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Nuclear Renassiance Will Boost Uranium Juniors

Posted by AGORACOM at 9:56 AM on Thursday, August 20th, 2009

AGORACOM Chief Commentator, Peter Grandich, stated the following just a few days ago:

In terms of the long-term uranium market, I stick by my previous prediction: Demand
continues to out-strip supply and the medium to long-term outlook for uranium remains
very bullish.

As much as I hate to admit that he is so often right about matters pertaining to economics (and so often wrong about matters pertaining to Football), further support for Peter’s position can be found in a recent post by my friend and, more importantly, one of the world’s top 10 financial bloggers, Barry Ritholtz.  Barry posted a very important statistic from this report:

These Uranium Statistics Can't Be Manipulated Or Ignored

I hope you find the information to be helpful in your analysis of the junior Uranium markets.


2 Responses to “Nuclear Renassiance Will Boost Uranium Juniors”

  1. leo polenta says:

    George, do you have any U308 juniors that you’re watching closely?

  2. JC says:

    Here’s another interesting factoid….

    The following eight countries account for 93% of global uranium production (2007 figures): Canada (23%), Australia (21%), Kazakhstan (16%), Russia (8%), Niger (8%), Namibia (7%), Uzbekistan (6%), USA (4%).