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AGORACOM Traffic Sees Increased Visitors and Visits In Q1 2010

Posted by AGORACOM at 1:50 PM on Tuesday, April 20th, 2010

Good afternoon to you all.  As most of you know, I like to share AGORACOM traffic data on a regular basis and today is no exception.  Please find enclosed a Google Analytics shot of our traffic in Q1 2010, compared to Q1 2009 (Click on the image for a larger version):

I’m pleased to report that the number of unique visitors and visits are up 9.12% and 13.13% respectively.  The increases are a result of our ongoing marketing efforts:

1.  Social Media  (Twitter, Facebook and YouTube where we have 3 channels going)

2.  New Online Products (1st ever AGORACOM Online Conference in December)

3.  Traditional Marketing Via Our BNN TV Ads.

On the flip side, we did see an 8.13% decrease in page views that can probably be attributed to two items.  First, March 2009 marked great financial panic as a result of dropping markets, which lead to increased page views from investors looking for answers.  Second, one of our busier HUBS was Freewest Resources which was acquired by Cliff’s Natural Resources in Q4 2009, so we haven’t had the benefit of page views for one of the prominent players within the Ring Of Fire.


Overall, the increases in visitors and visits are more important to both our clients and ecosystem as they will drive page views as more news develops within the small-cap industry.  Going forward, we’ll be adding further fuel to the fire via the following exciting initiatives:

  • Our upcoming mobile push in Q2 (iPhone, Viigo and of course our Blackberry partnership)
  • A greater social media push (Look for Facebook and Twitter announcements in Q2)
  • More traditional TV Ads south of the border

Thanks to our great clients and members for continuing to make AGORACOM a great platform for the small-cap industry.


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