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Conference Feedback Is Coming In Fast And Hard From Everywhere On The Web and The World

Posted by AGORACOM at 3:38 PM on Thursday, December 3rd, 2009

Good afternoon to you all.  I’m happy to say that Day 1 of the conference has been pleasantly surprising so far.  I won’t say anything more than that until its all over .  More than just lip service, here are just some of the amazing comments we’ve seen from all corners of the web so far.  What is really amazing is the locations these testimonials are coming in from:

  • Canadian Rockies
  • Sydney Australia
  • Hinterlands of Tennessee

This is exactly the goal we wanted to achieve!  A borderless conference in which investors, emerging companies and wicked smart speakers can share information without the expenses, time and carbon footprint related to traditional conferences.

Thanks to everyone for breathing life into this platform for the benefit of all!


Dear George and staff.  Just wanted to congratulate you all on the Gold and Commodities Conference. It is a tremendous and seamless concept!! I have already listened to Peter Grandich, Eric Coffin, and several Round 1 Company Presentations. All great!! I am presently on holidays in the great Canadian Rockies.  During the conference I had time to go into the hot tub outside (temperature outside is -5 C) with the frost covered hills in the background with late flocks of noisy geese and mallards gleaning in the farmers fields and think about the information given so far. Whow!! What a conference! What a concept!! Keep up the good work and may your projects (present and future) be blessed with success!!

Thanks. Robert C

Very cool George. I always said we should do this. Good for you guys!  Listening to Eric now…

Anonymous / Gracious Competitor


Do Over: With gold at All Time High, Today’s Agoracom Metals and Commodities Conference is perfectly timed: $$

aiki14 Dec. 03 at 1:43 PM
@AGORACOM Really great stuff so far, terrific value for me, Peter and Eric both brought their A game. $$
IRON100 RT @aiki14: If you’re not listening to Peter Grandich at the @agoracom online gold and commodities conf you’re passing up a lot of value $$
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OptionsGal says

Awesome job with the Conference thus far. Am enjoying it immensely and have gathered considerable information on possible new investments. A major thanks to both you and the entire Agoracom team for spearheading this initiative. What a luxury to kick back in the comfort and privacy of my own home office, while having some of the best gold heads at my fingertips. You did a beautiful job with Peter Grandich yesterday. Look forward to catching more today.

Have a great weekend. You should be very proud of the successful job you did.

DoLittle says:

I had the chance to take in a few of the keynote speakers at the online conference over the last two days and was very impressed with the information, interviews and format. This conference was an excellent idea. I plan to check out more over the weekend as time permits. Great job Agoracom! Thank you.

oby says:

It’s 2am AEST (Sydney Australia) and I am hanging out for this Presentation by Peter which I think will be a WINNER. I might take a cat nap before I resume the conference at 5am with Eric Coffin who sounds like a very knowledgeable analyst indeed.

Really looking forward to this conference, and thanks George and team for organizing such an event.

susan says:
December 3, 2009 at 12:21 pm
(Edit)Please someone tell me that I will be able to watch a repeat of Peter’s speellllll as I was on the plane without any access….if I can’t find out what Peter said I will be most miserable so could one of my best blogger friends at a minimum post some bullet point recap of his speech….please and thank you! From the hinterlands of Tennessee I say thank you in advance!

No, Susan.  We say thank-you.  Thanks to all.  Still too early to take a victory lap but I think the next conference is going to absolutely dwarf this one.


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  1. AGORACOM says:

    Happy to report the conference has been officially over for more than 10 days and yet people are still watching presentations and reporting on them.

    Specifically, here are the results of a search of “AGORACOM Conference” via Twitter.

    and here are the results of a search of “AGORACOM Conference” via Google.

    This is the one of the insurmountable advantages of an online conference, the content keeps spreading and getting consumed long after the conference is over.


  2. AGORACOM says:

    Thanks to David over at Finance Trends Matter Blog for his great feedback on the conference regarding our speakers and JF Tardif presentation in particular.

  3. Brad says:

    Hello – I love the Money, Markets and Life show and from what I have seen the online conference was awesome as well. JF Tardif and Peter Grandich were fascinating. Will the presentations be available in podcast? I hope that they will be. Thanks, Brad

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  6. Ash says:

    Excellent presentations, & a perfect timing. Gold at all time high. this is just the begining of an era of new highs for Gold.

  7. rubin says:

    fantastic job done by agoracom team