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La Mancha Confirms the Presence of a Second Enriched Zone At the Hassai Property

Posted by AGORACOM at 1:30 PM on Tuesday, May 26th, 2009

Highlights from the press release include:

Key Points:


  • Follow-up drilling below the Hadal Awatib pits returns high-grade gold and copper intersections
  • The enriched ore appears to be easily mineable by deepening the present pit
  • Drilling intersects Cu/Au-rich primary ore corresponding to the stringer zone of the VMS lens


  • 26 m at 1.19 g/t Au, 5.71% Cu and 1.17% Zn from 104 m(1)
  • 11 m at 19.24 g/t Au and 51.64 g/t Ag from 5 m(1)
  • 40 m at 0.68 g/t Au and 3.19% Cu from 10 m(1)
  • 11 m at 9.1 g/t Au and 99.27 g/t Ag from 1 m
  • 7 m at 21.53 g/t Au and 45.6 g/t Ag from 5 m
  • 3 m at 2.35 g/t Au and 13.27% Cu from 16 m
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2 Responses to “La Mancha Confirms the Presence of a Second Enriched Zone At the Hassai Property”

  1. Luck of the Irish says:

    Good to see a small cap resource on the TSX not the TSXV… a lot more credibility. I heard a recent interview with the company on its site within agoracom. It’s too bad the gentleman has a heavy accent, but if you can hang in there for 5-10 minutes and listen closely, there is a compelling story to be told.

  2. Eric says:

    La Mancha is one of the best examples of a mid-tier producer that is using internally generated cash flow to continue it’s exploration efforts to expand it’s gold reserves. This is the future of the gold market as investors not only require exploration and production success; but the understanding that the company does not require outside financing to succeed. Tie all of these points to a rising gold price and you have a very successful company.
    Kudos to LMA management for navigating the gold market correctly.