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George and Grandich Debate The Markets Every Friday

Posted by AGORACOM at 4:05 PM on Friday, September 4th, 2009

George Head Shot VS.                    Peter Head Shot

You’ve been sitting by your PC all day, ignoring your dog, not responding to mom’s voice mail, starving from not having eaten and hitting refresh every 10 seconds to get your fix of our [as yet unnamed] show.  Well, kiss your dog, call your mother back and grab a sandwich because here it is baby! :-)  Response to last week’s show was so good that we decided to go at it again.  In fact, we’ve turned it up a couple of notches after being accused last week of – and I quote – “acting like two wwf wrestlers pretending to beat each other up, knowing you’ll be going fishing together tomorrow” (here’s a link to it).

I also want to thank all of you that contributed great comments.  Yes, we will be podcasting these shows (as soon as we finalize the name, see below).  No, we won’t change Fridays.  To this end, we want you to continue with your great participation on this blog and challenge either one of us.  If there’s one thing I’ve learned about running an online financial community, it is that all of you have significant untapped knowledge that I often benefit from.

With respect to all the suggested names for the show, look for a survey of the Top 10 suggestions that you can all vote on.

For those of you who are only seeing this for the first time and don’t know what I’m talking about, here is what we announced last week:

Peter and I have decided to produce a weekly audio show that will be aired on Friday afternoons.  For those of you who have heard us before, we can go at it pretty good.  This won’t be a weekly love-in where we are patting each other on the back and agreeing with each other.  Rather, despite Peter’s uncanny track record for calling macro markets and commodities, I’m going to challenge him based on the fact that past performance does not guarantee future performance.  We’re going to argue both sides of the ball and make sure you have the best information possible to make your most informed investment decisions possible.

In the meantime, here’s episode #2 and see you next week!  If you want to look at prior episodes, we’ve created their own category here on the blog.  Friday Night Specials

(For those whose Flash Player isn’t up to date, you can catch the mp3 here.


2 Responses to “George and Grandich Debate The Markets Every Friday”

  1. AGORACOM says:

    Hey, goldbug. No doubt this is a multi-faceted supported bull run on gold. Many investors are hedging against inflation, a falling US dollar and the markets by buying gold. Many more are discovering it as a necessary part of their portfolio and, finally, supply concerns are adding fuel to the fire.

    In my opinion, once gold breaks out, it is going to fly farther than most expect.


  2. Goldbug says:

    I listened to your address last week and thought gold at $1200 was a bit of a reach but it looks like gold might reach that value sooner than anticipated. I guess my follow up question would this come down to lack of new discoveries, lack of supply or would the spike (and future spikes) in gold be related to the dollar? Or both?