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AGORACOM Chief Commentator On BNN. Gold, US Dollar and Shorting The Market “Melt Up”

Posted by AGORACOM at 1:53 AM on Monday, September 28th, 2009

Grandich BNN - 0909

AGORACOM Chief Commentator and my great friend, Peter Grandich, was once again a guest on BNN Friday.  This time he was on “Market Call” with Howard Green at 1PM EST.  There is a reason why Peter is a frequent guest on BNN (and almost every major financial media) – he is eerily uncannily right about the markets.  More importantly, he always provides a firm opinion and never hedges his best by playing the “ying-yang” game that so many commentators like to do.

You can view the 1st half of his appearance by clicking on the image above.  In the clip, he discusses the following:

  • US markets face a “mini melt-up” from fund managers chasing the markets
  • 10,500 on the Dow is very possible and would use it as another opportunity to short the market
  • Most bullish on gold than at any time in the past 25 years
  • Chinese openly telling citizens to buy gold, not US Treasuries
  • Germany’s Bundesbank will refrain from big gold sales in the first year of a new central bank gold sales agreement
  • Gold has performed equally well during periods of deflation.  Inflation connection is a misnomer
  • Responded to question regarding Timmins Gold (Grandich Posts) (AGORACOM HUB)
  • Responded to question regarding Crescent Resources (Grandich Posts) (AGORACOM HUB)
  • Responded to question regarding Formation Capital  (Grandich Posts) (AGORACOM HUB)
  • Responded to question regarding Eastmain Resources  (Grandich Posts) (AGORACOM HUB)
  • Responded to question regarding “sleeper metal of 2010”
  • Discussing (lack of) effectiveness of Obama Administration
  • Responded to question regarding vale of diamonds

Peter then went on to discuss his top picks, which BNN posted as a separate clip that you can view here.  He discussed:

BNN went over some of Peter’s past picks, which are up over 80% on average.  In fairness, Northern Dynasty made up the majority of that number but all 3 of his picks were solidly up … try finding that kind of performance from other commentators and money managers.


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