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AGORACOM Members Rally Around Fellow Member To Save Lives

Posted by AGORACOM at 8:55 AM on Friday, August 20th, 2010

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times.  I am so incredibly proud that AGORACOM Members have taken the site to levels I only dreamed about.  First, from a pure information exchange of small-cap information, you can’t find a smarter, dedicated and giving group of people.  Second, thanks to a system that is focused on attracting quality over quantity, this same group of great people have created a loving and supportive community that rises to every occasion they are called to.

As such, it shouldn’t have come as any surprise when Pam “Optionsgal” Steeves sent me a message on May 24 to say:

Good Morning My Friend. This morning as I post on the KRY board I feel compelled to include you in my thanks, as if this community had not been established I would not be realizing a very important personal goal …..

…… I am astounded this morning and feel the need to thank-you as well. If not for your community here and the connections I have made, I would not be anywhere close to realizing my dream. Agoracom folk are some of the kindest, generous and most supportive people out there.

“Personal goal” was an understatement.  I’d love to tell you the rest of the story – but I decided to give Pam an opportunity to tell you in her words below.

Pam, I want to thank-you for walking 39.3 miles for people that can not.  You are truly an inspiration to each and everyone of us. You are a champion.

Members, I want to thank-you for rallying around Pam, for being so generous and – as a result – for not letting her walk alone. Once again you were summoned.  Once again you responded.

Together, you are going to save lives.  Save …  Lives.

You have all filled my heart with insurmountable pride and I love you for that.

With respect,


Agoracom Family Making A Difference….

Breast Cancer has touched many of us, our families and circle of friends, who have couragously battled this disease. We have fought hard for our own lives and those we care about. Every 3 minutes someone is diagnosed with breast cancer. Perhaps someone you love. Why are you reading about this on an investment forum? Because I want to tell you about a group of Agoracom members, just like yourself, who are making a positive difference.

Almost 18 months ago I began training to participate in the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer. A two day, 39.3 mile walk that will take me through the streets, bridges and parks of NYC in October, for the purpose of raising funds for breast cancer research and providing care for those women and men who are under-insured and cannot afford to be screened or seek treatment.

When I started my fund raising campaign, I set my goal at $2,500. Thanks to the generosity of many fellow investors/friends on the KRY Agoracom hub I was quickly, almost overnight, able to exceed that goal and set my sights on $5,000. Remarkably, last week that goal was exceeded as well. Although many have encouraged me to spend these last 68 days concentrating on my physical training, I will not rest. With a hopeful heart and renewed passion, I have re-set my goal again to $7,500 and will not stop my fundraising efforts. I will turn over every stone and push for more resources until I am on that pier in NYC ready to begin the event. I am pushing harder for those who are fighting for their lives and can’t.

Agoracom was founded to bring individuals in the investment community together. A place where we can share ideas, gain knowledge, utilize resources and communicate with like minded investors. It goes beyond that my friends….way beyond that. Although my home is on the KRY board, I have frequented many hubs and have been warmly welcomed. Each hub a wonderful community of individuals, compassionate men and women, who look out for one another and care about the bigger picture… back and making a positive difference. Each hub a FAMILY.

I am “IN IT TO END IT”. Alone I am limited, but together WE can make a tremendous difference. Join us my Agoracom “Family” as we take a stand against breast cancer. Please visit my site at


Pam Steeves/Optionsgal

One Response to “AGORACOM Members Rally Around Fellow Member To Save Lives”

  1. DISCHINO says:

    Very nice of you Pam!

    My Wife and I have supported the 3 day 60 mile walk in San Diego called, “Susan B Coleman 3 day Walk” for many years. We have sponsored several people.

    The Wife has had 3 minor surgerys and lucky to not have cancer found each time!

    Two friends of mine, one at age 50 and the other at 35 had both breasts removed and reconstruction, and dodged the bullet. The dentist we go to lost his Wife to breast cancer just a year ago at 50 years old.

    What you are doing WILL save lives, and we have been a part of this in San Diego.

    Good Job!