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AGORACOM Social Media Paying Off Big Dividends For Small-Cap Investor Relations Clients

Posted by AGORACOM at 11:54 PM on Wednesday, January 5th, 2011

AGORACOM 2011 Social Media Summary

We have really turned on our social media efforts in 2010, which have resulted in:

  • Twitter:  A focus on great content has helped us generate 1,460 followers on our main AGORACOM Twitter Account.  This is especially impressive when you consider the fact we have a 3.93:1 ratio of following:followers.  In English, that means we’ve earned our followers, as opposed to simply racking up high totals by reciprocal follows.
  • Our Facebook Fan Page now has over 475 Fans thanks to the great content (video, blog posts, tweets) we are feeding into it on a daily basis


Furthermore, we’ve worked hard at cross-promoting our social media channels AND providing a variety of content on each. If you’re a small-cap company that is simply creating Twitter and Facebook accounts to post press releases, you are simply wasting your time (Beware Of ….  The Rise Of Social Media IR “Experts” a.k.a Pretenders)

Cross-promote and differentiate so that investors have options to consume what is most important to them.  Otherwise, investors simply won’t engage you.  If you can’t do this internally, call me.


We recently introduced a “News Flash” feature that allows us to provide investors in every corner of AGORACOM with breaking/important small-cap news as it happens.  As a result, investors that may be focused on a particular HUB or group of HUBS on AGORACOM are discovering new ideas every day.

More than just lip service, click-through analysis shows these are a big hit with AGORACOM visitors and a good reason to both keep returning to the site and consuming our content.

That’s all for now.  Keep a lookout for more updates by clicking on any of the categories highlighted below.



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