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AGORACOM Site Upgrades – June 23rd 2009

Posted by AGORACOM at 11:00 AM on Monday, June 29th, 2009

Good morning to you all.  As you know, we made some significant changes to the site a few days ago.  These changes were implemented for three reasons:

  1. To give you faster access to the great content found on our blog, daily TV show and other content. Many of you limited your experience to specific company HUBS, so it was incumbent on us to give you one click access from those HUBS
  2. To help you make your user experience even better by providing you with a list of usability tips.
  3. To provide you with additional ways of consuming our content.  For example, following us on Twitter, watching our videos on YouTube, etc.

To this end, please find enclosed answers to the all important question …

What Changes Were Made To The Site?

  • All updates being pulled into Recent Updates Section on Hub’s Home Page

The Recent Updates Box is the box that allows members to quickly view important changes to the HUB.  In the past, we only listed big items such as press releases.  However, given the fact so many members contribute so much more great content (photos, link library, changes to management, etc.) we’ve now upgraded the box to incorporate ANY update made to a HUB.

What you don’t know is this is going to be a very important part of our mobile and Web 2.0 strategy over the next 2-3 months.  Specifically, the more active a group of investors within a HUB, the more information about their company that will be going out to the iPhone, Twitter and other channels that we are building.  More details will be released throughout the summer.

Conclusion – you now have even more ways to get the word out about your HUBS (client and free) and greater incentive to get active on AGORACOM.


  • New Algorithm for Vice President, President and Hub Leaders

With our New Upgrade. it is now a requirement that a member holds a minimum rating of 3.0 to attain the rank of Vice President, a minimum rating of 3.3 in order to attain the rank of President, and rating of at least 3.7 to attain the status of Hub Leader within AGORACOM.

We had to implement these changes to make sure the highest ranking members achieved their status from more than just activity points. The rating of fellow members is the ultimate differentiator.

The rank changes are mathematical and objective, and have been applied to AGORACOM retroactively, meaning some of you may have lost a rank. We look forward to hearing from you if you have any questions about your rank.

To this end, you can read the specifics about our rating and ranking system by visiting

The Our sites page allows frequent visitors to our site as well as new ones to discover new ways to interact with the AGORACOM Community through other popular Web 2.0 media. Want to keep up with us on Facebook? Download our daily show into your iPod? Watch our videos on YouTube?

Visit the Our Sites page and connect with us through your secondary Social Media of choice.


Additionally please find links to our other Investor Portals; EuroIR for our many visitors from Europe, and China Securities for those who are looking to invest in fast growing Chinese companies listed on North American exchanges.

For your convenience, we have added a page with brief video tutorials about how our site works. We hope this helps new members of AGORACOM familiarize themselves with our sites many functions and features.

Moreover, this should help current AGORACOM members  who may have gotten used to using just a few features of the site and will be happy to discover additional great tools to make their user experience even better.

  • Content at the bottom of messages for non-members (not logged in)

For those who visit AGORACOM to simply read material but don’t log in to post information, we have added the following content and hyperlinks at the bottom of each message. Now, you have a plethora of options to consumer our content through various web sites and social media tools.


  • AGORACOM Quick Tips box located at the top right hand navigation in all hubs


The Quick Tips box offers members and visitors great insight about our sites features, content within our network,  or even some important albeit quick facts about the AGORACOM 100.  Quick tips rotate with every new page or refresh.

  • AGORACOM Daily TV Show box located at the top right hand navigation in all hubs

AGORACOM Small-Cap TV is a daily, fast-paced, edgy report that we broadcast daily at or before the open of trading. AGORACOM Small-Cap TV strictly reports on the best small cap and micro cap news of the day in 3-5 minutes. Many of you weren’t aware of this again due to the fact that many members confined their activities to particular HUBS.  Now, you have one-click access to it.

You can watch AGORACOM TV right from our home page . Or you can watch our show right as it airs at 9:30 by clicking the button in the image below.


  • Reformatted Daily TV Show box on front page featuring the networks our show streams from

In addition to watching our show on our homepage, you can now enjoy our daily broadcasts on your favorite video site; or if you are a blogger, embed our shows into your content using any of the networks below our TV player.


Once you use the site for a couple of hours, you’ll see the changes are actually quite small but important from a user experience point of view.

Message read and the Next Message Button

We understand that messages you browse through using the “Next” and/or “Previous” buttons in list view aren’t properly designated. While it is a minor inconvenience at the present time our site developers are still working on a solution. Please continue reporting any issues however minor they could be. If it’s a bug we would very much like to tackle it.

We would like to thank our members who have contacted us over the past few days addressing this issue. Your input has been very important to us.

Thanks again to everyone for their recommendations over the past 3 months and for your help over the past couple of days!

George, Paul and The AGORACOM Team

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