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Intertainment (INT: TSXV) Subsidiary Closes on Purchase Of Dye & Durham Print and Graphic Asset

Posted by AGORACOM at 4:51 PM on Thursday, October 1st, 2009

AGORACOM client, Intertainment Media, has been making a lot of news lately.  Financing, strategic alliances, mobile, U.S. expansion and – today- a big acquisition by its fine commercial printing subsidiary.  The highlights are below.

As a client of AGORACOM, assume I am horribly conflicted about Intertainment and take a close look at the recent news + today’s news yourself.  I love gold and resources right now – but responsible investing means diversity and you all know how much I love Web 2.0.  Intertainment by far is Canada’s leading small-cap Web 2.0 company, which is why I’m starting to get really excited about the company’s future.

In the meantime, here are the highlights from today’s news, as well as, a link to the full release and other relevant links.

  • Intertainment closed on an agreement previously announced to acquire the print and graphic assets, print and graphics clients, programs and equipment of Dye & Durham, a division of The Cartwright Group Ltd., a leader in serving the legal, professional and business markets in Canada for 135 years.
  • Today’s Acquisition further establishes Magnum (a wholly owned subsidiary of Intertainment Media) as a leader in the graphics industry, building on the trusted service that it has provided clients for almost 25 years.
  • “This acquisition marks a major milestone in the development and growth of Intertainment’s divisional business strategy, integrating traditional businesses into co-operative online and conventional revenue models,” said David Lucatch, CEO of Intertainment Media Inc. “Both increased revenue and the added expertise of Al Monteath will enable Magnum to accelerate its online and on-demand graphics services business, increasing efficiencies and customer benefits, while dovetailing directly into other Intertainment platforms, including itiBiti, providing clients with both online and direct response business solutions.”

Intertainment Media Acquisition Update: Magnum Fine Commercial Printing Closes on Dye & Durham Print and Graphic Asset Purchase

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