a survey with a number of examples of investment newsletters. a) find out How Many retail investors subscribe, b) rate their impressions, c) and ask for comments.

    Hopefully, information gleaned from respondents will not only answer the questions, but maybe give Agoracom some ideas about more services. Maybe something as simple as reduced rates for “registered” Agoracom devotees.

    Glenn Lindsey (Snugthejoiner)
    [email protected]